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This is the second part of the Creating The New World series.  You have the power to change your life and the world.  The time can’t be better because Light Ascension brings tremendous opportunity to change.  So we are exploring the possibilities of how the New World can be built on the following five energy flows:

  1. Love
  2. Light
  3. Truth
  4. Abundance
  5. Power

What is Light?

Now when you look at the above list, do you feel Light is a bit different from the other four qualities?  This is because we are talking about both spiritual light (awareness) and physical light.

Explaining the true nature of the physical light is challenging for me because I’m not very well versed in science.  Here is the basic idea:  Visible light such as the sunlight is just a part of all spectrums of light.  There is a lot more to light, perhaps more than we know today.  There is no substance called darkness — darkness is the absence of light.  Light is both the wave and the particle (photon).  And if I understand the concept of quantum physics, everything is made of energy and particles that move around.  We are all energy, we are made of light.

Okay, if you thought this logic is tricky, I accept it.  I can’t fully prove it.  So mark this idea as “hypothesis” or “?” and read on.  Later in this article, I will get back to another way of seeing the “reality”.

Spiritual light is the awareness of the true nature of us and this world.  Creating the New World based on Light, then, is about creating and living it with enlightenment, rather than with confusion and fear as most of us do now.

The true nature of ourselves

I touched on this in my previous posts on lightworker and who we are, but it’s worth repeating here.  Because as long as we think we are separate beings made of body and mind, we will not be free from fears.

In the beginning, there was Light.  The source of all energy.  (Some also call it God.)  As the single whole being, it was perfectly complete — there was no lack nor any kind of defect.

This was wonderful, but also a bit boring.  The Light has intelligence and it wanted to experience its love and abundance in a tangible way.  So it split part of it to form pieces of itself.  Scientists call this big bang.

These pieces formed the universes.  The stars.  And life forms on them. Our Higher Selves come directly from this Light Source as well.  The important thing to remember here is that each individual piece is the same quality of the original Light and, like a hologram, each piece contains all the information of the whole.

The Earth Experiment

Some of us traveled through the stars and came to Earth, a place where these individual energies can incarnate in the physical bodies to create in terms of forms.  The original plan for Earth was to be a fun creative place!  In order to incarnate, our Higher Selves first infused part of it as souls in much the same way the Light infused our Higher Selves.  (For this reason, the Higher Self is also called oversoul.  I learned this recently from one of the comment.)

Our souls lived in the physical bodies, and when the physical bodies decayed and died, souls moved on to the other side for a rest, and eventually lived another life.  Some of us have repeated this process of reincarnation many times.  Some of us are getting to the point of development when the Higher Self infuses a brand new soul to replace the older one, resulting in Ascension soul shift.

What is enlightenment?

We all came from the one Light and even today, we receive our vital life energy from this Source.  And deep inside, we know — we remember — who we really are.  We came from Light.  We are Light.  (Another way of saying this we are God.)  We are all one.  Enlightenment is fully being aware of this true nature of us.

Now let’s see how the original intention of Light is working.  By infusing multiple pieces of itself, it has created an illusion of separation, differences, and lack.  A perfect setting to learn love and abundance!  And so we’ve been learning these wonderful qualities using the contrasts created by the illusion. I must say the plan has worked out very well.  So much to the point that we are ready for a new plan.

Completing the “learning by contrast” process

As I wrote before, one aspect of Ascension is we complete this learning by contrast process. For eons of time, one of the major purpose of souls incarnating in this world was to learn their life lessons.  But for many of us, we have done this enough times.  We are graduating the school of life.

It’s time we put our learning into practice.  It’s time we fully manifest the love and abundance and live them.  It’s time we live from the enlightened and empowered perspective.  It’s time we live as Light, as God.

This is not to say you need to skip the learning and pretend you are enlightened.  If you are still in the learning your life lessons phase, take your time and complete your learning.  It may appear to be a daunting big job, but once you get the hang of it, you can learn quite quickly.

I have also found that having Ascension soul shift is not equal to remembering our true nature, or enlightenment.  The ego still gets in the way and sticks to the way we are used to think and see the world.  There is some time lag.  But if you stay open (and you will because it’s hard to close down after the Ascension soul shift), you will start to notice the change . . .

(I also believe it is possible to ascend without soul shift.  I’m just pointing out the Ascension soul shift cases because this is how I, as Akashic Record Reader, came to notice Ascension.)

The shift of self awareness

In my case, I first experienced it on a sunny morning at my Starbucks.  I was looking outside the large window.  There were trees in blossom, people walking by, and behind them all, the beautiful blue sky.

So I was looking and admiring the beautiful day.  And . . . I became aware I was looking.

Huh?  I know, this is a bit hard to put into words.

You most likely have a sense of you, yourself.  Who you are, how you view the world, how you have lived your life.  This “you” resides in your body and your mind.  And this you experience your life as direct experience.

I have my sense of self, too.  I experience my life in this world as me, Akemi.  When, say, someone talks to me, I perceive as this person is talking to me, and so, if she says something nice, I am elated, and if she says un-nice things, I get offended.  A beautiful day make me feel lucky.  And the people out there walking by — well, I don’t know them, so I pay little attention.  This is how I usually go through the day.

That morning, however, I became aware there is another me, kind of like hanging right behind me in the air, looking at me and the world.  And this another me was thinking — well, not really thinking, but if I have to put it into words, sensing something like, “Ah, what a beautiful world I have created for myself.  It’s good to see from here (“here” meaning my physical perspective).”

I didn’t hear these words.  These were my “thoughts” as I saw the world and myself.  In other words, my sense of self shifted from the one I have known to that of my Higher Self, from my consciousness to superconsciousness.  (In case you are wondering — I’ve come back to my usual sense of self.  I guess it comes and goes.)

The true nature of “reality”

Again, our Higher Selves came directly from Light, the Source, God.  We are pieces of God.  So we have the same creative power of God.  You have created your life and this world.  And so have I.

But if so, you may ask, doesn’t your world and my world conflict against one another?  Well, only if we are separate conflicting beings.  We are not.

As I wrote in the first installment of this Creating The New World series about Love, there naturally is no polarity in the fifth dimension.  All the darkness, the lack of light, will be the thing of history in the New World.

So those people walking by are strangers to me on the physical conventional level but are part of me and my creation at the higher level.  The shift of self awareness will let you see it.

The true nature of reality is it’s a make belief creation on one level of dimension.  Hope this helps your uneasiness about the initial hypothesis about this world is made of Light ;)

Feeding on Light

When we become fully aware of our true nature, to be in full alignment with Light, we start developing lightbodies.  And I believe we can take energy from Light rather than foods as we become lightbodies.

I know this idea of feeding on Light is wildly unpopular.  Does it bother you so much if you don’t have to eat?  Can you give up, say just 20% of your eating?  I didn’t get much response to this question in the linked article.  But just think how we can improve the lives of the world’s starving children by doing so ^_^

The physical aspect of Light and spiritual awareness of Light need to be integrated fully.

How to bring in the New World

Like the first installment on Love, I’d like to present some things we can do today to bring in the New World based on Light:

1. Become more aware of your “problems”.  Problems are the means you chose to learn your life lessons with.  So don’t avoid or ignore them.  Rather, pay attention to what you are learning from the difficult situations.  This accelerates your learning by contrast process.

2. What is stopping you from embracing the status of divinity?  Check within.  I want to point out that this awareness has nothing to do with telling people you are God.  When you know you are God, your vision of the world will change.  So don’t worry about what other people may think or say (they are only pieces of your creation anyway).  Work on yourself.

3. I’m learning this is a process that takes some time because we are still in the third dimension.  So while it is essential to examine your awareness, relax.

4. Relax we do, and also embrace lightheartedness.  This is actually fun!  It’s a big myth that spiritual awareness can only be achieved by tons of serious disciplines.

The New World will be filled with Light, with each individual being aware of who they are and loving one another for who they are.  It’s blessed with true sense of humor (not satire or bitter cynical laughs), and in tern, enjoying lightheartedness helps us move on to the New World.

5. Take time to relax outdoors, enjoying the sunlight and fresh air.  (I do recommend UV protection.)  Reconnecting to Earth by walking or gardening is good, too, because Earth is ascending as well.

6. Listen to your intuition and act on it.  Your intuition is the part of you that is not tainted with conventional thinking.  It’s the shortcut to the New World.

7. Take care of your physical body.  We are developing the lightbodies within our existing physical bodies, so it’s critical we care about good physical health.  Feed yourself with light filled foods, such as fruits and vegetables.  Also cleanse yourself with water both internally (by drinking plenty of water) and externally (by immersing yourself in water).

8. While talking about physicality, get rid of clutter from your personal space.  It’s hard for light to enter in cluttered space.  Here is a 21 day plan to clean up and organize your space.

9. Quit feeding energy to darkworkers.  I already wrote about this in the Love part of this series, but it does no good to you, to the darkworkers and to the world to participate in their drama.  When a darkworker can steal no energy, they are prompted to come back to Light.

10. Admire the beauty of life and this physical world.  Even after all these negative influences, we can still see the original beauty.  Take time to appreciate it and it will grow as you feed it.   Also admire arts that praise beauty.

Do you have more ideas how to bring in more Light?  Please share in the comments.  Thank you.  (photo by carf)

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18 Responses to “Creating The New World, Part 2 Light”

  1. Lisa (mommymystic) on April 20th, 2009 11:10 pm

    Well, this is shaping up to be a very beautiful series. You know, I’m not used to the ‘language’ that you use, but the themes are so like those expressed in the spiritual traditions I have studied, that I am very drawn to them. Your ‘new world’ is like heaven has been described by the greatest mystics within Christianity (those who don’t view heaven as an external place you go after death), or like the new ‘yuga’ described in Hinduism, and the lightbodies and non-polarity are so like certain things described in esoteric Tibetan Buddhist texts. So I think the great teachers of the world have all seen and written about these themes. As for whether we are on the verge of that being a reality here on earth, I don’t know – it feels much further away to me than it seems to feel to you, based on what i see when i look around the world. But, i am open to anything!
    As for your question about ideas for bringing in more light, I try and just focus on my little role – my kids, my meditation students, mainly. How can I help them see more light in themselves? How can I help them move past their suffering? I am always worried about getting a ‘savior’ ego complex, so I try and just stay focused on those right around me, and not get caught up in bigger ambitions.

    Lisa (mommymystic)s last blog post..New Blogroll, Positive Reinforcement, and The Self

  2. akemi on April 21st, 2009 7:39 am

    Hi Lisa,
    It’s always so good to read your comments because you are so well read. I believe Ascension is about bring in heaven on Earth while we get reborn through soul shifts. Exactly when that happens, I don’t know. But it may be closer than we think :)
    I totally agree with the idea of working on our daily seemingly small roles. That is what I do in my Akashic Record Reading service — helping people see themselves as spiritual being, one soul at a time. Further, spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga help, of course — I didn’t include them in the list because it’s so obvious…

  3. Andrew Gubb on April 22nd, 2009 6:40 am

    Thank you so much Akemi! :)



  4. Kelly on April 22nd, 2009 1:52 pm

    It is fascinating that you say “reborn through soul shifts.” Yeah, it is like being “born again” in christianity.

  5. akemi on April 22nd, 2009 4:26 pm

    You are so welcome. Hug back ^_^

    When we were born, our souls got in the body. Now with the soul shift, another soul gets in the body, so it’s like another birth. Some people have asked me about the astrological impact of the soul shift — I don’t know because I’m not an expert in astrology, but I believe we become free from our original astrological disposition.

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  17. Julia Christova on February 2nd, 2011 9:27 am

    Hello! Your blog is so pure and inspiring! I love the topic diversity you provide and the you that shines out of all posts I’ve read!

    I don’t think that through soul shifts you get a new soul, that seems odd to me. Children are free but they get chained by adult thoughts and society requirements, so I think that with a soul shift you break free again and it feels like being a newborn. Actually you are just giving yourself permission to be yourself, to follow your gut and to be open to whatever comes. When you do that you continue with your life with no glasses on (or put the pink ones :D ) , you just see reality as it is – beautiful, amazing and full of vigor and life and you accept you are part of it all.

    I personally am struggling with finances right now (I’m a student) but I’m trying my best to learn the lessons of abundance and to believe that I can create better realities for myself. Your posts about spiritual moneymaking help a lot. And because I dream big I know everything will turn out fine. I wish everyone has a broader perspective on their so-called “problems” because they are big learning opportunities, too.

    Wish you all the best and thank you for being you!

  18. Julia Christova on February 2nd, 2011 9:37 am

    Oh, I read about the soul shift, my mistake :] Still sounds odd, though. For example I have had lots of major shifts in my life and I feel like I’ve been another person but this is just because everything that I do now is so far-fledged from my previous experience. Anyway, good luck!