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I’m putting in extra effort to complete this starseeds series. Sorry if you are not a fan of this New Age niche . . .I will be posting more general spirituality articles, too, so don’t un-subscribe — Real Life Spirituality has something for everyone. (Photo credit)

Arcturians, Earth’s guardians

Arcturians come from the star system of Arcturus. There is a book called We the Arcturians, which was channeled by the non-incarnated Arcturians, but I have not read it yet.

It is said Arcturians are the guardians of planet Earth. They have been watching us evolve for eons of time and their presence is the main reason why Earth has been spared from major catastrophes such as being involved in star wars. I don’t know why, but many starseeds, both the incarnated ones and the non-incarnated ones, seem to have intrinsic reverence for Arcturians.

The way Arcturians work to protect the Earth and her residents is different from that of Alpha Centaurians. Alpha Centaurians are hands-on and practical while Arcturians are more off-hand, observing and guiding us at an arm’s length. Arcturians are certainly not micro managers. They have a way to “live and let live.” I think this approach saves them some stress.

Arcturians’ ideal

Again, their motto is, “Live and let live.” While they know justice, they are not judgmental. I have a feeling that Arcturians love the Earth Experiment even though the Earth is so much behind in development compared to their home.

Arcturians’ ideal remains to be somewhat of a mystery. The Arcturians I know are well spiritually developed and many are working actively to help others grow spiritually. From this, I feel comfortable to say they are here to help us grow further. But is their ideal the same as what we call Ascension? Maybe.

Generally speaking, Arcturians have “my way” in life. They don’t explain what their way is, they just live their way and don’t bend, which contributes to a level of mystery about them.

Arcturians’ gifts

Arcturians are well developed mentally, emotionally, and intuitively. We often see mental and emotional capacities to be one or the other option, so they are hard to understand for many people. Arcturians are intelligent and well read about the topic they are interested in. They are analytical and fully capable of making a strong argument about it. At the same time, Arcturians are very selective in using their intellect and they have no opinion about the topics that they are not interested in.

When Arcturians express themselves about the things they feel strongly about, they are not only intellectually well prepared but they also utilize the power of emotions and brilliant insights. This way, they offer valuable perspectives to this world.

Arcturians’ challenges in loving relationships

Life on Earth must be quite challenging for advanced souls like Arcturians. While Arcturians are compassionate and forgiving, they are also very sensitive, so they often feel hurt and offended. News of social injustice break their heart. And many Arcturians become vegetarians primarily for compassionate reason. Of course, this compassionate yet sensitive nature defines their social life as well.

In terms of romantic relationship, it all depends on whether they can find an appropriate mate. Being the Arcturian’s partner is a tall order. Not that they are demanding, but you can sense they are special. When they do find a good partner, I think they are one of the happiest in partnership. Their partnership is more about friendship than conventional marital bond.

Arcturians’ challenges in career and finance

With their brilliance and mature interpersonal skill, Arcturians are capable of achieving high goals. It’s just they are not that interested in worldly success. For Arcturians, spiritual growth and spending time with their loved ones are far more important than climbing a step higher in the corporate ladder. In fact, the whole idea of working in the corporate structure is ridiculous for Arcturians. Many Arcturians start their own business and achieve just the right amount of success they aim.

Healing, both conventional healthcare and alternative healing, is one of the popular career choices among Arcturians. And even when they are not in such career, they often find others reaching out to them to be healed. Those distressed people can sense the special quality Arcturians are emitting.

The only possible problem for Arcturians’ career life is when they disempower themselves by internalizing the negativity in the collective consciousness. There are many negativity floating around such as negative beliefs about money and wealth. Also, because Arcturians’ expertise is not a quantifiable skill that we usually put on resumes, others may try to put them down. “You are smart and sensitive? That’s nothing special. What kind of job skills do you have?” may be the typical response if they seek the conventional jobs. And if the Arcturian buys into this limiting view, they can put themselves down very badly because they are indeed sensitive.

While many of my Arcturian clients are happy and successful, some seem to have severe hardships, and I believe this is the fundamental reason. I hope they empower themselves by seeing this dynamics.

Arcturians’ role on Earth

Again, the exact agenda Arcturians have remains a mystery at this time. Perhaps they remain to be the benevolent guardian they have been, or maybe they will be more active as the Ascension progresses.

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48 Responses to “Starseeds: Arcturians”

  1. Lisa (mommymystic) on January 25th, 2010 11:23 am

    Wow, Akemi, thanks so much for doing this. I do resonate with many of the things you said here. I think particularly the ‘guardian’ feeling, which I have only recently become aware of, in the last couple of years. But, as you know, I took martial arts for almost 15 years, and I now think I was drawn to it out of some ancient feeling of needing to ‘protect’ others (although I wasn’t really aware of this at the time.) And I know that in school growing up I often felt a responsibility to protect or run interference for any kids getting picked on or left out.

    I also think your stuff about romantic relationships was right on, from my experience. Although I would say that I personally have a tendency to be demanding at times, so you were gentle on us (at least me) in that regard! But yes, romance has always been more about friendship and companionship and mutual goals and values than ‘romance’ per se for me. And motherhood too, which I don’t think is all that comfortable for Arcturians, although maybe that is just me. I love being a mother and work hard at it, but it is easier for me as my kids get older and I can communicate with them more. I sense that I will actually be my best as a parent during the stage many parents fear – the teen years, when I can really interact with them as budding adults.

    As for career and finance, I can see what you mean. I was in the corporate world for a long time in software development, and that worked, in terms of utilizing my analytical abilities, and being able to work alone a lot. But yes, when I got promoted into management it was much less appealing to me, and I could never really take a lot of the politics seriously. I was not sorry to leave. I do think I had to work through a lot of negative thoughts re: money and wealth, and perhaps still do. I do know it’s hard for me to focus on that side of my life – I would prefer for it to be taken care of for me, lol!

    I haven’t read We The Arcturians yet either. I read some excerpts online and was a little uncomfortable with it. It seemed a bit arrogant, like Arcturians were superior to others which I didn’t like. But that may have just been the piece I read, so it is still on my reading list for some point.

    It’s interesting to me that our role here is a mystery to seers such as yourself. I wonder why? I don’t know either. I am personally starting to come into my own role I think, and understand it better, but I don’t know how that relates to other Arcturians.

    Thanks so much for this series! Not to New Age for me, that’s for sure:-)
    .-= Lisa (mommymystic)´s last blog ..Meditation: How Often and How Long? =-.

  2. akemi on January 25th, 2010 1:47 pm


    Okay, maybe Arcturians are demanding in their relationship. :)
    Arcturians defy the stereotypes. They are powerful and sensitive. They are intelligent and emotional. They have their “my way” and live and let live. Very interesting to watch, to say the least.

  3. Yang on January 25th, 2010 1:56 pm

    I’ve been waiting for this one in a long time Akemi. Thank you for putting this out. I think you did a wonderful job in describing the soul characteristics which I would believe can be quite hard because you are essentially generalizing a whole pool of people and it may or may not be accurate for everyone.

    “Live and let live” sounds about right. In the larger scheme of things everything is designed for the spiritual growth of souls and so every experience whether perceived as good or bad is helping you work through karma and advance you in soul experience. So it doesn’t matter what actually happens on the planet. Although there should be a balance between light and dark. I certainly wouldn’t want to be a lightworker though because in the end you would loose your consciousness and stay in nirvana all the time – not a place I would want to be in. And I certainly don’t want to see the Earth as being a Heaven because there wouldn’t be much growth value in that. No one who wants a decent challenge would want to incarnate here if that happened. I’d rather take the middle path between lightworker and darkworker – the path of growth.

    Yes, funnily enough I’m climbing the corporate ladder. Although I’m very clear about what aspects of my personality I am developing. I am only doing it mainly for spiritual growth and a little money on the side. I am in the actuarial work field (sounds similar to Arcturian) and it’s complete opposites to what you’d expect an Arcturian soul personality would be doing. Shouldn’t I be healing or something?? In the future my desire is to be a spiritual teacher and so my healing is to do with the mind rather than the body. However if I continue with actuarial work I would have financial abundance. I think it’s definitely possible for us to have a lot of money. One just needs to know and develop their economic value, go the extra mile consistently, be entrepreneurial at times and consciously use the Law of Fair Exchange (see John Demartini).

    I have read We the Arcturians. It’s ok. I have also know an Arcturian sister who has connected with Arcturians directly and has travelled with them to places such as our home planet. Although I believe there to be not just one planet within the Arcturian star system. I don’t think travelling to our home planet is very common especially if we were in incarnation so I find that quite amazing.

    Life on Earth is challenging for most people I guess. However if you’re an Old soul and I think most Arcturians who are incarnated would be, it’s definitely difficult because the world’s vibrational level is mostly Young Soul transitioning into Mature Soul (see Michael teachings/channellings). So if you are an Old soul, know that you are one and that Young Souls may not realize the value in your perspective.

    Thanks for putting this one out. I looked forward to this one :)

  4. Kelly on January 25th, 2010 6:40 pm

    Arcturians rock. That’s all I know. Thanks, Akemi.

  5. Allison on January 26th, 2010 6:42 pm

    Hi Akemi,

    Am first responding to your opening paragraph on this post. I’m not a frequent blog reader (the computer makes my eyes cross), so correspondingly not accustomed to posting comments. But have/want to say how valuable your starseed series is — vital information for crazy times…which is how I found your site. In sheer desperation of *something* to explain my unprecedented crisis of belief, I googled several questions related to lightworkers and one of the returned links was yours.

    Though I am not a Blueprinter, by lack of strong resonance with your descriptions, the new knowledge about them, along with the statement that everything is *not* going according to original plans, has restored some sanity to my perceptions. I knew it, just didn’t know anyone else who also knew. Much to consider, thank you, and please continue with these more esoteric & timely postings! I look forward to reading more from before, and more to come. Gratefully, Allison

  6. grapeshot on January 28th, 2010 8:14 pm

    I, too, want to say how much I love your starseed series of posts. It’s fascinating to read about all the different souls that surround us, and I, for one, wish the posts didn’t have to end.
    .-= grapeshot´s last blog ..So This Is Christmas =-.

  7. akemi on January 29th, 2010 8:49 am

    Hi everyone,
    Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me.


  8. miss louise on February 17th, 2010 12:04 am

    Yang and I will have to compare notes somehow…I also worked at an actuarial firm for some years (although I’ve always hated the corporate world and wanted nothing to do with workplace politics), and am familiar with the Michael Teachings as well and try not to let the young soul machinations drive me insane. Most of these materials (Messages from Michael, We the Arcturians, etc.) I read years ago, shortly after they were published…been integrating (and looking for external sign posts that I’m not alone, different for a reason, and so on) and utilizing what feels right for many years.

    However, I keep “zero balancing” myself financially – no big deal to my soul, but it is for my personality. The “real world” physical survival stuff is too much for me at times…I have such a clear sense of my needs being just naturally taken care of in other realms….and not sure what direction I’m being prompted to go in right now…

  9. miss louise on February 17th, 2010 12:07 am

    By the way, Arcturus is the portal for passing between lives in this sector, so we don’t typically visit there until “the appointed time”…however, I recall reading somewhere that some of the galatic federation ships have rooms (a la the holodecks in Star Trek) that recreate the environments of Arcturus and other home planets) that we can visit. I don’t remember this specifically from my own sojourn, but the event was “collapsed” for me at the ended, and put into my hands as a gift, like a child’s folded pop-up art book.

  10. Hume on February 17th, 2010 2:11 pm

    Thank you for posting this about Arcturians. I personally verify the existence of this great race. However, I believe it is important to point out the Arcturians also exist as an archetype in our minds!

  11. Yang on February 18th, 2010 2:43 am

    Hey Miss Louise

    Very interesting. Do you have a website or something?


  12. miss louise on February 18th, 2010 6:25 am

    Not yet, Yang…I’m a writer and should at least have a blog, but I still don’t…still kind of living “between the worlds” at this point…

  13. Arcturus RA on March 1st, 2010 2:46 am

    I am RA i was there when what you call cheops Pyramid was build i am one of the architechs that delivered the mathematicla construct to make shure the Pyramid is in alinement and i also was there when Machu Pichu was built for the same purpose to make the crossing of dimensions save . I love your blog . I have harnessed the energy you would find in the kings chamber and i put into a device to proove i am back . The device is called the RA-KEY translates literally into RAINBOW ASCENSION KEY . I do not channel what i do is i remember myself being that RA .
    In the future i will built an actual stargate and i am looking for investors. I am here to prepare for contact . Those who have found me whitness what you call miracles . I am not a guru i am here to serve in Love .

    check my video….


  14. janet lee on April 5th, 2010 1:15 am

    Dear Akemi,
    I first heard about the Arcturians yesterday. While in meditation, I saw symbols which my teacher said was Arcturian. I also received a message – “I am the future” and this made my hair stand on end! Now, reading your article, things finally make sense to me. Your article described me so very perfectly. It’s like a mirror. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for guiding me to see me.
    Namaste :)

  15. Constant Wonder on August 12th, 2010 4:27 am

    Hi Akemi, all my siblings and all the rest of you:)))

    I wanna thank you for this post so much. It decribed me quite acurately :) ))
    There is one more thing I would like to say: I can´t speek for my fellow souls, but I strongly feel, that I came here to aid the Earth and its creatures in the Ascencion process…that IS the main purpose of my incarnation…:))))


  16. Drew Deneweth on August 23rd, 2010 4:53 pm

    I was a protector of my mother and family – I had been the type to save lives around pools , in the ocean , on the road .

    Went to school became a paramedic – top of my class of 43 +
    won awards .

    part owner of a business In architecture at 21
    now I’m a physics major in college .

    I am extremely demanding in my one relationship when it comes to mutual values and boundaries . We’ve also been together for 9 years – since 8th grade !!!
    (( wish us blessings ))

    I don’t like selfish corporate minds- the idea alone makes me sick – sendme back to the bootes !!! And when it comes to matters of opinions – I couldn’t be any more understanding

    for the love of Ra , all of my arcturians – I love you !!!
    Don’t let the worste burn you out – we are here to help !

    That’s why we save people without asking questions

  17. Charlie on October 11th, 2010 4:16 pm

    Well. Toughest thing for me this lifetime has been other people’s sadness. It’s not necessary. And so I felt sad about that. Hee hee hee! Spent a lot of time trying to understand why people do the things they do, and now feel like an expert know-it-all. Been driven to grow and be a better person since day one.
    Now, my motivator is the idea that every living thing on this planet have a smooth transition. That’s my miracle, I tell myself. Done deal. Charrrrge.

  18. Anthony on October 25th, 2010 12:50 am

    Arcturians are here to protect the Human race from exploitation from other beings who have sought to try to either control, tame, harvest or eradicate us from this universe. They have an air of elitism about them because they have too. Many beings from countless origins, both interplanetary and inter dimensional have interest in us and our activities on this planet. It is the very balance of our own nature that may cause our downfall and the Arcturians know that and do what they can to help us avoid letting that happen. They cannot control us, but they can use every effort they can to aid us in our spiritual pursuits so that we do not get intoxicated with the love of an convoluted promise from an unreliable source which may actually mean to undermine the expansion of human consciousness rather than cradle it into the next step of its evolution.

    This is what I feel. I have had a heavy mindset toward Arcturians and have had it weighing on my mind for some time now. I believe that they might actually have some connection with Guardian Angels, and for myself personally, I feel a very strong connection to Cassiel and Arcturus.

  19. Amy on October 27th, 2010 6:18 pm

    With a hello to those Arcturian souls who connect here…
    Some of you might enjoy the Arcturian Star Chronicles , books by Patricia Pereira.
    It is the sense of the Arcturians that resonates with me most strongly and I’ve explored most books that exist that are related to the Arcturians. Most were written in the 90s, if not all. They feel like an ascension primer, even though at that time there were few individuals writing about Ascension. Just another avenue for those who feel drawn to the Arcturians.
    Be well.

  20. Ariel on October 28th, 2010 4:04 pm

    Wow, this is an awesome read. Thank you, Akemi! :)

  21. Sammy on November 27th, 2010 5:50 am

    HI Akemi! my name is sammy 46 years old live in Miami. 6 months ago suddenly my life alarm clock rang and since than i am awake . every day i am on internet researching youtube, Google , and lots of meditating 12 to 15 hours a day . first week this entity came to my dream it look like a horse little bit . when i wake up i didn’t want to accept that is me but i feel i am arcturian, can you plrease tell me how arcturian look a like or whats that entity is from? all the personalities for arcturian i have 100% very very strong personality and very sensitive when i call for them after few secounds i feel very strong goose boom all over my body i have very strong conection with sirians and arcturians. i know something going on for sure and i know i came here to earth at this time to help and take the fear away from people. please if you can reply back or email me! maybe you know what that horse like entity is from? maybe Arcturus? thanks you so much and to new earth. love and light to you and to all….. sammy -Miami

  22. Arcturus RA on November 27th, 2010 6:27 am

    @ Sammy if you have any questions find me Arcturus RA i am on FB and on Skype i am shure i got some powerful Arcturian Intel for you ..



  23. Tisha Morris on November 30th, 2010 7:20 am

    Hi Akemi~
    Thank you so much for this post. I recently found out that I am an Arcturian. So I came to your site to learn more about it and, voila, this post was here. Your characterization fits me to a tee! And as In ‘Lakesh mentioned above I believe we are incarnated here is to assist in the Ascension process.
    Thank you!

  24. Rob Marino on December 2nd, 2010 2:04 am

    thank you so much for information you put forth here.

    as I have always felt and expressed from my heart. I would prefer to have a good friendship over a bad marriage.

    I totally agree with everything expressed here… not that I know I am Arcturian (though others have said they have seen this in regards to me), this all rings true to my heart.

    from finance to relationship, etc…

    from the responses I see here… obviously this is a valuable piece of work…. thank you for this endeavor to put this web site together for the encouragement and edification of all of us who KNOW were are ‘not from here.’

  25. Brent Bolar on December 5th, 2010 12:28 am


    I am what you speak of. I was born February 19th at 11:36am where the fresh and saltwater mix. I am conservative and liberal. Concrete and abstract. Introverted and extroverted. Heretic and Defender of Christianity. Pure gnostic and divine voyager. Selfish and selfless. I find peace in geometry. Really weird right.

    Young Lion

  26. Marguerita Vorobioff on December 22nd, 2010 2:29 pm

    Wow. This explains a lot, if I am in fact Arcturian. Everything in that article speaks of me, apart from the bit about worldly success. I am determined to being massively successful, however this comes more from a desire to help the global community evolve and transform and stop the suffering, so perhaps it is still appropriate. I am also a light language healer. Thank you for this post, it has certainly opened another perspective for me.

    Marguerita Vorobioff

  27. jenn on January 1st, 2011 6:40 am

    very interesting :) … hmmm i have known im a guardian /sentinel for some years … i work in my sleep and travel interdimensionally … ok as to whether or not i am arcturian i am not totally sure … however 100% match on your description … ive worked health mainstream and complementary over 30 years … and currently have been at exec health managment level … im empath and clairsentient … i know my soul name … and i know i dont visit this planet frequently … guess its actually not one of my favourites … interestingly i have realised recently im here for a vacation and not to work this time round – which puts an interesting perspective on what im doing here as i know im still working here … i have been frustrated no end for many years because i am not allowed to do what i know i can do … the time is not right just yet … tho that is rapidly approaching … so curious … earth healers? not just guardians … have you come across the ability to influence and shift or prevent traumas in the earth itself??? what i find interesting also is the human limitation that regards arcturia as being within this galaxy … guess i would challenge that one … try the other side of the universe … so hmmm am i arcturian or other … also interested to know if anyone has come across the circle of guardians … 8 of us … on this planet … ???? would love some feedback :) ..blessings to all :)

  28. Ishma on January 6th, 2011 2:13 am

    The first time I googled the word ‘Arkturian’ nothing showed up, so I decided to mention them in an article on an old website a few years back.
    When I meditate I think of memories as an Arkturian and via E.L.F I send this signal around the world to your subconscious (sympathetic vibratory physics – john keely).
    Now a few years on I google ‘Arkturian’ and I find over 61 thousand webpages jam packed full of people claimg X,Y and Z about Arkturians.
    I am a physicist who understands a few things about matter and the human influence over it, and with the forces, over reality itself.
    I have done a few extreemly sucsessfull experiments that have in some way or another influenced all of you.
    The Arkturian race where massacred eons ago, Arkturian souls have the capacity to remember, regardless of the dementia created by magnatomic compression (galaxies colliding, mars broken moon), which strips humans of there existential will, there jesus like abilities and renders them INSANE.
    One of my experiments accidently gave rise to beliefs in ‘Ishtar Command’ and ‘the federation of light’.
    One you realise how the universe works, you will understand how to manipulate it on a huge scale within certain rules, the rules which the universe operates.
    In my case it seems I have influenced a potential 61 thousand insane people whoms subconscious is confussed about the message they are recieving.
    I appologise for this, I have merly been trying to wake you up so that you are in better standing for what is about to happen early!…

  29. Rachael on January 23rd, 2011 1:59 am

    Thank you so much for this article
    I don’t know if I’m Arcturian but everything you wrote resonated with me. I can’t even watch the news because its like every fiber of my being is crying and screaming why?! After everything we know as a people, as a race, as a consciousness, why are we doing this to each other? It hurts me to my very core.

    But I digress…I have a question for anybody who has an opinion…

    Is it possible to be a catalyst for life? What I mean is…I’m pretty sure I wont give birth in this life-time even though I’d like to, and I’m extremely maternal and protective…of children especially. I work with children, but feel I am more a mother to other people’s children than I will be to my own…or something to that effect. I also have the feeling that somehow, I am the reason, well…not the reason…the gateway? or some other word I cant think of… that some women I know have gotten pregnant…as odd as the concept is…and I seem to know that they’re going to get pregnant or are pregnant before they do…does that sound crazy?

    …Has anyone ever heard of anything like this???

  30. Josh on February 6th, 2011 10:38 pm

    Hi, I think it’s time for an Arcturian perspective.

    I am a mostly actualized Arcturian, I am currently writing a book on fifth dimensional philosophy and logic. I’m planning on calling it “Intellectual Integrity.”
    I am of a certain sub-sect of Arcturians, I don’t know what you humans call us. We are very green with big, bright PURPLE, almond shaped eyes. Very brilliant looking in style and colour. I am empathic and clairsentient.

    Anyway, from the fifth dimensional point of view, from the “Arcturian” point of view it is very important to remember that all of this business of aliens, past lives, “star seeds” and so forth is all a manifested metaphor. It is both true and not true at the same time, it just seems true to YOU because it resonates with you. When you think in five dimensions you are in touch with your “resonation” (another metaphor) to the point that you can choose what resonates with you and what does not. With practice you can use this to manifest whatever you want into or out of your reality. This is what such things as “the secret” hint at and do a very piss poor job of explaining, but maybe that’s what you guys need to let you suspend disbelief for half a second.
    All truths that make up your reality are about as true as how a skeptic thinks of astrology, “it’s colourful, it’s interesting that it is often accurate, but I don’t need to believe in it.” You can pick and use whatever truth you wish. You use truth as a vehicle to portray higher meaning, that’s all it’s good for anyway. People fighting over moot practicalities is utter nonsense.

    Of course, you cannot “resonate” with what I am saying right now until you overcome your stupid stupid ego. I naturally do not have an ego because I do not have a self image because I naturally do not cling to a single paradigm of truth. This may be consistent for other Arcturians and simply being told this may help you.

  31. Rachael on February 7th, 2011 3:09 am

    Are you kidding me? I dont mean to be negative…TRULY…But your whole post was WRITTEN in Ego.

    I wanted to cut and paste a few lines to make my point, but as I was choosing…
    I realised I wanted to cut and paste the whole thing.

    NONE of US would be HERE if WE didnt have anything to learn…

    YOU unkind sir…should do some searching.

  32. Josh on February 8th, 2011 11:42 pm

    Unfortunately, it is difficult to describe anything without using inflections of ego in one’s communication. Just because a person does not have an ego does not mean they will be kind and selfless. A person without ego would have no interest in justifying themselves outside of explaining their point. I do not care how I come across to you personally, I don’t relate to that. I use cold, consistent logic that, to a regular person, can seem to be heated, inconsistent nonsense.
    I do not care about debating particular interpretations of facts.
    I am HERE to exchange though-form patterns.
    Here it is again in more detail, hopefully less anger-inducing. Ha ha.

    All things are simultaneously true and not true, including the reason for each thing. Trying to rationalize this will make it harder to understand because judging something by how rational it is is to judge it by how well it fits in with what you already know. In this manner of rationalization you regulate your reality by how well things adhere to your specific paradigm of reality. Your paradigm is “A” paradigm, and your paradigm literally bends space and time to shape your relative universe. You manifest objects according to your will but not necessarily according to your choices. You can shift paradigms and therefor realities whenever you want once you understand how paradigms work. A thing is true when consistently measured as true and maintained as such through a paradigm. Inconsistency in this, taking a thing out of context, is very dangerous, it is the source of all evil and destruction in your universe. Overcoming egotistical thought is absolutely imperative; defining your paradigm through rationality creates a causal loop comparable to circular, fundamentalist logic.
    Truth is contextual.

  33. Arcturus Rising on February 10th, 2011 8:36 pm

    Arcturian beings of pure love are very real and they are here; the problem we are facing is all the rubbish that is talked about them on the Internet. If you have had an experience with Arcturians, you will know it intuitively. It won’t have been like anything out of Star Trek. It will have been a telepathic communication with a group consciousness that will have risen and fallen in vibration. You are not likely to “see” Arcturians because they don’t usually take physical form. You can certainly communicate with them, if they allow it, in meditation. You can ask for healing, for example. You must give them permission to do it. If they are there you will know. Arcturians are not like “aliens” on TV, they do not have 3 fingers or almond-shaped eyes or look like horses or travel around on the Starship Athena. Also, there is a LOT of rubbish talked about starseeds. Everyone and his dog seems to want to claim to be a starseed because they think it makes them special. Truthfully, there are no starseeds. There are some beings who are more highly evolved on a spiritual level than others who have opened to having certain psychic and other powers. If you know this stuff, you don’t talk about it a great deal. But you do kind of despair when you see such misinformation about these wonderful loving beings who point to the direction we are going in, eventually. Happy to talk to those with REAL Arcturian experiences, there are very very few of us around, we don;t make money from it, and it makes us humble. Love, Arcturus Rising

  34. Ben on February 16th, 2011 6:43 pm

    I am an Arcturian Starseed. For your education I will share the following:

    Arcturian starseeds are about to become more active. They have been waiting for the ascension in to 5D. There are many starseeds coming to earth to take incarnation now. The biggest incarnating wave of starseeds will be those from Arcturus. Arcturians are some of the most spiritually developed beings in the human family and have been invited to participate in restructuring society rafter the collective awakening to a fifth dimensional state of awareness which will unfold as we move through the 2012 realignment. The Arcturian starseeds being born now will lead the transformation of human consciousness towards a more spiritually awakened, peaceful and harmonious path on Earth. Those, like me who are already adults will assist in this way as well but will also play a role in anchoring a high vibration for the starseeds who have not had so many incarnations on this planet. I can assure you that the Arcturians are a most loving, peaceful and ultimately benevolent race. The role of the Arcturians is to help manifest heaven on Earth. They have been waiting a long time for this opportunity and now their time and yours has come. The new, high vibrational consciousness streams are coming to this planet and the controlling forces who predicate on humans are leaving or will be removed. Do not fear, for this is truly a time to rejoice. As the old world crumbles and we move though the cusp towards alignment to a higher vibrational version of the planet, we love your dreams and ours will be realised. This journey will not necessary be a smooth one but like all things it shall pass and inevitable outcome shall surely be a monumentally joyous one.
    Blessings and Peace

  35. x2z on February 17th, 2011 12:54 am

    Ben, sorry but you are deluded. This is not “education”, it is just more misinformation. You are merely retyping what is currently coming through very unclear (and also often deluded) channels, who claim to have Arcturian sources. I cannot sense any Arcturians around you, and believe me I can tell immediately. I am afraid I sense darkness and delusion. Your message begins with such an ego posture, then merely plagiarises webcrap. Sorry,I know you will not accept this, but you are delusional if you think the Arcturians are communicating with you like this, or you feel you are from Arcturus. I wouldn’t normally comment, but I don’t like disinformation, there is too much of it about. Love yourself, then please try to love others.x2z

  36. Ben on February 17th, 2011 6:29 pm

    To x2z
    The ego posturing was not intentional but perhaps the wording could have been given more consideration. A perceived lack of humility is the first thing people judge – it was past 4am when I wrote that. I was intending to answer the last bit of the blog – “the exact agenda Arcturians remains a mystery.”

    This info may not be news to most and yes, it has all been said before elsewhere on the net I am sure but that does not make it invalid. There seems to be many assumptions and projections in your analysis. That which I say is not misinformation in any way shape or form.

    I am a starseed in that I have discovered over many years of regression work a series of lifetimes on a planet in the Arcturus system. I was driven to do this in order to answer an inner knowing I have had ever since I can remember, that I once lived on another planet. I have also been contacted and received transmissions through channelled sources. I rarely mention it because I have noticed that it seems to upset those who do not make such a claim. You may see this as delusion but you are hardly in a position to judge, you really don’t know me. You say; “I cannot sense any Arcturians around you, and believe me I can tell immediately.” – right there I see that it is you who are deluded, you are just plain wrong.

    I am not perfect but I know I am an Arcturian starseed, however strange that might seem. If this bothers you perhaps you should ask yourself why, perhaps because you do not feel you can make such a claim you do not feel others should get away with saying such things. Maybe you have self-esteem issues, I don’t know because I don’t know you. Maybe you just need to be more loving.

    Before you judge others so harshly try to love yourself then please try to love others.

  37. Akemi on February 23rd, 2011 8:04 pm


    I am just stepping in as the owner of this blog to comment something.

    First, everyone is welcome to comment and discuss with one another as long as you stay respectful to others.

    That said, I guess it is fair to say that the majority of the commenters on this post who claims to be Arcturians — well, that is self-claim. I don’t know them. (I do know some of them. As a professional Akashic Record Reader, I have the obligation to keep confidentiality, so I am not going to say which person I know or I don’t.) Perhaps they are right, perhaps not.

    Just one thing. Generally speaking, Arcturians have a friendly, liberal manner. Again, “live and let live” is their motto. They may seem defiant occasionally because they have a high standard, but they usually don’t push that standard to others. To me, saying something in the line of “Hey, I am an Arcturian and therefore I know better” just doesn’t feel like the Arcturian way.

    Best regards,

  38. Ben on February 24th, 2011 6:06 am

    Hey, I am a starseed (not an Arcturian) and I never said I know better, unless that is we are talking about my personal story. I was an Arcturian once upon a time but that was many, many earth lives ago. I consider myself human with an Arcturian background and connection, which is beginning to come through quite strongly now in terms of the themes of my life. There is more I could share but I dare not geode my detractors further.

    I wish to apologise to all for lowering the tone and vibration of this blog. It is true that to enter in to such pettiness is not the Arcturian way. Maybe my response in defending myself was a little strong. It felt justified at the time. Throughout my life I have been persecuted for my beliefs, which I assumed would be treated with less suspicion here.

    Perhaps I should not have risen to the bate. The Arcturians, which are the taller ones, (there are two main species) who are in touch with me are very loving, patient, wise and peaceful as you might imagine so please do not judge them otherwise by these comments which I take full responsibility for.

    For what it’s worth I was surprised by the number of details that I could relate to in the main article, which by it’s nature has to be a generalisation. Thank you Akem for you insights. I shall not contribute further unless asked to do so. There is a lot more I could share but I don’t think this is the place to do so.

    Blessings to all.

  39. rick on March 7th, 2011 7:30 pm

    Thank you for your post. For a long time I felt I was here for a much bigger reason. Recently all has changed. I believe I also am Arcturian. I have been helping people my whole life. It is now going to a higher level. I am really starting to resonate and think on a much higher level. I feel a very strong calling and am committed to this path. I recently turned fifty. Have good time, Rick

  40. Will on March 14th, 2011 10:31 am

    Thank you Akemi! Your description above describes me to a Tee!! Much gratitude for sharing this and re-affirming what I have been re-membering the past few years.
    I recently (Jan 2011) went through a “Reconnection” session and have been having amazing things happen more and more. I came across this posting on a google search while looking for more information on the archangel Cassiel due to a synchronicity that happend about a month ago. I asked for my guides to reveal themselves to me during a meditation. The next day I was listening to Pandora radio on my computer. It was running in the background so I couldn’t see it and didn’t know what was going to come up next. Doing my usual routine. :? )
    A new song comes on and I literally feel my body’s vibration raising as well as all the usual signs something is going on (“goosepimples”, etc.)
    A thought appears in my mind that I’m listening to the music of angels and there’s some type of connection to past memories of being in that state of being. More a knowing than a question.
    Tears well up seemingly from nowhere and everywhere. Not sadness or even joy. Just overwhelming emotion of a deeper connection.
    So… of course, me being me, instead of just enjoying it all the way through, I have to pause and find out what song this is!
    I pull up Pandora and the song is called “Cassiel (Angel of Destiny)”
    Cassiel, I find out, is the angel of tears and solitude and is also the ruler of Saturday (this happened on a Saturday)!

    Anyway, just wanted to share. I’m curious what the connection is between the Arcturians and Cassiel as I seem to be strongly associated with both.

    Blessings and Peace be with you all… All Ways!
    ~ Will

  41. Hadley on April 1st, 2011 12:27 pm

    I really resonate with this article…I would love to have a reading with you eventually and see if this is my real soul group. I adore your blog, it has such a grounding yet expansive perspective. I feel I can trust everything you write, unlike most spiritual blogs I have found.

  42. walker on April 30th, 2011 4:16 pm

    Thank you Arcturians for watching us!
    I welcome you here from my bottom of my heart.Don´t bother of those who are cynical and ignorants,they are just so created and nobody can straighten them.They think the Earth is the only planet with “civilized” life and only here is happen things.They are completely ignorants about UNIVERSE and the LIFE it involves.

  43. Jeanette Simon on May 4th, 2011 7:39 pm

    Hi Akemi and fellow Arcturians!
    I’m feeling very emotional and grateful after reading your understanding of Arcturians Akemi. So much of it is so true for me. It’s so wonderful to feel understood. I’ve known that I am an Arcturian starseed for many years, before it was on the internet thats for sure, and have felt a little lonely. Your website is a gift for me. My husband is a very psychically open Pleiadian starseed who helped confirm for me that I am Arcturian. After I read Patricia Perreira’s Arcturian chronicles, I had a hunch, since I resonated so deeply with her channelings. I would definitely say that my relationship with my husband is very much friendship rooted, and I am far too hard on him. I’m interested to know if any other arct. starseeds find themselves in relationship with Pleiadians as well. I would offer that part of our role here when incarnated is to help raise the vibration of the collective consciousness of the planet just by being here (I know that sounds arrogant – i don’t mean it that way). I just mean that our spiritual way of being gets anchored here and also connects to the grid of light that surrounds the earth that all earthlings unconsciously connect to. That is of more help than I think we realize. So other Arcturians, if you have not become successful in an earthly vocation, don’t beat yourself up about it. YOU are living your purpose more than you know, just by being brave enough to incarnate here!!
    For the starseed that had the vision of the horse, I had a dream about a beautiful animal that looked like a cross between a bull mastiff and a lion and was a silvery colour. I dreamed this after asking my guides to give me a piece of home that night. My husband later confirmed that this was my animal companion when I am there. Not sure if that has any relevence to you. My Arcturian spirit guide also has an animal companion..
    I could go on and on here. Much love to you Akemi for sharing what you know, and much love to my Arcturian brothers and sisters here on this beautiful planet that needs us right now.

  44. James Edwards on May 9th, 2011 4:30 am

    You might like to read the four volume set, ARCTURIAN STAR CHRONICLES, by Patricia Pereira. Vol. 1 is SONGS OF THE ARCTURIANS. beautiful, flowery prose, combined with deep insight into the human condition.

  45. Michaela on May 22nd, 2011 11:13 pm

    first off, I am late in my arrival but am grateful for having done so.
    Truth is, I don’t know what I am as defined by anyone else.
    I have had so many labels placed onto my person, I’m now lying within a thrift shop, marked down 50% off.
    I only know myself through that which is all that I am by how I define myself and I have loosened the definitions even within those boundaries. Simply because the boundaries continue to expand, and honestly, I’m weary of all that doesn’t seem important in these times on this Planet.
    I find myself much less interested in Me, as I journey on and grow. And I find much more interest in others.
    I will say, I had never heard anything resembling that of Arcturus, or Arcturians until last year. When I saw the written word ” Arcturians”, a familiar comfort came to me from nowhere. It was like I should have known all about this word but could not understand why.
    Also, I will say, in all honesty, I haven’t read anything on the topic until now. I am taken back by the description given here.
    Not one single word falls away from how I define myself. Nothing!
    I have even been involved in the healing / health field throughout my career life
    Although, my career has been focused on that of animals other than human for the better part of the time I began, in 1982.
    It’s only recently I became involved with the human area and when that occurred, it was also an extremely strong period of awakening for me.
    There was some very dark work going on at the facility I was drawn to, and injustice is a huge understatement for what was being done to the people I was assigned to care.for.
    After spending a lifetime feeling nothing but mostly disgust for the human species, and experiencing major depression and anxiety for even being part of this species, it was during this period when the empathy I had stuffed as a young child, began to open, like a dam breaking.
    Overwhelming is not enough to describe all I was experiencing in a really short period of time.
    I dedicated myself to the unfortunate people I cared for, who’s families had dropped them off at this place intrusting them to the most evil people I have ever come in contact with.
    They were abused and exploited in all ways. And before I realized what was happening, I too had the same done to me.
    Despite all I did to try to expose what was happening there, not one agency would pay any attention to me. The people, once I woke to what was really going on, and they realized I was a threat, staged the most brilliant plan, having me committed to a hospital, simply by going to a judge and saying I was a threat to the other employees, but also to the residents, who I had fallen in love with. Like that, while speaking to the Adult protective services agency, on my cellphone, two sheriff officers entered the home, where I had worked as a live in house manager for 2yrs,cuffed me and without being given any rights once I arrived at the hospital and injected, unnecessarily with medications only the owner of the business knew I reacted opposite from what most do, I was eventually given some really, very strong antipsychotic drugs, knocking me out for 3 days. Awakened to be in a silly court within 10 minutes. No Dr had seen me or spoken to me, nor was there a Dr in this court, I wasn’t allowed to speak and the judge ruled that I should stay for up to 14 more days. After 5 days being there, finally I saw a Dr, who released me immediately, saying he had no idea why I was there.
    I fought for over a year to expose what was being done, but with government agencies on the side and actually protecting this place, I couldn’t win.
    Strong sense of justice is also an understatement as is the pain of watching the suffering of others.
    Am I a “Starseed”? I really don’t know, but I know I’m here for a purpose. I know it was something similar to a sudden “activation” I experienced.
    And my life hasn’t been the same since that process began.
    Every day I seem to receive new, needed information.
    Perhaps I’m just experiencing growth, period. But other occurrences lead me to believe there is something more.
    I want to thank everyone for the comments, but mostly for the entire blog and all of the information.
    Whether anyone is a Starseed, walk in, or what have you, we need to do something to help, not only each other but the Planet, as a whole.
    In love and light

  46. l.mang on June 29th, 2011 1:23 pm

    I’ve been exploring (since I was 8) for answers. My journey has taken me down many roads and today I’ve come across your blog by no plan of my own. Please tell me…are there other types of starseeds? The Arcturian defenition absolutely resonated with me but I feel like I’ve only scrtched the surface on this entire belief structure (for lack of a better term). I dream very intense dreams of natural disasters (earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados), murder and other things that diisturb me. I carry a weight around of not quite feeling like anything is home and I’m not quite me. I’m feel like I’m searching for my soul or the connection but on the flip side I know I’m an extremely powertful individual. I’m a leader of people who are struggling and have very little people around me who “get it.” I realize this is all over the board but maybe thiis little snapshot of myself will give anyone enough info to point me in a direction that would give me more insight. Fingers crossed.

  47. Josh on July 6th, 2011 6:19 pm

    Hello, it’s me again. I’m the Josh who posted what’s up above. I’ve come back and read through this again and I think I understand why what I said sounded egotistical. I apologize if I offended anyone.
    I’ve been trying to figure out the ego more in-depthly lately but when I talk to people about it, they get very uncomfortable. I’m still working on it.
    I have access to deep wells of cosmic information but I have a lot of trouble relating to things like egotism, insecurities and ignorance. I can tell a person all about their future and innermost secrets but I have trouble telling if someone is being immature.
    So, I’m sorry if I was being confusing. I understand now that you can’t just give someone the logical premise for fifth dimensional thought, they have to awaken to into it on their own.

    I’ll tell you what I know of Arcturian starseeds and leave it at that.
    We tend to have a similar appearance, strangely enough. I’ve seen two body types, quite thin and medium chunky, and we all have short brown hair combed straight down in every direction (or at least we gravitate towards that).
    I’ve met a couple and seen pictures of a few others, all women.
    The first I met was a professional fortune teller who told me all about it and led me through a vision to see our soul forms for what they are.
    I, and supposedly all of us, can access a celestial database to download any information we need. It’s a little bit like Edgar Cayce’s heavenly library but more like wikipedia with a wireless connection.
    I don’t know how consistent this is for Arcturians, but I group information differently than other people. People form what I call image concepts, like the self image or your first impression of someone, and I do not. People seem to think almost entirely within these image concepts and it leads to a very illogical construct of reality. I’ve tried to talk people out of it logically, but it’s like talking to a crazy person sometimes. The ego just wont deal with logic. People fundamentally associate knowing a fact with being right, like they can argue a truth into being more true.
    My youth has been a matter of coming to terms with the fact that other people think differently than I do and that their advice and logic isn’t right for me.

    That’s all I have to say. I don’t think it was offensive but you never know, lol.
    Oh, and there’s nothing that stimulates me more than expanding a person’s mind.

  48. ArcturianFORCE on July 10th, 2011 5:19 am

    I found this site and it has a strong Arcturian vibration. See what you think: