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A fundamental change is happening to the Earth and to each one of us.  I believe this can be something unprecedentedly wonderful.  In my Akashic Record Reading practice, I see many clients whose soul’s vibration rate is increasing, or ascending, and reaching higher dimensions.  We are developing lightbodies that can really take us to those higher dimensions.  We also have the opportunity to create the great New World that operates on the foundation of love, light, truth, abundance, and power.  

But what do others have to say about Light Ascension, lightbodies and 2012?  I found some good resources I’d like to share.


First video (it’s a set of two video clips) features Gregg Braden, scientist and author of Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age and The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief.  He talks about how the magnetic field of the Earth is changing, prompting changes of our physical body either to go with the overall change or against it.  He mentions Light Ascension in the beginning of the second video, and although he doesn’t use the term “lightbody”, he does talk about the change of our existence.

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And here is an interesting info about the geometric form called Merkabah and Ascension.  I have no idea how this can be the vehicle of reaching to higher dimensions, but I see it is the symbol of two energies, one from the heaven (or universe) and another from Earth, merging.  


Finally, this movie What If? (HT to Jenny Mannion) is not a free video at YouTube, but worth the $4.95 for download. The scientists in this movie claim it is possible to use 100% of our brain (as you may have heard, we currently use only a fraction of it), and that is the enlightenment.  When we do this, by releasing the existing limiting beliefs and accepting new programs of possibilities, we can work miracles.  

I’m especially impressed with the people who learned how to take light energy directly from the sun and survived solely on light for extended time (over a year).  I think lightbodies feed on light, and because we are developing lightbodies within our current physical bodies, some of us can start feeding on light.


My favorite author on Light Ascension is Karen Bishop because she writes with her direct experiences.  This is the approach I take, too, so I feel with her.  

Remembering Your Soul Purpose, A Part Of Ascension:  Please read my book review.

The Ascension Primer:  I haven’t written the review yet, but this is good.

Also, here is an anthology on 2012:

The Mystery of 2012: Predictions, Prophecies and Possibilities

There are many “channelled” books, too, and I guess they may be good.  However, we need to be careful with them because all channeling is dependent on the psychic’s frame of reference.  If the receiver (the medium psychic) doesn’t have the appropriate and clear frame of reference, the whole message gets unclear or twisted, like a twisted image through a flawed lens.  

For instance, many parts of the Bible are channelled messages — received by mediums who lived several thousand years ago.  Their frame of references are different from ours.  The trouble is, we don’t know exactly how they are different and where the distortions are happening. 

The Revelation is about Ascension — large part.  It talks about “a new heaven and a new earth” of light (21:1).  (Also, the Akashic Records are referred to as “the book of life”.)  However, there are probably some misunderstandings, too.  For example, when it says “unchaste“ what does that mean?  A lot of people want to think it is about premarital or homosexual sexual relationships, but it may be about sex with prostitutes.  Or it cold be incest.  We don’t really know what “unchaste“ was for John.  And his idea of a new earth is tied to the old kingdom — he had no frame of reference for a society where all are equal and empowered.  

There are probably a lot more ancient texts about Ascension.  I’m just not so motivated to check them out because — I have my own info source (my spirit guides) who can teach me along with my own frame of reference.  

Having said this, I saw this book at a bookstore and think it’s pretty cool:

Great Shift, The: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond

Do you know of other reliable resources about Light Ascension?

Developing Lightbody In Light Ascension

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I know this article sounds crazy.  I’m writing this with the same mindset I wrote about Ascension for the very first time in  Soul Shifting And The Light Ascension Of Maybe 2012.  Or maybe it’s even worse than when I wrote that article – I haven’t seen my lightbody yet.

And please don’t panic.  We all have free will, and I’m confident that you can refuse this if it’s not something you want.  (Photo by Michael Dawes)

What are lightbodies?

Currently we reside in the physical three dimensional bodies.  Lightbodies are a new way of existence that some of us will be starting to develop soon – if not already.

There are higher dimensions than the time-space we know.  As our souls’ vibration rate increases, or ascends, residing in the dense physical bodies become more and more uncomfortable.  I’m not saying the physical bodies are no good – they are delightful and pleasurable houses for the souls.  However, they do have limitations.  Severer limitations.  Like being tied up in this 3D world.

My understanding of the lightbodies is that they are still individual existences and each lightbody holds one soul.  But we can do a lot more fun things as lightbodies, such as transcending time and space.  Unfortunately, we in the physical bodies cannot see lightbodies.

Lightbodies are like astral bodies, but I get they are different.  You already have your astral body.  You just don’t know how to separate it from your physical body.  Lightbody, on the other hand, is something we are developing.

Exploring eternity

Souls can live forever.  So far, however, we have had to switch the vehicles of our souls because the vehicles, our physical bodies, decay.  So after the physical death, the soul crosses over, take a rest, and eventually comes back for another lifetime.  This is the cycle of reincarnation.

With the lightbodies, we don’t have to do this.  Lightbodies take energy directly from lights, not from foods.  And this is why I think lightbodies may live forever.

How to develop your lightbody

At this time, I don’t know exactly how we are developing our lightbodies.  It is a process that happens naturally, like the Ascension soul shift.  Ascension soul shifts happen at the perfect time for each individual.  You can most likely promote it by doing spiritual development, but I don’t think you can cause it.  Maybe developing lightbodies is like that.

In other words, our Higher Selves / souls know what is going on, but not our conscious minds.  And the physical symptoms of the Ascension soul shift are related to this process of developing lightbodies.

Still, I’m getting it’s important to care for our current physical bodies.  We are developing our lightbodies within the current physical bodies, so it’s no good to ignore the needs of our physical bodies.  Take plenty of rest, lots of water (raw vegetables and fruits are another way to take natural water), and do some exercise to release old energies.

Transition to lightbody

How will we transition from our current physical bodies to the lightbodies?  My spirit guides say there are three paths:

  1. Your soul will move on to the lightbody, leaving the physical body once and for all.  To other people, this may look like your physical body died.
  2. Your soul will move on to the lightbody, or more like morph into the lightbody, and your physical body disappears.
  3. You will have some gradual transition time, during which you can go back and forth between the physical body and the lightbody.  Eventually, you abandon your physical body and reside in the lightbody full time.

Because this Ascension process is like a huge marathon game, I’m sure there are people who have already changed to lightbodies.  And 2012 may be when the change happens to many people.

I don’t think December 21, 2012, is a dooms day.  However, because of this fundamental change of our existence, the New World will look so different – with far less “population” probably – which may alarm those who can take a glimpse into the future.  And again, I don’t think this is happening to everyone at the same time.  Most people are simply not ready yet.

Sense of urgency and doneness

Personally, I just have this incredible sense of urgency that I must get certain things done NOW because I simply don’t have much time left.  No, I’m not aware of any serious health issues nor am I suicidal.  On the contrary, I love and enjoy each day.

Nevertheless certain articles need to be written now.  Like the article on the Law of Attraction.  I think this article is helpful to many people, and if I were to help them, it had to be now.  Because pretty soon I may not be able to relate very well with the practical side of life and people’s concern about it.

Also articles on Ascension.  I know I’m creating controversy, but I must help my fellow beings going through this process.  There are too few reliable information.

I also feel so much is done in my life here.  Again, I don’t hate my life.  But it feels like looking at a yearbook from the past school year.

Overall, I feel like migrant birds when it’s time to move on.  Honestly, I feel just a bit nervous – like a stage flight.  Oh, well, this is just another attachment I still have.  The fact is , it’s no big deal if I fail – I’m sure my friends like to have me around a bit longer.

Light Ascension

Light Ascension is not just about soul shift.  It’s not just about activating the twelve strands of DNA.  (This is not my specialty, although somehow mine seem to be all activated.)  Not even just about developing the lightbodies.  These are all aspects of the big picture.

Light Ascension is about ushering in the new dimension, which will manifest as the New World.  But before we bring in the new, we need to clean up the old.  Some of the natural disasters we are seeing these days may be the Earth’s way of destruction before creation.

Okay, this is all for now.  I welcome your comments because good comments stimulate my thinking ^_^

Soul Shifting And the Light Ascension Of Maybe 2012

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As I wrote in this post, I just went through a major internal change that brought a series of external changes in my life.  Several readers responded, with comments and emails, that they are experiencing something similar.

In this post, I’ll explain what I know at this time about this shift.  Honestly, I do not know or understand everything about this – this is something totally new to this world, and I am learning as I go.  Still I guess it is more beneficial for the highest good of all to share what I know now rather than withhold it.

(Note: If you are new to spirituality, or if you are here for more “practical” tips of personal development or entrepreneurship, this post may not be for you.  I will be writing more of those posts, so don’t unsubscribe – just stay put, thank you ^_^)

The symptoms of the shift

1. You feel like a new person is in your body. And the shift is pretty abrupt.
I shared the kind of changes I’ve been through in my eating habits, the way I like to dress and live, and my new sense of joy and gratitude in that post.  Please note that article was meant to be a personal sharing, not a comprehensive list of changes you may experience.  Your changes may be different – you may feel the urge to take different direction in your career or personal life, or you may have a spiritual awakening.

The point is you sense changes from within.  It’s not something your mind chose and posed on yourself. On the contrary, your mind is most likely resisting the changes.  I embraced my shift quickly, but you may be reasoning things out like, “Well . . . but I am responsible to keep doing this. . .”  “This is how I always have been.  I’m not sure if I’d like to change.  I am (insert your age here).”  And yet, the change is there pushing you from within.

You may notice some changes in your body and physical health, too.  For example, if I try to eat meat now, my stomach will reject it.  I’ve also noticed difference in my sleep pattern.

2. Additionally, you may feel annoyed, frustrated, and stuck.
You are probably reasoning this as the discomfort of your mind with these changes, but there is a deeper reason. . .

What is soul shifting?

We have the soul – more accurately, we are spiritual beings in physical bodies.  Typically, you have one soul and live with it for life.  The soul defines the basic makeup of who you are, your strengths and challenges on the soul level, and the way you are growing spiritually.

When you reach a certain point in your spiritual evolution, however, your soul shifts. (Note: Actually, there are other kinds of soul shifts, which are explained into details in the linked post.)

Let me explain by analogy.  Have you been to a tall tower building in which you need to change the elevator to go to the higher levels?  The elevator you can take at the ground level only takes you to a certain floor, and then you must get off and switch to another elevator that takes you to higher level floors.

Same thing seems to be happening with our spiritual evolution.  Some of us are getting to the point where our original soul has done its work.  It’s been good, but you are done with it.  So you switch to the new soul.  This is, of course, a positive move.

Because the soul defines who you are, you sense a shift from within.  You are, quite literally, a new person when you go through the soul shift.

The potential issues of this soul shifting

Although this soul shift is a good move, there are a few points things can go awry. First, the previous soul could get stuck and still be attached to your body.  This is very annoying to the new soul.  We need to send the first soul that has done its job to “the other side”.

If you sense this may be happening to you, please consider getting my Akashic Record Reading.  Seriously.  You know I don’t usually promote my service like this on this blog, and I am doing so now for a reason – this is a big deal that you definitely benefit from professional assistance.

The new soul is typically a fresh soul that has never been incarnated in the physical body.  I don’t know if this is the rule, but this is what I’ve been observing.  I guess there must be a big pool of souls that have been watching this physical plane on Earth for eons of time but never incarnated.

Because it is such a fresh, clean soul, it can be a target of attack from the negative forces.  This is another thing I check and clear in my reading.

The relationship of the first and second souls

So far, I have read several cases of this kind of soul shift, including myself.  I know this is way too few to draw any significant generalization.  I still think it may be worth to share the pattern I’ve seen.

It seems there is a certain relationship, an agreement, between the first soul and the second soul.  The second soul chose the first soul to go in first, and it’s been watching your life.  The second soul is usually very similar to the first soul in terms of soul’s origination group and training.  (If you haven’t had my Akashic Record Reading, you may be going “Huh?  What is soul’s origination group and training?”  I touched this topic in my post on life purpose – please read the comments, too)

So, while you are a new person when this soul shift happens to you, the confusion is minimal.  Good grief.

The planetary level shift and your soul shifting

Our Earth is going through a major shift.  I am not talking about the superficial changes, although many of the changes in people’s way of thinking, feeling, and behaving are stimulated by this big planetary shift.  I don’t know exactly what this big shift is about and what the world will be like when the shift is complete.  I don’t think anyone really knows.  I do sense it will be a completely new world.

Our individual soul shifting is stimulated by this big planetary shift.  Let me use another analogy.  Each of us have been pushing our boats on the beach.  This is our personal and spiritual development effort.  Now the big tide is coming, and some of the boats that have been pushed far enough are suddenly floating.  From here on, it’s a completely different game.  We, who have been through the soul shifting, are sailing.

Is this some kind of elitist statement?  I don’t think so.  We have done our work.  And by showing others how much fun we are having once our boats are floating on the water, we encourage them to push their boats further, and they may soon join us in sailing.

So let’s embrace this grace of the big shift. And look around to find others who have also started sailing.  Those with enhanced awareness of their spiritual nature, with fresh sense of love, freedom, and abundance.

Light Ascension and year 2012

The planetary shift is called Light Ascension, or just Ascension.  Our individual spiritual evolution, including the soul shifting, is also called Ascension.  Our soul’s vibration rate is ascending (increasing).

Is this related to year 2012?  Does the Earth ascend in 2012?  I don’t know. My spirit guides tell me there will be a significant change in 2012, but not everyone will experience it. Which makes sense to me.  I don’t think everyone is ready for this – many people haven’t even started pushing their boats.  Will the tide be big enough to float even those boats sitting in the far back?

Still there will be a huge shift in or around 2012.  In fact, the shift has been going on already, as we’ve been discussing in this post.  I think the planetary shift is coming like the exponential function.  It started long ago, but in the beginning, the change was so gradual and minimal that most people didn’t notice.  Then some sensitive and highly conscious people noticed, but most people ignored it.

Like in exponential function, however, there comes a time when the change becomes big, and from there, it keeps growing rapidly.  Now it’s hard to ignore.  It doesn’t take years of full time discipline to notice there is something going on, and so we, the “ordinary” people (by that I mean pretty much everyone who is not Dalai Lama) have the urge to do something – be it meditation or yoga or psychic reading and clearing.

Ascension and our concept of time

Although I don’t really know what is going on, I’ll take one step further and dare to say the Ascension has something to do with time.

In this three dimensional world, time flows one-way in a linear mode.  There is no time like that on the spiritual plane, however.  So retro-causality is possible there, and I have observed it.  For example, when a person orders my reading and clearing, they may experience the change even before I actually do the work – provided they are serious about taking it.  The spirit knows they will accept the clearing, so they do it, and it works in all ways of time.

If the Earth is ascending to the fourth dimension, time as we know it now will change.  Does this mean we can move through time freely back and forth?  How will that look like?  I don’t know.  But this is another reason I think that not everyone is ready for this.

Think about it.  If you can move back to the past, what would you be doing?  Are you going back to the time that you think you made a mistake and fix it?  That is what many people would be doing, and so they would be forever stuck in the past.  This is obviously no good.  One-way flow of time helps us to move on and keep learning our lessons.  It is designed this way for a good reason.

But what if you could take time travel just like any spacial travel?  Let’s say you are done with learning your life lessons, you have accepted everything without judgment, so you have no intention to go back and redo your past.  You just go to any point of time because you want to, like you go to places you want to go.

A possibility.  Again I don’t really know.

Ascension to Lightbodies

I have a few more things to say about Ascension, mainly about what may happen to our physical body afterward.  In short, we will have a new way of existence called Lightbodies.

I need more time to discuss this topic of Lightbodies, however.  For one, I really don’t know much about it.  Also, I’m concerned it may scare some people.  I myself am excited about this option and willing to learn more about it, but I also know those who are still so tightly attached to their body may be scared.

I’d love to hear what you think about this post – please leave your comment. Thank you.  (Photo by Edward B.)

Update: This topic of Ascension and soul shifting is something quite new to this planet and I’ll be writing more I have written more about it.  Please check the category Ascension if you are interested to read more. Also, I’m no longer responding to the comments to this specific post because I think I have answered to them by the various posts I have written later in this Ascension category. You are still welcome to leave your message and carry on the discussion.  Thank you.

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