Soul’s Purpose For Incarnation

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“If our essence is the soul, or the spirit, why did we bother to incarnate in the physical body?” As spirit, there was no pain, no fear, no suffering, and certainly no death, right? Didn’t we know we were better off staying in the spirit world rather than coming to this world?

In other words: What is the purpose and meaning of life?

I’ve written a detailed post on life purpose, and that post is still good, but let me reiterate the issue from a new angle because this is a big, important issue. (photo credit)

Soul’s purpose to enjoy

Yep, this is the main thing. We wanted to enjoy this physical world. We wanted to feel the love and abundance, our power to create and manifest, in this tangible world. Your life purpose is to enjoy this physical world.

Are you disappointed? Does “enjoyment” sound unimportant or petty? Were you expecting something holier?

Then let me ask you, what is more holier than enjoying, which is synonymous to praising and appreciating the creation (whether you see the creator as God or yourself)? If you think enjoyment is something worthless, you may be caught up with the “Value must come from sacrifice” and “We are no good and we must suppress ourselves” myth.

But, you may say, this world is full of horrible things. We don’t get to enjoy much.

Well, I’m writing another post to show you that perception is misled.   (It’s published now here.)  All the things in this world are good. But even if we accept there are bad things in life, does that decrease your enjoyment? If you believe in bad things, you enjoy the good things even more, don’t you?

If not, it’s probably you not allowing yourself to enjoy — it’s not the bad things preventing you from enjoyment.

And by saying “Our soul’s purpose is to enjoy this life,” I don’t mean we should all spend the rest of our lives lying on the beach. Lying on the beach is enjoyable some of the time, or all the time for some of the people, but not all the time for all of us. I, for one, will be completely bored after a week or so. (Yes, I actually prefer the cool Oregon weather, and most of the time, I like typing up my articles rather than doing nothing.)

Okay, so enjoyment. How do we really enjoy living then?

Soul’s purpose to express itself

By fully expressing our unique gifts and strengths. You enjoy yourself and your life most when you are fully yourself.  Your life purpose is to be the authentic YOU.

If you try to become someone that you are not, your effort is wasted and you feel bad about yourself. Even if you get money or people’s attention this way, you just feel like a fake and you don’t get to enjoy them really. This is the mistaken way to enjoy “love and abundance.”

To really enjoy love and abundance, we first need to love ourselves completely and unconditionally, and to see the abundant and supportive nature of the universe.

We, each one of us, have unique gifts, and the gifts get even better as we go through our unique life experiences. Recognizing our gifts and figuring out how to express them is one of the most important work you do in your life.

So we can say our soul’s purpose is to express ourselves in an authentic way. Which brings true enjoyment.

Soul’s purpose to learn and to help others learn

When we incarnate, we receive the “veil” that make it difficult to know ourselves. It’s a way to enjoy this life game more. It adds the fun of discovery.

So, to get to the place we fully express ourselves and enjoy this life, there are learnings to do. This is often called learning the “life lessons”. Learning the life lessons is part of the soul’s purpose.

I don’t see this learning process goes on indefinitely, however. With Ascension, many souls are completing the “this is the life lessons, here is a plan to learn them in this world, let’s work on this program” style learning.

Sometimes, we volunteer to help others learn. Our souls are so generous! I’ve seen these souls in my Akashic Record Reading — they’ve been relaxing in the spirit world for eons of time, and then decide to come over. Apparently, there is no big reason they “need to” incarnate, but they volunteer to be here.

How specific your soul’s purpose can be

Some people want to be told something like, “Your life purpose is to go to Africa to save the starving children.” And they are afraid they’d “fail” in life if they don’t do it. Well, in order to do it, they need to know what their specific life purpose is, so they go to psychics for readings.

This is a very poor way to use a psychic. Because, if the psychic (and their spirit guides) is a good one who respects free will, they see the problem of telling clients their specific life purpose. We are not order takers and we define our specific path of life. There are many ways you can express yourself and therefore contribute to the world. Choosing which way you want to take is up to your free will.

For instance, if you are told that your life purpose is indeed to go to Africa to save the starving children, would you do it? Well, you’d better, right? And if you fail to do so, you live feeling bad, fearing the judgment? Do you really think the loving God, who is the very one who gave you free will, would do something like this?

So let go of the idea that there is a life purpose statement hidden somewhere in the sky. Also let go of the idea God is a mean superintendent tracking your progress against the life purpose plan. And while you are at it, let go of your friends in the spiritual circle who make you feel bad because you are not contributing enough money, time, etc for greater causes.

Instead open up and enjoy your life. Be yourself. Praise the miracle of life and create more miracles yourself.

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15 Responses to “Soul’s Purpose For Incarnation”

  1. mokihana on September 7th, 2009 9:26 pm

    By fully expressing our unique gifts and strengths. You enjoy yourself and your life most when you are fully yourself.

    Hi Akemi,

    Those lines, simple and clean are really connecting with me tonight. Truly being myself is an inside job … how can anyone else know when I’m fully me? This is good news. Expressing my unique gifts and strengths without looking back to see if those friends are nodding approval will give me more energy to enjoy the ride.

    All the best … p.s. we may be checking out Oregon spaces to hitch our tiny home. Maybe we’ll be neighbors :O

  2. Ikaika on September 7th, 2009 11:26 pm

    Aloha Akemi,

    Love it!

    Just BE. No right or wrong answers, no judgements, no good or bad – just Life Choice/s.

    Take 100% Responsibility of ALL Choices, Live Life, Learn Life, Enjoy Life, Help Life, Love Life=)

    With Love and Aloha,

  3. Andrew on September 8th, 2009 12:34 am

    Thank you Akemi, I needed to remember this. I had such a strong feeling when reading this that said, “this is true!”



  4. Evita on September 8th, 2009 2:06 pm

    Oh Akemi this is such a beautiful post!

    I definitely second all that you said here: we come to enjoy and to express ourselves. There is an amazing life for us in the spiritual form, but there is a contrast here in the physical like no other. Here is the place where we get to forget, only to remember the deliciousness of who we really are. And how magnificent is that!!!!

    So yes, let us enjoy and let us awaken to a new way of seeing this world and our lives, which really are full of life and beauty! It is always and only a matter of perspective.

  5. Lisa (mommymystic) on September 8th, 2009 6:34 pm

    Akemi – this resonated with me also. In sanskrit there is this word ‘lila’ – the play of existence. When asked what the purpose of life is in a famous Hindu legend, lila is basically the answer given. Or put another way, for love to experience itself, because doing that requires a relative level, a sense of being separate, and then coming together through love. So it seems that manifesting love in our own unique way is our soul’s purpose. And I like what you said about looking for a very specific task being a poor use of a psychic.
    P.S. Your recent posts have given me many ideas for our interview – I will email you soon!

  6. akemi on September 8th, 2009 7:11 pm

    Hi all,
    I wrote this post before the moving, on a spur, kind of. I guess my spirit guides were helping me.

    Yes, it does take courage to live this way. It’s worth it, right?
    I just moved to Eugene, Oregon. It’s really good here, I think you’ll like it. I’d love to show you around.

    Aloha Ikaika,
    You say it well. And it really sounds you.

    Thank you. Hug you back.

    Yep, that is why we get the veil — to delight in remembering.

    “lila” I’ll remember this word. Yes, love is another way to say it, I think. Our soul’s purpose is to love, and to love so completely and unconditionally that we become one.
    I look forward to your interview questions.

  7. Walter on September 8th, 2009 8:51 pm

    There is no definite answer as to the purpose of our existence in this physical world.
    However, I believe that one of the noble purpose is to express our love with our fellow human beings and to test the strength of our soul given this fragile, organic form. :-)

  8. Robin on September 9th, 2009 2:59 am

    Hi Akemi – stunning photo! Lovely post – I am not at all disappointed at “We wanted to enjoy this physical world. We wanted to feel the love and abundance, our power to create and manifest, in this tangible world.” – this is exactly how I see things. I really like the rest of the post, too – especially the way you describe God towards the end. Cheers Akemi – Robin

  9. RL David on September 10th, 2009 5:48 am

    At first I disagreed with the enjoyment thing. I was thinking, “no way–I’m here to learn!” …And then I remembered how much I love to learn and realized that my soul’s having a blast. I guess I AM here to enjoy myself!

    As far as specific life purposes are concerned, if you have a specific one I believe that you just KNOW it in your heart. For example, when you ask artists why they do what they do, they almost always answer, “Because I can’t NOT do it. This profession chose me.” Sometimes I feel that life purpose is almost pre-programmed, but maybe that’s just my experience ^.^;;

  10. akemi on September 10th, 2009 7:50 am

    Welcome to Yes to Me. Strength is good, especially when it’s the resilient kind of strength. We do want to express our power — too many “spiritual” people get too passive in this world.

    Thank you. This world and life is wonderful.

    Yep, learning is enjoyment, enjoyment is learning, too. (We don’t always have to learn the hard way) And I know what you mean about specific passion / profession choosing the person.

  11. Kym morton on April 30th, 2010 1:55 am

    Hi akemi, you are so wise to this world and the other, I only wish I could tap into some of what you’ve got  maybe I’ll get there some day! Youre words of wisdom feel right and are just what I need to hear right now, looking forward to sifting my way through all of your posts, you’re doing a great job at inspiring people. Keep up the good work. Kym

  12. Dr Paul Dyer on May 27th, 2010 1:56 pm

    Akemi, I find it a bit strange, if I understand your perspective correctly, that some believe that there are not such constructs as objective good and evil. I’m not one who subscribes to the notion that the universe is some sort of projection of our consciousness, but instead believe we are created beings, not the Creator, and that objective reality is all around us.

    From my vantage point, both good and evil are readily apparent. Racism, child molestation, violence against a defenseless elderly person, these things are not good. They are evil and tragic. Of course, much good is also evident. A kind and selfless act towards a neighbor, an anonymous donation to a needy cause, a kind word spoken to the clerk at the checkout counter, these are good. Love in action, so to speak.

    Finally, IMHO, our purpose is not to enjoy ourselves (this seems awfully self-centered to me) but to care for and love others and to use our gifts to make the world a better place. Thankfully, we will find great joy from these kinds of actions, but as a by-product of giving of ourselves to others, not as a goal. Just a couple of thoughts. Thank you for graciousness of the forum.

  13. Akemi on May 27th, 2010 6:04 pm


    Thank you for your kind words.

    Dr Dyer,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I think we are starting off from different points and going parallels, discussing different issues using similar words. So I would just like to appreciate you for taking time to share your view. I hope you don’t hurt yourself too badly with your judgments.

  14. Dr Paul Dyer on June 6th, 2010 3:47 pm

    Thank you for your response Kym. I too am sure that we are starting from different points of view. You need not be concerned about me inflicting pain upon myself “with (my) judgments.” Because I am forgiven, I am totally free and I can love myself unconditionally. This is a light load indeed! And I hope to love others in the same way. I have no need to judge others’ worth, because all people, indeed all creatures, have great value. However, compassion compels us to care for the needy and the downtrodden. If we observe injustice, and surely injustice exists, we must act out of compassion, to alleviate the suffering of others. We can stand up for justice, e.g., against racism, poverty, sexism, etc., and still have great love and compassion, and love, for all in the process.

  15. Ritesh on October 29th, 2010 8:18 am

    Akemi, is beautiful. I saw psychic years ago and as a result I’d been chasing my tail – things back to front: ego trying to work to higher self & soul. I love Real Life Spirituality. Is beautiful. Indeed the apt name for your magazine.