Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha

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“Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha” is a Sanskrit mantra to remove life’s obstacles. The link takes you to the Amazon’s page for Deva Premal’s CD “Mantras For Precarious Times” and you can check the sound sample to hear how it is pronounced. The mantra is repeated for the magic number of 108 times.

I have been receiving questions that basically says, “Okay, so I have been doing some spiritual work and I think I have had some breakthroughs in my spiritual growth. For a while, I felt great. But then such and such happened, and life feels just as hard as it was (or worse). Why is this so? Why do I still struggle in the old negative patterns?”

In fact, I’ve felt the same, too. After I had my own Ascension soul shift in January 2009, life was super for several months. Then, in my case, my old sugar addiction came back.

For others, it may be relationship or career or money situation that presents the obstacle.

I had a good long talk with my spirit guides, and here is what I gather. A lot of things are repetitions of what I’ve already written here, but I guess it is worth writing again because we (me included) haven’t quite “got it” yet.

As long as you judge, you isolate part of you

For a long time in our human history, life has been about survival. In the survival mode, the ability to make judgments quickly according to past experiences and common sense is helpful.

The thing is, we are moving on to the next phase, where it’s not about survival but love. In the love mode, judgements are the seeds of unhappiness.

This is because, whenever you judge someone or something, you are judging a certain part of yourself, whether you are aware or not. There is absolutely no room for double standards in the spiritual plane.

If I judge sickness and overweight is no good, then I am judging the part of me that is less than perfect health. I become less than whole. And the judged and isolated part of me, which some call “the negative part of me”, will yell at me for attention.

“But I MUST have this…”

You would experience the difficulty in the area you feel you MUST have or be in a certain way, the area you have the strongest judgments and therefore have the strongest need to control.

If you feel you must have a good relationship (to be happy and complete), then you are likely to have this backlash in forming a relationship. If you think you must have or make certain amount of money, then you may be facing financial challenges.

In my personal case, I see relationship as optional. My financial target is pretty flexible, too. So I don’t get the “negativity” in these areas. I might make quite a lot of money in one month and not so much in another, and all in all, I’m in good shape.

But leading a healthy lifestyle, especially eating in a certain way, has been a must for me, so there is my challenge. By focusing on healthy eating, I effectively feed my sugar cravings.

Just so we are on the same page, letting go of judgments and control doesn’t mean I binge on junk foods. If I am tuned in to myself, that just doesn’t happen. There may be times when I eat one cookie, for example, but bingeing like there is no tomorrow simply won’t happen in the natural state — that is a result of judgments and over-control.

Likewise, letting go of your need for relationship doesn’t mean you reject all dates. People will be naturally attracted to you, and when you see someone you like, you can enjoy time together. This may lead to long-term relationship — just don’t go back to your must-have mode of thinking.

Embracing destruction

Letting go of judgments also means accepting, or even welcoming, destruction.

In Hindu, there are thee main deities (or three aspects of one deity): Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the maintainer or preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer or transformer). Although we usually embrace only the creation and maintenance, destruction of the old is a necessary step for the new cycle of creation.

When you judge destruction as bad and hold onto what you have, you get constipated. When you are constipated, you feel sick and lose appetite for the new.

When you judge, you give power to the illusion of duality: good and no good.  The  truth is we are all one and whole.

In other words, this is all about living in the here and now. In the here and now, everything is already complete and whole and wonderful — if you have the eye for it.

How does this work with the Law of Attraction?

So, if we are to live happily in the here and now, without judgments and need to control, does that mean we are stuck in where we are and there is no point in having intentions and aspirations, like the Law of Attraction teaches?

No. Things change on their own. The intrinsic nature of energy is movement.

What it means is we don’t push our ego-produced agenda to the change. This actually accelerates the natural changes. It also means we learn balance in this naturally changing, moving energy, like you do in surfing. Or even riding a bike.

When you are riding a bike, you are heading to a certain direction. Try balancing a bike without moving ahead — it’s really hard. But then, you don’t want to dictate how the course should be like — you want to enjoy the ride while moving to a certain direction, rather than using the ride ( =life) as a means to get somewhere.

The Law of Attraction is really about feeling good about yourself right now and using this power of love to experience even more love. Yes, you want to have intentions, but it’s also true that it works best when you surrender.

Glitch in the life simulation game

Letting go of judgments is baffling. We are so well trained in making judgments that the function is our second nature. The minute we think we let go of judgment, we find it in ourselves again. We find ourselves in the same old pattern and strangely familiar old challenges.

It’s like being in the nick of an old record. (Remember the music records? Before downloads, and before CDs, there were something called records. . .) Something skips, and we are back to the same part of the music again. Over and over.

It’s a glitch in this life simulation game we are in.

How can we fix this glitch? With the damaged record, we picked up the needle and moved it on, but how can we move on to the next part of the “LIFE” game?

I don’t have a complete answer. If you do, please write in the comment. In the meantime, I will keep doing my part of letting go of my judgments and healing the part I have ignored. In other words, I’ll see how I can love my problems and embrace destruction (not about violence, but as in transformation). Maybe I will chant the mantra, too. Deva Premal writes, “”This mantra unifies us within. When there is oneness, there are no obstacles.”
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8 Responses to “Om Gum Ganapatayei Namaha”

  1. Jennifer Browning-Patrick on July 28th, 2010 8:57 am

    Perfect timing as always Akemi. It always amazes me how your blogs always seem to line up perfectly with my experiences and spiritual needs!

    That being said: I was just thinking to write you a “Okay, so I have been doing some spiritual work and I think I have had some breakthroughs in my spiritual growth. For a while, I felt great….etc” email :-) I have been mulling it over as well and having some talks of my own with my team. When it comes to some of my habits that I would like to altar for my betterment it has almost felt like I’m being taught to ride a bike all over again. My great breakthrough times were as if my guides put me on a bike put their hands on the seat and handle bars and started pushing me along to show me how it feels so that I will want it, that it is possible and I can do it. Now it is as if they said, “ you do it”. They’ve let go of the seat. They gave me the tools I need to do it on my own and they’ve showed me how great it is and now I need to empower myself to do it myself. Of course, I am falling sometimes and I still need to learn how to brake and turn but this will all come. It is better for me to learn on my own than to have them running along side me holding my bike up the rest of my life. Not to mention they give me tips, pointers and suggestions and help me back up every time I fall. :-)

    I LOVED this line, “This is because, whenever you judge someone or something, you are judging a certain part of yourself, whether you are aware or not.”

    For everything else this line really said it all for me, “What it means is we don’t push our ego-produced agenda to the change.” This was an Ah Ha moment. At first I felt as though I could not make a mistake in life and needed to just live and enjoy. Eventually the doubts came rolling back in. However, I wasn’t doubting the Universe I was doubting myself. Worrying that I may be missing steps or making mistakes that would cost my highest purpose. I keep getting the words “Patience and Trust” in my search for guidance. This blog was once again a perfectly timed reminder :-) Thanks!

  2. Akemi on July 28th, 2010 11:19 am


    I love your analogy of our spirit guides holding the bike seat for a while and now letting it go — not because they dislike us or anything, but they trust it’s time for us to practice on our own! When things were effortlessly great, it did feel like that — so they were steadying my bike behind me! Totally makes sense. Thank you.

    Now I need to get back practicing my bike…

  3. Jennifer Browning-Patrick on August 2nd, 2010 9:06 am

    I have a question on judgment. I loved this line, “This is because, whenever you judge someone or something, you are judging a certain part of yourself, whether you are aware or not.”

    However, I have just recently had that belief challenged. How do you not judge a person who abuses a child? Especially, a child whom you know and love? Or how do you not judge the mother of the child who lets this continue? I have tried to think about it on a level of, “the child chose this in their chart” but I still have a lot of passionate feelings towards the people involved.

    Are their any “universal truths” on judgment or universally wrong/bad situations judgment worthy situations?

    Also, how can we know when we need to step in and make change or when we need to just let the situation play out without our involvement?

  4. Akemi on August 2nd, 2010 11:04 am


    Good point, I think everyone is wondering about this regarding child abuse, violent crimes, warfare, pollution, etc.

    I don’t think dropping judgments is about being blind to these things. For example, if you see an abused child and you do nothing about it because you think you SHOULDN’T be involved, that is judgment. Rather, if you are free of judgment, you would just do what feels good to you.

    Letting go of judgment is about letting go of that part of you inside that critics whether something is good or bad. Without it, you just do. And be.

    When we seek some outside standards, like “universal code of conduct, do’s and don’ts” that is when we fall in the fundamentalism.

  5. ankah on August 3rd, 2010 9:49 am

    This is a brilliant question you have posted here: “Why do I still struggle in the old negative patterns?”. My experience is that the tools that exist for us spiritually have not been updated to our current times & consciousness. There is a tool that directly answers this question, and it is The Divine Formula, created & taught by Saint Flavie, a Saint of Empowerment. She herself has lived as we do and created a tool to get back into truth in just seconds using The Formula. She has also created ways to experience truth through creams & sprays that are infused with Divine energy.

    I have been working with The Formula and Saint Flavie for nearly a year now, and my life is TOTALLY transformed! I used to have fear of driving that completely went away using her I Am Safe spray, healed & cleared patterns of self abuse and have been using The Formula not only to clear the patterns but also to raise my vibration, to stay high. It is an amazing tool and I highly encourage you to take anything Saint Flavie offers (classes, sessions, et al).

    The website for more information is

    May you all be successful & live your purpose :)

  6. Akemi on August 3rd, 2010 2:34 pm

    Haha… thanks.
    I do agree many teachings are outdated.

  7. Edith on December 12th, 2010 12:57 pm

    I think “any port in a storm” is helpful. I am 50 and I have been thru quite a lot in my life. Much suffering and not understanding why I couldn’t help myself much though of course I was changing in positive and negative ways. This will not go over well for lots and lots of people but I discovered that my higher self had set certain balancing expereinces that were not going to change! Not until 3 years ago when I received the first all encompassing healing in which I was completely released from an ongoing draining. By that time I didn’t believe it after all I had been thru but over the past 3 years I have come to see that I was indeed released and I experienced myself and this body differently…. but I was NOT released until it was in line with DIVINE TIMING. I felt angry and pissed and I still do. The fear, anxiety and suffering for many years was intense and traumatising. However I am not able to feel the results when I used different aspects that offer help in times of trouble and I lose my way so to speak. The Sacred Holy names such as Ganesha, Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu offer amazing help even if the name is all you know. I have read some of the old Vedic literature, just tiny bits but it promises that when you use the names there will be a response. And so during a time of crisis the name VISHNU popped into my thoughts, and at another time Ganesha. When I have cried out using these names they always come thru though the more freaked out I am the longer it seems to take because constant fear going out blocks the way in for any receiving, but they are there, whatever they or it is. However it is my opinion that if one is experiencing something that is set in stone so to speak such as I, there will be no big change till it is time….. though I hope what I went thru was unusual and I’d like to think and hope not many others had to endure such years and years and years of suffering. There is a wonderful Being on the planet that embodies the Shiva energy. His name is Sathya Sai Baba and one of his big things is singing the sacred names. And I for one am glad he is here! And his name also helps in time of trouble. I have called on Arch Angel Michael and He has been awesome. I still can’t believe it, really because my old problem blocked my awareness of any responding most of the time. Check out the original Baba Ji also. I also ask the Ascended ones too, and I ask some starseed ones as well so long as they are ascended in christ consciousness, and they all assist to help align one’s chakras, bodies, and remove blocks, implants and so on, though often it is more powerful when thru a channel when there is much healing to be done. And I feel drawn to choose Akemi next year for my next steps. I lost so much during so much suffering and I am like a blank slate and there is much I don’t care about anymore, and my desires died along with any interests because I was ill so much, I didn’t “Have a life.”

  8. Edith on December 12th, 2010 1:08 pm

    P.S. The word judgement/condemnation can be changed to using DISCERNMENT and AWARENESS about what one agrees and aligns one’s self with, such as the suffering in this worl. Judgment keeps us in duality and the other . It is my understanding is that as we embrace the “higher Self/soul we are infused with divine love and light that it stands above duality to a level of “observation” and we learn to accept all things taking place here…… not accepting that evil is ok…… but in ascending in higher divine love consciousness we become a part of the solution in a manner of speaking, we become LIVING LOVE, LIVING DIVINITY which offsets the duality being expressed here….. and the duality and the blindess of being separate from the Divine Source was part of the experience of being here as we experienced the ultimate experience of feeling separate from the Divine Source and then evolve back to who we truly are while we are HERE when we are complete with the duality experience……. this is what I am given to understand at this time. One more note, as we are infused with divine love and light it stirs up everything that is NOT love and light in our Being and then we find ourselves once again dealing with a leve of what seems like problems, crap, and suffering, and the challenge then becomes keeping one’s mind as best one can in whatever way one can trust the Divine in whatever way works for you.