Memories Of The Womb And Beyond

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I am just fascinated to read various articles in Japanese about small children recalling their experiences in the womb. In English, I’ve only read a few of this, so maybe there is a point to introduce it here.

Memories and their expression

If you think babies are just dumb undeveloped beings, you are far off. Their brains are formed long before birth. Fetuses can hear their mothers’ heart beat and their conversation. They have physical sensations like warmth and pain. Because our emotions are caused by chemical changes in the blood, they share emotions with the mother. And as they have functioning brains, we can assume they can process thoughts.

Further, if we expand our understanding to the soul level, there are even more. Souls nurture the unborn babies that they intend to take. These souls have their memories of past lives and the world in between lives.

What babies cannot do, however, is to express all these experiences and memories in language.

So the best time to ask your kids about their womb experiences and beyond is when they are in age two to five. Under two, they remember but have hard time expressing them in a way adults can understand. Around age 5, they start to forget.

Examples of their memories

Let me translate some of the reports I read. Most were posted anonymously. And of course, the original was spoken in the cute kids’ language.

Memories of birthing
“I was wondering how to get out. Then suddenly, someone grabbed me here (pointed her left shoulder) and pulled hard and I was out. It was glare-y.” (The mother says she was born by Caesarian section and that is exactly where the doctor grabbed. She swears no one ever told the child how the operation was conducted.)

(When asked if the birthing was painful to him) “Not much. Just here (pointing the back of his head)” (Again, no one told the kid the baby comes out head first.)

Memories of the womb
“I was wearing a scarf.” (The mother says the X-ray showed the cord was tangled around his neck.)

“I was connected to you. There was a snake. And there was a pillow.” (The snake probably refers to the cord.)

“I was doing this. (gesture of sitting down with arms around the knees)”

Mother: Do you remember me talking to you?
Child: Yes, but you were talking on the phone a lot more often. (The mother worked as a secretary and was on the busy switchboard often.)

“I heard my name called.” (The father talked to the fetus every night at bedtime calling her name. The mother writes that, on several occasions when he didn’t do it, the baby kicked the belly so hard, demanding communication.)

“It was blue and apple green.” (Considering the fetus cannot see — even the newborn cannot see for a little while — this may sound strange. But he may have been sensing a certain quality as color. Or it may have been his soul sensing something. By the way, these are the colors of fifth and fourth chakras.)

Children choose their birth settings

My favorite is the part how they chose their birth settings, like the parents. Obviously, this is beyond the memory as a physical being — it’s the memory of the soul.

Quite a few children, each unrelated, accord in the theme that they were in the sky looking down or looking at their parent. And some say they came to this world by the “slide”.

“You (the mother) were crying and I was watching from the sky. We talked and no one wanted to come, so I came.” (The mother was in fertility treatment for years and was at the end of her rope. She was going to end the treatment and file divorce — and yes, often cried when she was alone.)

“I saw you from the sky. You were smiling, and I liked you.”

Mother: Did you choose me as your mommy?
Child: No, but God pushed me from behind on the slide so I arrived here.

“I wanted to come to granny but I couldn’t, so I came to you.” (The mother admits the child loves to stay with her own mother, the child’s grandmother.)

“(His older brother’s name) told me to come later so we can play again.”

And here is an exceptional recollection by an adult who still remembers:
“We were all together in the sky. We were all kids. We were looking down, and then some made lines to come down. There was also someone who was bigger and lighter. I saw mom and asked this big person to send me to her. He looked difficult and said no. I asked again and again. Finally, another kid spoke up saying it would be okay if he would go there first. So he did.” (She has a brother who is five years older and who always protected her from various difficulties in childhood.)

As you see, it’s not always the parents the child chooses. This is exactly how I see in my Akashic Record Reading. Souls choose the birth setting usually for the parents (the mother or the father or both) but sometimes for other members of the family.

If you want to ask your child…

It seems to be a good idea to choose a relaxing setting, like bedtime, to ask. Don’t be too excited about this — the child will sense it and shy away. Simply ask in the same way you would ask if the child had a good time at a daycare or something.

And don’t judge or invalidate anything they say. As you see in the examples above, some answers don’t make sense immediately (like the color in the womb) and some answers may not sound nice to you. But your child is just sharing their experience.

Some kids prefer to express in a non-verbal way like movement or drawing. And they may already be trying it before you ask.

Let me know if you hear something from your little ones. I think these sharing of the womb memories expand our understanding of what life is.  (Photo credit)

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8 Responses to “Memories Of The Womb And Beyond”

  1. Interesting for those with (small) children on June 21st, 2010 6:07 am

    [...] this online, and thought that those of you who have small children might find it interesting: Memories Of The Womb And Beyond | Real Life Spirituality __________________ Can I help you with anything? Luck, LoA, knowledge, persistence…. all [...]

  2. Lisa (mommymystic) on June 21st, 2010 12:04 pm

    You’re right, I do love this. It jives a lot with that Tibetan book I reviewed awhile back, as well as other books I’ve read on early childhood memories – although most people tend to focus more on past-life memories, as opposed to birth memories, so this was different and interesting in that regard. My twins are turning 4 next week, my eldest is almost 6, so I will ask and see what I get back, I have never asked them about it before…they have occasionally said things that seemed like they may relate to past-lives, but I have not really followed up on it, not wanting to pressure them or cause them to ‘create/perform’ a memory, which young kids can do without realizing it when they pick up on the interested reaction they are getting from the adults in their lives…
    .-= Lisa (mommymystic)´s last blog ..LoVE – Pay it Forward =-.

  3. Akemi on June 22nd, 2010 6:31 pm


    I’d be so interested what your twins have to say — how they ended up together in you. As I wrote, some recollections relate to how the baby chose the birth setting for their sibling, but none have been about twins… :)

  4. Debbie Medeiros on November 13th, 2010 6:49 pm

    November 13th 2010.
    Today while I was making my morning coffee my 3 1/2 year old daughter said to me “Mommy I did not like all the coffee you drank while I was in your tummy. It didn’t taste good and you got too skinny and your bones were poking me” She said that they poked her in the head and the back.
    Due to an unusual pregnancy I actually lost 35 pounds while pregnant. She never knew any of this.
    She also constantly talks about being with her grandparents before she was born. Both of her grandparents are deceased. It seems like she has memories of things she never did and describes them in such detail that it really freaks me out.

  5. Akemi on November 17th, 2010 10:17 am

    That is very interesting. Thank you for sharing. Don’t be scared about this kind of things — let your child express what she goes through — let her trust you.

  6. sally on December 20th, 2010 7:17 pm

    Her awareness is very awake, many times us as Adults forget that there are other pure souls in Earth, she might have the Gift of heal, and knowledge before her time and if she does be prepare, i have two friends, one who can heal and the other who has the gift of seen predictions, your child choose you because she knew you where special. Good Luck

  7. caroline on December 26th, 2010 7:04 am

    We were talking about babies when my two year old last week just came out and said that she didnt like being in mummys tummy, she was sad and was crying.before i knew what to say, my three year old asked her why she was crying, and she replied i just wanted to get out of mummys tummy, she didnt like being in there. this is the first time this type of conversation has happened, hence then googling any articles about such things. (I was incredibly stressed throughout her pregnancy, new job and another baby to look after.)

  8. Michaela on June 5th, 2011 7:22 am

    My mother told me, when I was 44 yrs old, when she found out she was pregnant with me, she cried throughout the entire pregnancy. The last thing she needed was another child. And she said she was depressed all the while.
    Wow! What a blow this was for me! I don’t know why she felt she should share this information with me at all but, it clearly explained why, I had also,always been told, how I cried, constantly, as an infant and even on to adulthood. But that was more in the form of my own lifetime of depression. As a child, I have been told how “bad” I was, and how nothing could make me happy or satisfy me.
    I didn’t know anything about what “science” had determined or has determined on this topic, but to me, when my mother told me of her emotional state, during her pregnancy with me, it seemed like common sense,why I was such a unhappy child. I cant imagine what type of influence the chemicals transferred from her to myself could have had.
    Of course, as an adult, I don’t blame my mother for the lifetime of depression or other emotional states I have gone through and lived with.
    I played the “Blame Game” for too long as it is. I have found much more peace in taking responsibility for myself, as an adult. And I miss my Mom very much!