Starseeds: Pleiadians

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This is the fifth installment of the Starseeds series. For information about what starseeds are and what this series is all about, please read the first post here.

The Pleiades are an open star cluster, also called the Seven Sisters. It’s also called subaru in Japanese — yep, this is where the automaker’s name comes from.

Like Sirians, much has been discussed about Pleiadians. Pleiadians are very talkative, whether they are incarnated or not, and the non-incarnated ones have channelled a lot of information, resulting in a number of books such as The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light, The Ascension Guidebook: Pleiadian Guides Reveal the Four Energy Activations that Prepare Earth Beings for Ascension in 2012, and Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution. Now I am mentioning these titles just for your reference — I have not read any of them. What I will write in this post is based on my training and my experience with my clients.

Also, Eric Pearl, founder of the reconnective healing, writes in his book The Reconnection, that he was told to be a Pleiadian. Although I haven’t read his Akashic Records, he indeed seems to be a typical Pleiadian to me.

Pleiadians’ gusto for change

Pleiadians have big visions and great communication skills to talk people into their grand visions. They motivate people with the Nike’s motto: Just do it!

Pleiadians themselves live with this motto. Once they see the great beautiful vision, they are on the go. They will jump at their grand visions. Even if that means using a bit shifty, or downright mean, method.

I have nothing against the Pleiadians. I think some of the historical leaders, the ones that brought big changes with their charisma, may have been Pleiadians. But I have to be fair and tell you that many Pleiadians teamed up with darkworkers because of their zest for change and their “The end justified the means” thinking.

If you are a Pleiadian, please learn the virtue of looking around before jumping. I mean, just a little bit. You know you have hurt yourself, and some others, by your premature jumps. . . Learning some patience and aligning with Divine Light and Truth are essential.

The Pleiadian exodus

Pleiadians’ alliance with the dark energy has caused their home star to be uninhabitable for a long time. Recently this problem was fixed. (How recent is a question that I’m not exactly sure yet, but I think it was somewhere between 1995 and 1999.) So many Pleiadians decided to go home.

Again many Pleiadians jumped to action. Why stay on Earth when you can go home? Why wait until you complete this lifetime? And regarding the travel issue — is there a way to travel light?

Many Pleiadian souls just got up and left. Because our soul is what animates our body and mind, this could mean sudden unexplainable death. It seems, however, many former Pleiadians had soul shifts, with new souls volunteering to take place and carry on life. (This is a different kind of soul shift from what I call Ascension soul shift. Here is an article about various types of soul shifts.)

The Pleiadians who are still on Earth

I’m assuming the Pleiadians who are still on this Earth are the responsible type who are willing to at least complete the lifetimes they’ve started. When they come to my Akashic Record Reading service, they often present with unique energetic issues: karma and etheric implants that they received from other Pleiadians who were leaving Earth. (Please read the article about Sirians about the basic idea of etheric implants.)

When you travel, you want to travel light. So many Pleiadians dumped their karma and etheric implants to those who are willing to stay. (I guess there were lots of tricks and twisted logics involved in this — remember, Pleiadians are great at persuasion.) Most of the time, these Pleiadians dumped their energetic baggage to other Pleiadians (including those whose underlay or overtone are Pleiadians). The receiving Pleiadian may have just one implant dumped by another Pleiadian, or they may have received multiple (sometimes dozens) karma and implants from multiple Pleiadians.

What is left are many Pleiadians suffering from karma and implants that they are not even responsible for to begin with. Oh, and many former Pleiadians who act quite differently now.

Pleiadians’ ideal

I don’t know if Pleiadians have a common ideal. I do know they have ideals and they hold their own ideals high and dear. Again, they may even go to the far end and team up with the darkworkers for their ideal. While anyone has the potential to engage in darkness (typically for a quick personal gain), Pleiadians are more likely to do this.

And my advice is: Don’t go there. There are ways to actualize the ideal — it may take longer, but getting involved with dark energy is not worth it. When we are involved with dark energy, we get tied up with darkness. You may get what you want quickly, but then you begin to see the drawbacks. . .

Pleiadians’ gifts

Pleiadians’ biggest asset is their communication skills. They are natural marketers and salespersons, whether they are actually selling their business products / services or they are selling their ideas. Again, Pleiadians have big visions, and they incessantly talk about them to anyone who would listen (and some more), with enthusiasm and great sense of humor. Pleiadians are charming and entertaining.

Well, this is how Pleiadians are like in their originally meant way. Those Pleiadians who are weighed down with other Pleiadians’ karma and etheric implants would look quite different. These distressed Pleiadians know their potential but feel they somehow can’t operate at their full speed.

I may have sounded critical about the Pleiadians’ tendency to jump to action, but this, when done in alignment with Divine Light and Truth, is also a great gift. Many people are afraid of changes and stay stuck. Pleiadians are like a wake up call, or the sweeping whirlwind that motivate them to move forward.

Pleiadians’ challenges in loving relationships

If you like the particular way of a Pleiadian, nothing beats the company of him or her. Definitely invite them to your next party. They will keep the conversation flowing with lots of laughter.

The challenge? Hmm, there is not much middle ground with Pleiadians. You either love them or . . . you might as well stay clear. Don’t try to change them. Pleiadians are here to bring changes, and they are not going to change their daring way.

Obviously, a relationship with a Pleiadian will be very different from that with, say, a Hadarian or a Mission Realmer. Not that one is better than the other, but you need to know what you are getting into.

And if you are a Pleiadian, please loosen up a bit with your project to change your partner (or friends). . . I know you are frustrated how slow it is, but he or she just needs more time than you do.

Pleiadians’ challenges in career and finance

Pleiadians are the star players especially in sales and marketing. Pleiadians also make the leap to entrepreneurship daringly.

The challenge is the every day stuff. You know, once the excitement of setting goals settles down, the every day practical aspects of business (and life in general) set in. Doing the actual step-by-step work. Meetings. Administrative concerns. Like keeping books. Pleiadians are not good at these “boring” stuffs.

Pleiadians may benefit with teaming up with those who are good at doing these step-by-step detailed work. Like Alpha Centaurians and Sirians. Or Polarians. Outsourcing can be beneficial to both sides. (For instance, Alpha Centaurians take pride making sure all the details are addressed. They are not just good at detailed work, they like it. Talk about synergetic effects.)

I don’t know the details of my Pleiadian clients’ finances, but it’s not hard to imagine they are rather carefree spenders. Again, outsourcing — letting someone trustworthy and detail-oriented to manage their money — may be a good idea for some Pleiadians.

And it’s important for Pleiadians to learn appreciation for those who support them.

Pleiadians’ role on Eart

I would like to think those Pleiadians who are still on Earth are here for a reason. Ascension, the big shift of ages, is in process, and Pleiadians are invaluable in this challenge. Pleiadians inspire us to rise to this rare opportunity. Just do it. Get over your stories of the past. Move on.

My description of Pleiadians may make them look like such a secular, work-hard play-hard kind of people, but this is not necessarily so. Some Pleiadians are deeply into spiritual development.

And so, there may be even higher role Pleiadians can play in Ascension. At this time, many “spiritual” people are in their own way, quite isolated, as I wrote in the linked article. Pleiadians can be a great organizer, bringing them together by their great vision.

Each soul group brings unique gifts to this world, which compliment one another. I hope you are enjoying seeing this point in this Starseed series. Please let me know what you think by leaving your comment. Thank you. (Photo credit)

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31 Responses to “Starseeds: Pleiadians”

  1. Evita on August 12th, 2009 7:10 am

    Fascinating series Akemi. This is an area I have no experience with. So more reading on this will definitely go a long way.

    Thank you for bringing such fascinating topics that expand our growth so well! There is nothing like bringing new awareness into one’s life.

  2. akemi on August 12th, 2009 8:10 am

    Yes, some people know that some of us are from the stars, but few talk about the characteristics of each soul groups. Each starseed group is quite unique and presents with its own gifts and challenges.
    I’m glad you like this series.

  3. WL on August 12th, 2009 9:02 am

    ”Pleiadians are very talkative,…” no wonder it seems to me that there are more articles and books about them than other star groups…

  4. akemi on August 12th, 2009 10:37 am

    Yes, Pleiadians are assertive. I’m starting to think their sense of humor may be a learned skill to cover their assertiveness. When someone is assertive, they tend to have many opponents, and being funny and charming helps them to reduce the friction. Perhaps, in some parts of the world where assertiveness is welcomed (maybe esp for men), Pleiadians are not necessarily that entertaining.

  5. Jenni on August 12th, 2009 11:25 am

    I am really enjoying this series! It was interesting to read about this group specifically since I have an overtone of Pleiadian so it was nice to review the group.

    I think you could be an employers #1 resource. If only I could make it a requirement that people applying to work for me have their records read!

    Keep em coming! I am looking forward to the blue printers series!

  6. akemi on August 12th, 2009 1:34 pm


    Hey, that is what Snapshot Reading is all about. Get to know your applicants from the soul level. I don’t really need the full name at birth, DOB, and place of birth. Just the name they put on the application, and some relevant info (such as current address and/or the position they are applying) would be sufficient.

  7. Mokihana on August 13th, 2009 9:08 am

    Hi Akemi,

    You said: “So many Pleiadians dumped their karma and etheric implants to those who are willing to stay. (I guess there were lots of tricks and twisted logics involved in this — remember, Pleiadians are great at persuasion.) Most of the time, these Pleiadians dumped their energetic baggage to other Pleiadians (including those whose underlay or overtone are Pleiadians). The receiving Pleiadian may have just one implant dumped by another Pleiadian, or they may have received multiple (sometimes dozens) karma and implants from multiple Pleiadians.”

    I recognize this phenomenon(big word, for ‘stuff’) happening today. I believe at least a couple (if not more) of my family members are Pleiadian. As I commented on another of your threads, Hawaiians are very ‘attached’ and intune with the Pleiades … for one thing, seafarers have used the Seven Sisters to navigate the earth’s seas for hundreds of years. What I feel and sense from the recent passing of one of my family members is the danger of the “dump(ed) their energetic baggage to other Pleiadians (including those whose underlay or overtone are Pleiadians). The receiving Pleiadian may have just one implant dumped by another Pleiadian, or they may have received multiple (sometimes dozens) karma and implants from multiple Pleiadians.”

    I recognize how powerful the energy of Pleiades can be, and have begun to do the personal clearings to recycle the ‘dump’. I can be so easy to get hooked by a compassionate connection or ‘energetic baggage’ without KNOWING IT. I read in messages from another family member, the possible affects of the energetic baggage. And, I want to say, “Don’t go THERE!”

    It’s a fascinating opportunity to remain light and loving while learning to be human. Whew, that feels good :) )

  8. Lisa (mommymystic) on August 13th, 2009 6:56 pm

    Akemi, another fascinating post and series of comments. This is the only starseed group I had heard a lot about, and from what you wrote, I guess I know why now!

  9. Web Traveler on August 14th, 2009 2:42 pm

    This is one of the most original and funny articles I ever read about Pleiadian starseeds :-) It’s funny because it highlights Pleiadian characteristics that some might find not spiritual and serious enough. (And starseeds are seen as spiritual reformers, that’s a serious job.)

    Pleiadians seem to have two sides, on one hand they can be very sensitive, too idealistic and too much involved in the causes they believe in (which makes them touchy) and on the other hand they can be very optimistic and talkative sensation seekers who seem to enjoy interesting third dimensional challenges.

    I know because I’m in contact with the Pleiadians and I might be a Pleiadian starseed as well. When it’s about communication, inspiring and motivating others and myself, I’m very very Pleiadian :-)

  10. mokihana on August 14th, 2009 3:42 pm

    Web Traveler you said: .”.. Pleiadians seem to have two sides, on one hand they can be very sensitive, too idealistic and too much involved in the causes they believe in (which makes them touchy) and on the other hand they can be very optimistic and talkative sensation seekers who seem to enjoy interesting third dimensional challenges.”

    I think the character of all star seeds are multiple and complex. In many ways Soul and Star Seed discussion is a parallel stream to the more commonly understood and collective investigation of Astrology in its full potention. As more exploration opens up the nature of the STARS become fuller.

    The party is just beginning:)

  11. Web Traveler on August 15th, 2009 8:10 am

    I personally think that Pleiadians come in many shapes and sizes. The more I learn to know them, the better I begin to understand them. The first Pleiadian starseeds I met were a group of friends, they were dreamy, artistic and idealistic. But I also met “lone rangers”, people who wanted things their way, no matter what, and if you didn’t agree with them, they didn’t care and just moved on. But the lone rangers aren’t the most happy kind of people.

    I’m the talkative and inspired kind and I love to communicate. I’m spiritually guided by a group of Pleiadians who are talkative and funny and who have a very unique way of expressing themselves. They love to play with words and they love to tell stories. I didn’t know anything about starseeds or Pleiadians until last year, but slowly I began to understand that my own guidance team is from “up there”, which was interesting to discover because I didn’t expect that :)

    What I find interesting about this article is that many Pleiadians left the Earth between 1995 and 1999. I also was ready to go in 1995, but I miraculously survived. It hasn’t been an instant awakening experience, it’s been a gradual maturing process, self-responsibility is one of my main lessons in this life. I don’t know about other people/Pleiadians dumping their karmic responsibilities on one another. Isn’t that something what people (who aren’t spiritually grown yet) generally do? Learning self-responsibility also means learning to say to yourself: I only deal with my own stuff.

    I don’t know much about the soul path I’ve followed during all of my life times, I can’t tell how big the Pleiadian influence is, but the Pleiadian energy is definitely part of my own soul essence. At this moment it’s more important to me to be who I am and to follow my own inspiration than to know from which star I originate. Perhaps I find out along the way.

    Blessings! :)

  12. earthmother on August 15th, 2009 8:35 am

    Interesting read, Akemi. I think your assessment of us is quite accurate. We are change agents, great visionaries and community builders. We communicate (both oral and written) with ease. Patience is a virtue we don’t often possess. Just do it (and do it NOW) would be a more accurate mantra.

    I might add that the veil between the worlds is quite thin for us; hence, we tend to hang on to a childlike sense of wonder and awe, well into adulthood — probably why children and animals gravitate to us like magnets. We are also prone to youthful appearance, looking far younger than our years.

    Our energy fields are quite large and our vibrational frequency rather high. This naturally draws people toward us – some call it “charisma” – but also intimidates/frightens many. In an effort to “turn down the volume” so to speak, we will often use alcohol or food. Very effective, however it does come with serious consequences — you’ll find many Pleiadians who suffer from alcoholism and/or obesity.

  13. akemi on August 15th, 2009 10:16 am

    Oooh, interesting discussion developing here ^_^ Pleiadians energy stimulate this happen, I guess.

    Interesting, so the Pleiades are stars that help seafarers navigate. How appropriate. The energy of the Pleiadians is stimulating, sensational… some call it fierce.
    My feeling goes to you and your family about the loss you are experiencing.

    Yep. So do the books channelled by the Pleiadians match with what I have to say about them?

    Web Traveler,
    You seem to know Pleiadians well. Their sensitiveness or touchy-ness is what I call their impatience and frustration with the slow pace of change everyone else is in. And you are probably right that they are sensation seekers in this third dimensional world.

    As I wrote, I don’t know if Pleiadians have a common ideal, and they may appear quite different from one another in their pursuits and their approaches. Again, some even choose darkness as a way to achieve their goal. This is quite characteristic — I think some other starseeds, such as Alpha Centaurians, probably look more similar within the group.

    One note: Pleiadians didn’t leave in the years between 1995 -1999. That is when I think the exodus started. Because Pleiadians usually just get up and do what they want to do, many probably left about that time, but I think the exodus continued longer into the 2000s.

    Self-responsibility is a great lesson, esp for Pleiadians. And Web Traveler, you have a point. Those Pleiadians who received others’ energetic dumps are responsible for this problem. They could have said “No, I only deal with my own stuff.”

    I don’t get to see my Akashic Record Reading clients, so I didn’t notice about the appearance of Pleiadians. That is interesting. And yes, Pleiadians are childlike, love playing and full of sense of awe.

    I recently noticed the Pleiadians potential issue with substance. Of course this doesn’t mean all drug addicts and alcoholics are Pleiadians, but I do see a tendency in Pleiadians to reach out to substance to numb themselves. Again, the energy of Pleiadians is fierce, it doesn’t leave much middle ground in personal interactions, and I can see how hard it can be to the Pleiadians themselves.

  14. James A Marshall on August 27th, 2009 9:30 am

    Through a channelled session with my spirit guides I was told that my soul originates from the first universe. I was wondering if this is something you have come across in your work and if you know of any others? Kind regards.

  15. Starseeds: Sirians | Yes to Me on October 18th, 2009 9:15 pm

    [...] Pleiadians: Pleiadians have their own interesting history. While most Pleiadians are positive light-seeking souls, quite a few have turned to negative and experimented with the implant technology. So Pleiadians have their own versions of etheric implants. [...]

  16. Demystifying Starseeds, Walk-Ins, And Lightworkers | Yes to Me on October 27th, 2009 1:11 pm

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  17. starmania on November 3rd, 2009 9:04 pm

    Ive just found this blog whilst searching on google, reading the description of the Pleiadians,of which Im one,(as far as I know) I agree with all Ive read so far, I would also say the Earth Born Pleiadians here at this time are here to help keep the Vibration /Frequency on earth raised in order to help Earth go into the 4th dimension, I would also say we are also helping humans become more responsible and in time I believe they will accept that they are the creators of all in their lives, I can relate to the jump into action, I believe in not putting off until tomorrow what you can do today, I am also very enthusiastic, passionate about everything including life and I could probably sell Oil to the Arabs LOL. Now to investigate the rest of this blog.

  18. ana cameron on December 30th, 2009 6:33 pm

    hallo! firt of all i want to thank all of you for your words. i came to this page by surching for a definition of light i am sitting hear with a notebook …the information that is provided by you is helping me to understand and intergrate aspects of myself that i had difficulty with.
    i understand the difficulty of the “thin skin” i tend to describe it as: wher their should be a shild that protects you from “the outside world” is loosened what allowes basically everything to influence what you are.a as a child i had days that i could not be touched cause that then kind of hurts.and pashience and day by day taskes are a big challenge as the openess goes hand in hand with high flexibilety towards accurances.and the love to jump and take dangerous risks for example.and i understand well why plejadians leave: it has been could on earth!
    I HOPE YOU STAY A LITTLE LONGER DEAR PLEADIAN SOUL….because it is becoming warmer :) and rebels can change the world with love and acceptance:)may you all have a good new year!

  19. miss louise on February 16th, 2010 11:35 pm

    Akemi, you mentioned some of the popular books, but did you notice that most of the writers putting forth Pleaidian works are all women named BARBARA? It’s that Pleaidian/Egyptian vibration (ancient mystery school training 101). Not long ago, I found out that my birthmother is also named Barbara. At any rate, if anyone is drawn to this, I’d recommend Pleiaidian Lightwork with Amorah Quan Yin (original name = Barbara, by the way). I took level 1 years ago and felt so much energy going through me and in the room(s),more so than with Reiki. You can google her/the work if interested.

  20. miss louise on February 17th, 2010 12:46 am

    FYI, you may be interested in knowing that the actual agenda of the first level Pleadian lightwork is to remove those etheric implants you mention, clear/remove any past life negative/dark force connections/agreements/karma (to the degree allowed by your own Higher Self), align only with the light forces (e.g., Pleiadian Emisaries of Light, Sirian Archangelic League…), identify any cords to/from others interfering with the current life and mission, and so on. (No, I”m not a practioner – like Reiki, there are multiple levels to attain…still working on my own energy bodies.) This all needs to be done prior to activating the light body. (Otherwise, you can “short-circuit”, as I have in the past.)

    I think it’s true that many of our “past lives” involved dark energy – think about it…even the “spiritual” priests/priestesses were sacrificing human and animal lives, which really is about fear energy. (Unfortunately, animals are still sacrificed in many global cultural rituals, not to mention in our culture at large, and dark polarity forces still do both…but I won’t get into the so-called conspiracy stuff on this site. Tough to even go there, I know.) Even the Bible has tales of “God” telling whomever to sacrifice whomever…that’s not light energy. As the Pleiadians often tell us, we’ve been duped in so many ways.

    Anyone I know “this time around” with any Pleaidian connections (I presume myself included but sometimes I feel like more of a hybrid) truly has been all about light, love, and commitment to whatever it is we’re really doing here (such as the obvious of anchoring that light).

  21. Review: The Reconnection by Eric Pearl | Real Life Spirituality on February 28th, 2010 2:08 pm

    [...] was also excited to read his account of being a Pleiadian. This is the very thing I do myself in my Akashic Record Reading service (well, part of it . . . my [...]

  22. susan on July 16th, 2010 6:15 am

    I think this is interesting, but written in a judgemental and critical tone. I question the spirituality in that behavior.

  23. Akemi on July 16th, 2010 8:03 am


    I am sorry you took it that way. Every starseed group, and every person, has both the strengths and challenges, and I think it is fair to point out both. I do not think I am judgmental, but will you please point out which part of the article made you feel that way? Thank you.

  24. susan on July 16th, 2010 4:57 pm

    The statement that Pleiadians have chosen darkness in order to gain movement into their beliefs. In other words using aggression and darkness to achieve “what they want.” I know this is true for a group of Pleiadians. I believe this as I believe the privileged group of humans live, meaning the rich and famous, for example, however Peiadians are about love, healing and the purity of the truth. Most Pleliadians want to help, heal and empower, not dominate and use darkness in order to control and perpetrate their belief system onto others. I hope that you can understand that, like any stereo type, that of a group of Pleiadians may have created, could have damaged the perception of the group’s true evolutionary belief system, and I hope that may be taken into consideration.

    with love,

  25. geert on October 25th, 2010 9:50 am

    It’s a bit strange but I feel as if I come from the Pleiades, this is not the first time I am guided to this subject… As a matter of fact I feel very connected to the Pleiades… One night I was trying to find out my origin because I know I’m not from Earth originally… and you know what my finger/mouse pointer pointed out to ? Well.. the Pleiades !!
    There must definately be some truth in what I’m telling you ! :)
    Although I have a connection with the Sirians aswell it seems.. I might be from around there somewhere, I mean either from Pleiades or Sirius or maybe a bit from both.. Who knows.. Well anyways, I wanted to thank you for writing this great informative post, loved it very very much! Blessings to you beautiful sister!

  26. Mystic Vajrayana on November 28th, 2010 3:31 pm

    Sunday November 28, 2k10 – 6:26PM Eastern Time

    Greetings Akemi.

    Without judging the Messenger (just the messages), I speak to you from my heart as an authentic Pleiadian Human and Adashi Adept.

    I’ve been guided to tell you that this information (just on this one page that Spirit guided me to visit … is convoluted and inaccurate. There is too much mis-information on the Earth Plane and this doesn’t help.

    We pray that you’re guided to recognize that misleading people (however unintentially) during this times of dramatic change … serves no HIGHER PURPOSE.

    Speaking as “The Human Aspect” of my Pleiadian Group Consciousness, I again respectfully encourage you to know that this is not judgment of you (The Earthling) … but it is an evaluation of you messge.

    Selah, namaste, zazuma.

    Earthling Name: Mystic Vajrayana
    Pleiadian Name: Zu-La-Zu-Le

    Planetary Status: A Galactic Treasure

    Platform: The Enlightenten Life Facilitator®™

    Ever In Service To The ONENESS!!

  27. gabriel on December 8th, 2010 12:56 pm

    Dear ones,

    truth is evident through its resonance from within you;

    be wary of any source that seeks to establish its authority through titles or claims…

    …light cannot be trademarked.

    may our journey be blessed

  28. Katina on December 13th, 2010 10:02 pm

    I recently got a akashic reading and found out that I am Pleiadian in origin.
    Just to let you know I am African-American. I had spend a couple of hundred dollars to remove implants and dark energies. If anyone out there is Pleiadian and has gone through what I have gone through, I want to hear from you.

  29. Palak on December 18th, 2010 2:09 pm

    okay okay.. i get this.. but just do not like the teaming up with dark forces bit
    im a starseed and indigo.. origin- plaedian and procyan.. and i dunno..

    but i feel divine light everywhere and thats all that exists.. pure love.. even the mislead ones will soon see..there is nothing.. nothing else than love :)

    sorry..its extremely hard to imagine a situation like that.. i agree with the imaptience n all.. but beautiful pleadian and other star groups truley are :)

  30. aleinad on January 2nd, 2011 6:30 pm

    First of all,thank you for all the info. you’re sharing.
    I am seeking for my true origin.
    All of my life I have experienced “strange” things, and also I’ve always felt sad and lonely, like there was something taken away from me.
    I’ve often felt so tired of being here (Earth) and had no idea why.
    Recently, I had an experience in which I came in contact with an amazing place full of love and tranquility. I saw the most beautiful beings, and I felt connected to them in a way I can not explain. A very pretty blonde woman told me that place was my home and I felt they were my family.
    I remember asking her why they had left me behind in such a horrible place (Earth) and she answered that it was not horrible, it was just kind of lost.
    I wish I knew what that place is called and how to come in contact with them again.
    There are no words to express the love felt. Everyone should be able to experience it, like you don,t need anything else to be whole….know what I mean?
    I have so many questions….does anyone know what that place could be, or who those beings are?

  31. Todd | Channelingmysefl on July 19th, 2011 12:18 am

    I was playing with my pendulum and was told I was a starseed, then I asked about my origin and Pleiades was the answer. I would still like to verify this by some other means.