Creating The New World, Part 4 Abundance

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Many people say they want to change the world. But how? What is your vision of the New World? In this fourth installment of the Creating The New World series, we tackle with the sensitive discussion of Abundance in spiritual context.

Alignment with Divine Abundance

In my Akashic Record Reading practice, I see quite many people who are well aligned with Divine Love, Light, and Truth, but are widely misaligned with Divine Abundance and Power. They know they are spiritual beings that transcend physical bodies (alignment with Divine Light) and they live in Love and Truth, but they have hard time exercising their power and creating abundant life. They limit themselves in receiving boundless abundance.

On the other hand, there are some clients who are well aligned with Divine Abundance but poorly aligned with other energy flows. They have money but they are unhappy.

And the truth is we don’t need to be one or the other way. It is entirely possible to align with all five energy flows, to live fully in this physical world while nurturing our spirituality.

The key is to free ourselves from the false beliefs in scarcity and limitation.

Beliefs in scarcity and limitation

Do you see the world to be abundant? Do you see boundless abundance you can enjoy?

Until you acknowledge abundance wholeheartedly, there is no way to receive it. It’s like asking for a candy when you don’t think there is one. Most likely, you wouldn’t even bother with the asking.

So the first step in creating the New World based on Abundance is to see through the lies of scarcity. Yeah, it’s just a system of lies. Just because many people have believed in them don’t make them true.

Here are some of such lies based on the belief on scarcity and limitation:

False belief #1 “There are only limited amount of wealth / success, so I need to compete for it.”
This is by far the most destructive false belief there is. It has lead to general sense of distrust and hate in other human beings, occasionally resulting in wars and crimes.

This belief can also manifest in reverse, “There are only limited amount of wealth / success, and I hate to compete, so I volunteer to lose.” It’s just the flip side of the same scarcity belief.

But is it true? Is there really limitation of wealth / success and are we destined to be either a selfish (and often play-dirty) dog or a poor self-sacrificing saint?

When your perspective is superficial, yes, you’d see limitations including limitations of the physical resources such as oil or land. However we don’t need oil for oil’s sake, what we really need is energy source to heat our houses and move our vehicles. Energy sources in the universe is huge it’s practically unlimited. We just need to figure out how to use them, which will create new businesses.

Similarly, when you look at your company’s profit & loss statement, you may think there is only a certain amount of money that can be shared among employees. Within that context, yes, there is limitation. However, your company’s profit can increase. Ignoring this fact and believing there is always scarcity and limitation is a short-circuited way of thinking.

I also think a lot of scarcity is man-made, spurred by the fear of scarcity itself. For example, there are starving people in Africa. Well, actually, we don’t need to look that far … right next to the US, people in Mexico typically have far less than Americans. And there are homeless people in the US. Why is this so? Is this because there is innate scarcity in the world?

I doubt it. I also see tons of foods going to trash right from the storefront in the US (because the produce is getting old, etc). If we can figure out how to share foods worldwide, most, if not all, the problems would disappear. And with today’s technology, figuring out a good way of distribution wouldn’t be difficult. The only thing that is blocking us is the fear of scarcity.

Creative solutions, sharing, and cooperation will make everyone well off.

False belief #2 “Life is short, so I better specialize in one niche I can be good at if I am to succeed.”

The physical time we have in one lifetime is somewhat limited. Our resources to learn and develop new skills, however, are not. A piece of knowledge or skill can be utilized in multiple ways, contributing to multiple areas of specialization. By cross training, we get better at all the related areas.

For instance, as a former professional foreign language teacher, I can say people who learns foreign language quickly and well are those who has mastered their first language well. Say you are an American who want to learn Japanese. English and Japanese are two completely different languages. Yet, when you come to the first Japanese class, you already have huge amount of knowledge and skills you can utilize in your attempt to learn Japanese.

You already know a word represents a concept. And you know many concepts such as “red” or “to swim”. You also know there are certain systematic rules to construct a meaningful sentence. Whether you know grammatical terms or not is irrelevant. The point is you know there are rules and you know you need to learn these rules, not just individual words. And you know much much more.

Someone who has learned to express their thoughts and emotions appropriately in their first language is highly likely to master a second language. And they are motivated to learn foreign languages — they like expressing themselves in words, which made them good at their first language to begin with. So there is no point in limiting them to one language. Their internal resources multi-function. Resources are abundant.

Similarly, many musicians juggle multiple instruments. Visual artists do this, too, and I think combination skill sports like ironman race is a very healthy development. A good salesperson can sell pretty much anything after a brief learning period, and they are likely to make good motivational speakers as well.

Further, you can jump beyond the naturally related fields. Tim Ferriss pointed out the benefits of this approach. (HT: Hunter Nuttall) “The jack of all trades maximizes his number of peak experiences in life and learns to enjoy the pursuit of excellence.”

We are born with natural curiosity that leads to multiple interests. Willingness to dive into new areas of interests is based on abundance thinking, and in tern reinforces abundance and confidence. And you can be wonderful in many areas.

False belief #3 “There are only certain amount of love, so I better hurry up and grab a desirable person as my lover.”

This is something I’ve been thinking hard recently. Again, the number of desirable single individuals are limited, but that is just the superficial aspect. There is no scarcity of love. I suspect this false belief has been promoted by social authorities because if we connected with many people with love across the board, that could be a serious threat to those few people in power who want to control us with fear. So they have been brain washing us, teaching us to stay in our tiny homes of security.

I will write more on this issue of scarcity and limitation of love. It’s a huge issue by itself and covering it properly is outside the scope of this article.

The above three beliefs are just the biggies. There are many other false beliefs that are based on scarcity and limitation. Scarcity thoughts puts you on deferred life plan, making you believe you don’t have enough — yet. Scarcity thoughts keeps your house cluttered by preventing you from getting rid of old and unnecessary stuffs.

What other false beliefs do you buy into?

The Female Principle

When we were hunter / gatherers, we operated on the female principles. Mother Nature provided our sustenance, and we cooperated in our work and shared what we received. As the society grew to more labor intensive agrarian (then industrial) system, male principle of separatism and competition became dominant.

The New World will once again embrace the female principle, but in a new way. In other words, we need to integrate the male and female principles and come up with the new principle that is very different from the current male principle.

Does this mean we will recreate the original utopia? No. It will be an updated version of utopia. This time, we will retain our individuality. In fact, we will be very conscious of our sense of self. At the same time, we will be clearly conscious of our connection to the Whole and our interconnectedness. This is what I mean it will be the integration of male and female energies.

Likewise, we may still compete in the New World. But the competition will be fun, like a good sport, not about rat race or exploitation. It will be about enhancing one another, and we will create wonderful results that we can all benefit from.

As individual, we each have both male and female energies regardless of the physical gender we have. As Ascension progresses, I see in many of my clients’ Akashic Records that their energies are starting to balance between the male and female energies. On the individual level, we are getting prepared for the new way of living.

How to bring in the New World

I’ve thought about how far I want to go in the action plan for bringing in the New World based on Abundance. The list can be quite detailed and elaborate, but I already wrote several posts in the Spiritual Money category and I don’t like repeating myself. So if you are interested in bringing in more abundance in your personal life, please check those articles. You may also enjoy posts in the Law of Attraction category.

Here is a skinny of the more “big picture” approach to the New World:

1. Work on your own abundance awareness before going out to help the needy. Check if you are buying into the false beliefs of scarcity and limitation and let them go. If you go out to help the “needy” before doing this, you may actually be reinforcing the social illusion, effectively keeping the poor where they are.

2. Spend time in nature. Many people find this is an effective way to cultivate the abundance awareness. Nature is always so abundant.

3. For your personal abundance, think of flow rather than specific amount of money. Wishing for, say a billion dollars, is usually a sign of scarcity thoughts.

4. Think of the New World of love and peace, where there are no borders. Borders and other various rules are enforced to keep the illusion of scarcity. Think in terms of Love, Light, and Truth rather than in terms of existing, conventional rules and regulations. How can you cooperate and share so we can all live in abundance?

What do you think of my vision of the New World? Please share your thoughts in the comment. Thank you. (Photo by carf)