Creating The New World, Part 1 Love

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Do you create your life freely or do you live within the limits of the existing system? Do you realize you have the power to change the system, and eventually the whole world, when you make a change that is not limited by the existing system?

I want to dream big and write about how we can create the New World based on the foundation of love, light, truth, abundance and power. Because big dreams inspire us and provide us the essential direction of our lives. How can we make the decision of which road to take when we don’t know the big picture and the overall direction?

Plus Ascension provides us the rare opportunity to change. We live in a special time when significant change is possible.

What love is not

First we need to know what love is. And few words have been abused as badly as the word love.

1. You don’t know what love is if you think unconditional love is special.
If you think there is unconditional love, which is a better kind than other kinds of love, let me ask you: What is love that is not unconditional? What is conditional love?

  • I love you if you (lose 10 lb, quit complaining, help me more around the house, etc.)
  • If you love me, you would (stop drinking, work harder, etc.)

These are just forms of manipulation, in the name of love. I know most of us have been conditioned with this from childhood, but let’s make it clear this has nothing to do with love.

2. You don’t know what love is if you sacrifice yourself in the name of love.
Love starts with self love. There is just no way to love others while ignoring your own worthiness or letting yourself abused. And if you think self love conflicts with love for others, look around carefully. Love gets stronger with more love. Conflict is an illusion made from the fear of scarcity.

3. You don’t know what love is if you think love is about holding hands and not saying anything uncomfortable.
Uncomfortable to whom? To that person or yourself? You may say you don’t say certain things because you care about that person’s feelings. Well, I care about people’s feelings, too, but I also know that, when someone think in this line, they are usually hiding the truth, and the truth is they don’t say it because it makes themselves uncomfortable.

We sure don’t need to offend people’s feelings unnecessarily. But hiding the truth under the name of love is very unloving.

Loving darkworkers

The last point leads to the issue of darkworkers. It sounds nicer to say that there is no such thing like darkworkers and we are all good loving souls, hug one another, and ignore the energy sucking dramas some of us are acting out. But is it true? And is it helpful even to the darkworkers themselves?

It’s helpful for darkworkers to continue their way, yes. If they are to come back to Light, however, they get the best chance when people around them set up a clear boundary so that the darkworkers cannot get any energy from them. Tough love, sure, but what is the point of covering up their acts?

This is not about fixing them. Let them be who they are but put your self-love in place. Awareness of what is really going on, factually and energetically, is the start of love.

Then what is love?

My definition is love is the awareness that we are valuable for our individual uniqueness and yet we are all part of the whole. I love you for who you are. No need to change unless you yourself wish to change. And together we make a union that is more than the sum.

We are like parts of one body. The kidney is valuable for its unique function, and so is the heart. The heart doesn’t put down the kidney because it deals with urine. Our respective uniqueness is our strength — we don’t need kidney to become more like the heart.

Sometimes, a part of the body starts doing strange things. It starts to suck up energy from the surrounding area, making the area difficult to function fully. We don’t need to hate this part of the body, but we do want to focus on our ability to function fully and give our attention to the working parts, not the malfunctioning parts. This is how we “love” darkworkers.

But what about romantic love and relationship?

I think romantic relationship and family unions in the New World will be very different. I’m not against the idea of romantic love — it’s a beautiful form of love — but I do think the consequent idea of romantic relationship and the institution of marriage are abused badly.

Think for a moment. If the New World operates on the foundation of love:

  • Do you need someone to assure your worthiness by being with you?
    Of course you don’t. You already love yourself as you are.
  • Do you need someone to promise to be with you for the rest of your life?
    You don’t need to force love and security in such a way. Relationship is best when it is based on free will, at any given time. And forced love is not love, whether it is forced by yourself or by others.
  • Do you need to form a secure haven called family?
    If the outside world is a savage cruel place, it makes sense to build a safe small haven, and this has been one of the major function of family. But if the New World is all about love, where is the danger?

So what is the role of romantic relationship and marriage in the New World? While we operate on the big love, it’s also good to form close connections so that we can get to know each other better and we can share ourselves readily. Romantic relationships can be one of those relationships, along with others like friendships.

We’ll loosen up a big time in forming and maintaining romantic relationships. You may have just one partner or multiple of them at any given time in your life. Your living arrangement can be flexible, too, beyond the traditional form of living with your family. If you enjoy being close to others, you may choose to live in something like a co-op that is formed on the basis of shared interest (say, similar eating or exercise habits, or artist co-op that shares studio space, etc). If you like traveling, you can do so. Or you may like solitary living arrangement. Whatever you choose, you are accepted and loved.

Sexuality in the New World

Romantic relationship and marriage are considered to be the only “correct” forms of sexual relationship at this time. So when we loosen up our idea of relationship, what happens? Do we become promiscuous?

First, it’s important to realize that your sexuality is yours. It’s not your partner’s nor of some authority in government or religion. You decide the when, with whom, how. This is especially important for women. Do not let the conventional “you are either a madonna or a whore” idea limit you.

Next let’s admit we get into the act for many reasons other than love and pleasure. Have you had sex with hidden agenda like:

  • To prove you are (attractive, strong, worthy of attention, etc.)?
  • To control your partner (to keep them to you, to get them do something, etc.)?
  • To distract yourself (from boredom, loneliness, frustration at work, etc.)?

All these conditions will be worked out when we operate on the foundation of love. So sex with hidden agenda will go away.

Contrary to the promiscuous sex-overloaded society that some people may have thought when I said “New World based on love”, I think we may have a lot less sex in the New World. When you realize you are free to choose the type of sexual relationship, and you don’t need to bring in hidden agenda — when you choose to have sex just because you feel like it or to share some fun and pleasure with your partner — I think the demand would naturally decrease. Of course, it’s also quite fine if you are into providing joy big time.

How to bring in the New World

First, I want to emphasize it is totally counterproductive to think of the New World as how things SHOULD be. The should mentality, the expectation, automatically put it off to some unknown place in time and space. The time to start the New World is NOW.

Here are some things you can do today to bring in the New World:

1. Forgive yourself and others so that you can start anew. Forgiveness is a form of self love.

2. Live in gratitude. Gratitude is an expression of love. Don’t discuss how important gratitude is; say thank you to your loved ones, to things around you, to nature, to life.

3. Talk about the new way of life with your loved ones — your relationship partner, family, and friends. Embracing the possibility is the first step of actually living it.

4. Allow more and more love in your life. Do you do what you love to do? Do you talk to yourself with kindness even when things turn difficult? Do you spend time with people you really like? Do you express your love in a simple, straight-forward way without fear?

5. For each person you interact with, find some unique gifts they have and tell them how much you appreciate them. We can use a lot of assistance in realizing our beautiful qualities in us.

The “gift” doesn’t have to be some holy, noble, rare quality. For instance, a pretty smile is something we can treasure. (Do you realize how so many people, both men and women, would be delighted to hear how cute they are?)

6. Think more ways to cooperate rather than compete. If you are in business, are there ways you can work with others in the same or related fields that would benefit all involved? If you are studying something, can you also teach each other? Competition is based on scarcity and fear. Cooperation brings in more love and abundance.

7. Try something new. This requires self love and assurance, and in tern reinforces the same. And you will meet more people to love, learn more things to love.

8. Are there people in your neighborhood who would benefit from extra attention and care, such as older people, single parent with small children, etc? Why not strike up a casual conversation and let them know you are happy to help when they need something? You might be delighted to find how something small and easy to do for you can be appreciated so much. Offer your love and kindness freely.

Kids really belong to the “village” and we all want to be looking over them. Your community being safe and operating on love will expand to larger community.

9. When you go shopping, talk with the cashier. Treat the storekeepers like real people. Eventually, get to know them as your friend. Same with the bus drivers, the librarians, the customer service reps who answer your 800 calls, etc.

10. If you are in abusive relationship, whether it is romantic relationship or family situation or work related, please have the courage to leave. You are doing a disservice not just to yourself but to the whole by staying there. First, stop participating in their drama. This will likely make them more abusive in their attempt to get your energy, which will prompt you to leave finally.

11. Again, offer your loving words and actions freely. Let go of your agenda. Let’s talk, hug, kiss, and make love with no expectations but just because. Also, feel free to say no.

Love and the fifth dimension

Some people say the fifth dimension is love. I thought about this — length, width, height, time and . . . love?

What I think is there is no polarity in the fifth dimension. Everything is in alignment, and we call this love. In a sense, polarities have helped us learn our life lessons by providing contrast. But as we progress in Ascension and graduate from the school of life, we don’t need polarity any longer. We can just be. This is the ultimate destination we want to take our New World.

Does this mean we are going back to the original utopia like I described in that article? Not quite. I don’t think nature repeats exactly the same way. In the New World, we will be living in love similar to the original utopia but in a more conscious way.

Do you have more ideas to bring in the New World of love? What do you think of my vision of the New World? Let me know by leaving your comment ^_^  (Photo by carf)

Ascension Soul Shifts Or Walk-Ins

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light ascension soul shift

This article fist provides the overview of various soul shifts, including what is sometimes called soul walk-ins, and how Ascension soul shifts are different from other kinds of soul shifts.  Then it offers updates on Ascension soul shifts.  (Photo by Matthew Stewart)

Soul shifts

There are two kinds of soul shifts depending on the logistics of the shifts:

  1. Ongoing soul shifts
  2. One-time soul shifts, or walk-ins

Further, #2 one-time soul shifts can be categorized depending on the nature of the soul shifts:

  1. Reinstatement soul shifts
  2. Complete possessions
  3. Placeholder soul shifts
  4. Special cases such as Pleiadean soul shifts
  5. Ascension soul shifts

Souls determine who you are, so when the soul shifts, you experience significant changes, such as changes in personality and your taste / preferences of foods, etc.  You may also experience physical changes such as allergies or pain (headache, etc) that are associated to one of the soul.

Ongoing soul shifts

Ongoing soul shifts involves two or more souls that come in and out of the body, back and forth.  Because a body can house only one soul at any given moment, when a soul makes its way into the body, the soul that has been in there before gets kicked out.  With ongoing soul shifts, the previous soul(s) attempt to get back to the body and they do.

This is extremely harmful and confusing both to the person and the people around him or her. The frequency of the shifts can vary from, say, daily to monthly or even annually.  This soul shifts can be stopped, and it’s a service I offer in my Akashic Record Reading.

I suspect at least some of the psychiatric patients may be suffering from this ongoing soul shift.  But ongoing soul shifts don’t necessarily look like psycho – it may be less pronounced as the host may be used to it and may have worked out a way to minimize its effects.

One-time soul shifts – Reinstatement soul shifts

One-time soul shifts are just that – one soul replaces the soul that has been in the body, period.  The five categories are about the nature of the shift.

A person can have multiple one-time soul shifts progressively.  The difference from ongoing soul shifts is that the previous souls do not get back to the body with one-time soul shifts.

When a soul is ready to incarnate in the physical body, it chooses the birth setting, comes to this side of the world, and starts nurturing the egg.  It actually gets in the body at the baby’s first breath.  Sometimes, however, another soul (usually a negative soul) pushes aside the soul that has been nurturing the new baby and gets in the body instead.

There are many, many souls hanging around and looking for a nice house – I mean, a body.  So although relatively rare, this kind of unfortunate event can happen.

Eventually, the originally intended soul may get a chance to come in the body.  I don’t know what enabled the soul to do this.  It is not something I can do for my clients, but I get clients who have had this happen before.  For these people, their childhood seems like someone else’s childhood.  Quite literally, it was.

“Reinstatement” soul shift is a term I just coined.  Not sure if the word describes the situation well because the originally intended soul was not quite established in the body – it was nurturing the new baby, but it gets in the body for the first time at the soul shift.  So if someone can think of a better term, please let me know.

Complete possessions

While most of the reinstatement soul shifts are about a positive soul getting in or taking over the negative soul, possessions are the other way around – a negative soul takes over the original soul, that are usually positive souls.

When this happens, it is not something I can fix or reverse.  I can clear negative entities in partial possession, but once the complete shift happens, whether to a positive or negative soul, then it is done.

Placeholder soul shifts

As I explained above, the soul nurtures the new baby and gets in the body at the first breath.  This is a critical and exciting moment for the soul.  Some souls, however, step back at this important moment.  It suddenly realizes it’s not ready for the challenges of the physical world.  Yeah, kind of like someone who doesn’t show up at their wedding.

Because a body can’t live without a soul (the soul is the life energy), this would result in a complete waste.  So another soul kindly volunteers to work as a placeholder until the originally intended soul is ready.  When it is ready, the transition of soul shift happens.

Both souls are probably positive souls but with different backgrounds.  So my clients who have had this kind of soul shift say they went through a significant change at the time.

Special cases of one-time soul shifts

There are other scenarios of the soul shifts.  For example, there is a group of souls from the Pleiades.  Many Pleiadean souls, however, left Earth recently (by recently I mean the 10 years period starting about 15 years ago ending about 5 years ago).  Long story short, those who had Pleiadean souls before are living with another soul after the original Pleiadean souls left.

There are various special cases soul shifts and the Pleiadean soul shifts are just one example.

Ascension soul shifts

Ascension soul shifts are another special kind of one-time soul shifts or walk-ins.  I can think of the following points how this is special:

  1. The new soul (the second soul) is the same kind (same origination and primary training) of the original, first soul.
  2. The new soul is a brand new soul that came directly from the ether and has no past lives. It is also a very advanced soul.
  3. The shift is somehow orchestrated.  It’s not a haphazard take over nor a replacement of the first soul that was not planned to be there – at least the second soul knows the first soul and walks in when the first soul completes its learning.
  4. It seems to happen only to adults.
  5. It seems to be happening to increasingly more people these days.  While there were some forerunners in earlier years, it’s happening in big numbers since December 2008.  Which makes me think this is to some extent a group action, likely related to planetary shift.
  6. Some individuals go through successive Ascension soul shifts.

I’ve already wrote about this Ascension soul shift (this is a term I coined, too) and its relation to planetary change that may reach critical mass in 2012, so please read that article.

Potential problems of soul shifts

Even when the soul shift is a positive one in nature, such as the placeholder soul shifts or Ascension soul shifts, there can be problems.  The previous souls that have completed their jobs get out of the body but are stuck there, unable to move on to cross over to the other side.  This can be really annoying to the new soul in the body.  I can clear this and it’s in full alignment with both souls’ highest good.

Ongoing soul shift is also I can take care of in my Akashic Record Reading service, as I mentioned earlier.

I want Ascension!

There are a lot of things I want in life.  Nice place to live, a loving boyfriend, great friends, hot sex, plenty of time to relax and enjoy myself. . . but there is nothing I want more than Ascension.  More than all of the above combined.

And it’s kind of silly because I don’t know exactly what it’s all about.  I just know this is something wonderful.  Unprecedented-level wonderful.

It’s not so long ago when I first heard of Ascension, in relation to enlightenment and 2012.  Back then, most important thing for me was to complete my life lessons.  If I complete my life lessons and die, that’s great, but if I don’t complete them, I’d have to repeat the learning process one more time at another lifetime.  That sucks.  So I worked on my learning fervently without really thinking what may await me after I complete them.  Then I heard of Ascension.

That was like getting the last piece of a puzzle or a key to the next level of journey.  All the things I had to go through in this life, all the ups and downs, fell into place.  I am ascending, and I am here to help others ascend.

Since I published my first article on Ascension and soul shifting, I have worked with quite a few clients who are going through this process.  It’s brilliant.

Free will and our spiritual evolution

There is, however, one thing I want to note for those who are afraid of Ascension.  If you absolutely don’t want Ascension soul shifting, I’m sure you can reject it.  I know Spirits always respect our free will.

Everyone I know who has had Ascension soul shift were open to spiritual evolution.  They may not have been expecting soul shifting because they didn’t even know about the concept, but they were open to all kinds of possibilities.

So please rest assured and stay where you are if that is what you want from the soul level.  Each of us is on a unique path, and I, like the great Spirit, respect your free will.

More questions about Ascension soul shifts

1. Isn’t it more appropriate to consider this change as the evolution of the one same soul?

My specialty as a psychic medium (I don’t necessarily like this term – I’m more reliable and real than what you may think as psychics) is to read people’s soul records, called Akashic Records.  I can count how many souls are involved in a soul shifting situation, tell you when or how often the shift happens, the characteristics of each soul, etc.

So I know the difference between a single soul’s evolution and soul shifting.  It also makes sense to consider this change as soul shifting because then it can explain the problem and its symptoms of the first soul getting stuck, which happens often.

2. Other psychics can’t read me.  Why?

The new soul you receive at Ascension soul shift is a very advanced soul, vibrating at very high dimensions.  By “very”, I mean the kind of level that I never heard of until this year.

There are a lot of discussions about how many higher dimensions there are and how we can measure them.  As an existence living in the third dimensional physical world, this discussion is very tough.  So, for now, I’m just accepting what my spirit guides tell me.

What we do know for sure is that a being in higher dimension has no problem accessing and understanding the lower dimensions, but not the other way around.  We have no problem understanding the two dimensions of length and width.  However, if there were beings that only  exist in 2D world, they wouldn’t understand the third dimension of height.

So, a psychic can only read for clients that are vibrating at the same level or lower than herself.  If they try to read for clients who are vibrating higher than themselves, well . . . they either don’t understand what they are getting or they don’t get anything.  At this point, the honest thing to do is just say “I don’t know”, but many people have problem saying these three little words.

It’s also possible that the psychic is vibrating high enough but doesn’t have the proper frame of reference.  We use our existing frame of reference to understand all incoming information, including spiritual messages.  So if the psychic doesn’t know about soul shifts or Ascension, she may not understand what she is getting.  (And here is me offering the info to all willing individuals.  Free and available 24/7 worldwide.  How’s that?)

By the way, while we have hard time understanding higher dimensions, it is possible to observe glimpses of the higher dimensions.  They are called synchronicities, spiritual revelations, or miracles.

3. How can I have Ascension soul shift?

I don’t know.  I don’t think you or I or anyone can cause it.  It happens when the timing is ripe.

I assume working on your life lessons and spiritual growth will accelerate the process.

This year, I launched my Spirit Guides Coaching, and so far, all the clients of this program have had Ascension soul shifts during or soon after the course.  This makes me think.

And while I can’t make it happen, I can often sense it’s coming.  I can say it’s likely to happen in certain timeframe.  (Just to be clear, this is not a prediction.  Our future depends on our action and free will.  I can only say certain likelihood.)

All right, this is all today.  Do you have questions about Ascension soul shifts or soul shifts in general?  Please let me know in the comment!