Yes to Me is now Real Life Spirituality

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It was a Monday morning. I was thinking of my day while wiggling in the comfort of my bed. Suddenly, it hit me. “My blog needs a new name.”

I started my blog two years ago. At the time, I just quit my corporate job and was starting my business. I was starting to live fully in an authentic way, saying a big “YES!” to the part of me that I had repressed so long. I wanted to, and still do, help others do the same — to say the big YES to be wholly present in life rather than living in autopilot and hoping something would change someday. So I named my blog “Yes to Me”.

I love this name, but I also feel this blog has grown up out of this name. What would be a good new name?

The main message of this blog is that we are all spiritual beings living in the physical bodies, so everything in life is spiritual. Spirituality is the start and the end, not a special area in life. Yet I see so many people who want to pigeonhole spirituality. I also see many people who want to improve their spirituality but scared with the weird gurus and their teachings.

We need spirituality blog that relates and works in real life! That is what I’ve been writing about really. So, the new name “Real Life Spirituality” is born. (Confetti flying. Cheers :) ) I hope you like the new name as much as I do.

As of this writing (morning of Feb 24th), I have completed the link redirection from to So all the bookmarks and links you may have or see on other sites stay good. I am trying to figure out how to redirect the feed, which seems difficult — so while you are here, please take 15 seconds to subscribe to this blog at this new address (free, of course) either by RSS Feed or by email. This guarantees you won’t miss future articles on Real Life Spirituality.

My web designer and I are also working to change the header and favicon. They will be updated in a day or so.

Thank you for your readership and I hope to see you again on this new domain.

Are You The Only Spiritual Person You Know?

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My dear readers, do you consider yourself spiritual? I guess so — you are reading a spirituality blog about “Lightworkers’ Empowerment & Ascension”. Now the second question: do you know other spiritual people at work, at your hobby circle, or as your relatives?

No? That must make you feel lonely. It’s hard to practice Divine Love when you don’t connect with your friends on a deep level.

In this article, I challenge you with your concept of a “spiritual” person because I think there is a stereotype of such spiritual seeker and this stereotype is isolating us. (photo credit)

Who is the holistic, New Age, spiritual person?

When I was starting my Akashic Record Reading service, I hired a marketing coach, who advised me to figure out my target clients. My actual clients don’t all have to fall into this target clients group, but it’s helpful to figure out the typical clients for the sake of effective marketing.

She told me my target clients are women in their thirties to fifties “who would read Oprah magazine.” Perhaps she practices yoga and eats Kashi whole-grain bars. The opposite of the guy who appears in the beer advertisement. I remember thinking, “But men, too, would be interested in my service and benefit from it a big time. I think about 30% of my clients will be men.”

Now I don’t have the exact numbers, but I think men constitute about 20 to 25% of my clients. In Spirit Guides Coaching, as many as 50% of my clients are men. As she said, not all of my clients fall into her target group — in fact many do not. . .

(By the way, this coach gave me many valuable advice and I’m so grateful to her. Her stereotype of the spiritual type was only a very minor thing and it was actually illuminating to hear her talk about this stereotype. If you are thinking of starting your own business, I highly recommend investing in a good marketing advice from someone who knows the kind of business you aspire to start.)

Profile of my clients

My clients — the people who order my soul reading — are very diverse. Demographically, they are women and men of all age groups. The youngest client who came to me on their own is 18 years old (I’ve done some readings for children under this age who were brought to me by their parents). Oldest? I don’t remember exactly, but I’ve done many readings for retired people. They come from all over the world. Because my website is English only at this time, many are from English speaking countries (US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand …) but there are many clients whose English is their second language.

Their professions vary big timing, too, including office workers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, CPAs, artists, owners of various size businesses, teachers, government workers, students, homemakers, etc.

Oh, and Christian ministers. I heard many Christian schools deny the idea of reincarnation, but the fact is quite a few Christians are accepting it. Organized religion is not about rigid dogma these days. There are also clients of other faiths and those who don’t consider themselves religious.

Some of my clients are healers, such as energy healers, chiropractors, doctors, nurses, counselors, etc. Some of them send me their clients for synergetic effects. I guess time is changing . . . just a few years ago, it would have been hard to imagine a M.D. sending their patients for soul reading . . .

Our own judgment against non-spiritual people

So perhaps a more appropriate question is: Who is NOT spiritual?

And I am immediately reminded of this quotation:

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardi

So everyone is spiritual. The person next to you on the bus, your coworker, your golf buddy . . . they may not be aware of their spirituality yet, but that awareness can happen in a flash second. Or one life challenge such as loss of a loved one, their own health problem, deeply disturbing relationship issue, or one sleepless night wondering the meaning of life.

We are all spiritual. It’s our own judgment to consider someone is not.

Start talking about spirituality

So do yourself a favor. Don’t set yourself up in a silo. Don’t limit yourself in the narrow circle of “spiritual” seekers. Start talking about spirituality with the people around you.

How? Well, standing on the street and asking the passers-by “Do you believe in God?” may not be your style. Relax, and just talk about what is on your mind, or ask them what is on their mind lately. Relationship? Money? Concern about potential layoff? These, like everything in life, can be discussed to spiritual depth.

I just shamelessly linked to my posts on each of these topics. May I even suggest sharing these articles with your friends — that will open up the discussion.

The person you talk to may or may not open up right away. But remember you are doing this for yourself. You don’t want to be the only spiritual person you know. And really, you may be pleasantly surprised. My coaching clients often say something like, “Well, the other day, I was talking with this guy — I knew him for many years but never really connected deeply. Turns out he is a lot more spiritual than I thought he was . . .”

Any comments? Let’s talk ^_^

What Is Spiritual Healing?

November 7, 2008 by · 15 Comments 

So Yes to Me has a new tagline: Spiritual Healing and Growth for Greater Success. But what is spiritual healing anyway? This post explores the fundamental concepts of spiritual healing and its underlining premise, the soul. (Photo by Bemep)

Definition of spiritual healing

Here is my understanding:

Spiritual healing

  1. Healing of physical, mental, and emotional conditions and patterns by the power of spirituality or spirits.
    This includes faith healing and energy healing.
  2. Healing of the spirit, or the soul, of the client, which is the basis of the aforementioned healing. The soul is restored to its full potential, resulting in the optimal health of physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

This is an old and at the same time new field. Wikipedia doesn’t yet have “spiritual healing” and redirects searches to faith healing, which I think is only the subgroup of spiritual healing. Just as we can be spiritual but not religious (a growing group of population who do not affiliate with any organized religions but believe in the existence of higher power), healing can be spiritual but not faith-based.

I also like to think of spiritual healing in the bigger scope than the conventional healthcare – by that I mean you realize you have negative physical or mental conditions and try to get rid of them. No, spiritual healing is a lot more than that. People who are “healthy” can benefit from spiritual healing – our potential is a lot more than the passing grade level of “health”.

What is the spirit and the soul?

To understand spiritual healing, we need to think about the spirit and the soul. And this is right where most people get bogged down because most people identify themselves with their body and mind. Many people think they only have body and mind, and whatever that is not the physical body, they throw them into the category of mind. “Oh, it’s all in your mind.” Wrong.

You have soul. More accurately, the soul is the true you. Your soul came from the Divine Source, and on this planet Earth, it takes physical body to incarnate. The mental and emotional bodies (the mind) develop on the physical body. So we can say your body and mind are the manifestation of your soul.

It is only natural, then, that the wellbeing of your soul affects your physical, mental, and emotional health. By bringing your soul to its fullness, your physical and mental health can improve.

The word “spirit” has several meanings. Sometimes it means the soul. It also means entities or beings in the spiritual plane. They don’t have physical bodies, so most people don’t see them, but being invisible is no proof of their non-existence.

Everything we do and experience in life is our souls’ way of healing and growing

Even the negative symptoms we so hate are the soul’s signs to get your attention so that you can make appropriate adjustments to get back to its fullness. Sometimes you heal your soul by doing spiritual work such as meditation. Sometimes you heal your soul by interacting with certain people. And sometimes you heal your soul taking challenges and experiencing new things.

I have experienced spiritual healing myself and also have witnessed some spiritual healing in others. I consider my major healing to be the courage that has led me to start my own business (which I have discussed many times in this Yes to Me blog). This courage continues to grow within me. Another healing was my persistent shoulder pain.

I’m expanding the scope of this Yes to Me blog from entrepreneurship / personal development to the spiritual foundation of entrepreneurship and various other manifestations of success. I keep sharing my stories as a new entrepreneur and spiritual consultant, and I keep the doors wide open. Whether you are consciously doing spiritual work already or you are rather skeptical or afraid about spirituality, or if you just want to do some personal development to be successful, you are welcome.

What do you think about spirituality and spiritual healing? Are you skeptical, or afraid? Let me know by leaving your comments!