How To Release Negativity

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I’ve been receiving questions about how to release negativity / negative thoughts and feelings. It’s an important issue, a critical issue, I might say. And surely I know a lot of approaches — ho’oponopono, EFT, physical detox, space clearing, to name just a few — besides my own speciality, Akashic Record Reading and its clearing. Perhaps I will write about them after this article.

But before I do that, I need to address something fundamental. When I hear people talk about negativity, there is something that bothers me. They go like, “I want to release the negativity in me that is still there. I hate these negative thoughts and feelings. They are not really about me and I’ve tried and tried to get rid of them, and they are still there — how nasty! Do you know any good methods?”

Well, it’s not like getting rid of roaches. . .

Healing your inner negativity

If this is how you think, here are two points we want to cover before discussing the various methods:

  1. The “negativity” is part of you. You cannot just get rid of it. Instead, you want to heal it.
  2. To judge something as “positive” or “negative” is based on illusion, the illusion of duality, that separates and alienates us. Ultimately, we want to release this judgment to be whole.

About point #1. Let’s say you have a very painful memory and you feel overwhelmingly angry and sad when you recall it. On the intellectual level, you know it is history and you don’t need to be upset now. You may even wish to forgive the offender. But the memory is disturbing nonetheless. You feel split and part of you is . . . still angry.

Do you think you can get rid of the memory? Or the “negative” emotions? Or the upsetting thoughts you have about this?

No. You own them. As long as you attempt to get rid of them, they stay there. They may even grow bigger.

Because what these “negativities” are doing is to ask you to heal them.

Your “negative” part is the part of you that seeks to be healed with love and light. Your negativity will keep seeking assistance until it is healed. So let’s pay attention.

All the approaches (like the ones I mentioned earlier, and I am sure there are other good ones) work only when you understand this, I think.

Analogically, it’s like healing your sore throat that is affected with virus. Your throat may hurt badly, but there is no point in hating your throat. (I know … in the past, some doctors were in this thinking and took away the tonsils…) You want to heal the throat and when you do, the virus are gone.

  • If someone has mistreated you, check if you treat yourself the same way.
  • How does your mistreated part want to be treated?
  • What kind of awareness (= light) do you need to heal this negativity?

What is “negativity” anyway?

And I am seriously concerned about the whole discussion of positive and negative. As you guys know, I am a linguist by training. What do you really mean by “negativity”?

When an electric current is flowing one way or the other, we call one positive and the other negative. This is not about values — it’s about the relative direction of the current. And I have defined what I mean by “negative souls” — it is not about value judgment whether a person is good or bad, it’s how the soul is evolving.

When people use the word “negative”, however, it seems most of them don’t really know what they mean. Usually they seem to mean something they don’t like. Something that makes them uncomfortable. Something they’d rather avoid.

I’m not saying certain feelings and thoughts aren’t counterproductive. For example, anger that is not addressed properly can be volatile and may lead you to a destructive situation. So we want to pay attention to heal the angry part of you.

But please use the word “negative” with some thoughts. We don’t want to throw everything you don’t like into this blanket statement. Some things that you don’t like now may be good for you — that is called growth opportunities.

Healing our judgement

Ultimately, there is no positive and negative. It’s the way we see things and judge.

When you finally heal the part of you that is yelling for attention, you will be happy that you did, and you also will appreciate there was a signal that called for attention. Your “negativity” is like a smoke detector. Is hearing your smoke detector “negative”? Isn’t it really bad if it didn’t go off when there was a fire?

A smoke detector is … just a smoke detector. It does certain things when a certain situation happens. It’s not negative nor positive.

I guess what I’m trying to say is not to be too carried away in your judgment. Your judgment (and we are all so well-trained to make judgments) is just a judgment and not the truth. Or, you can think it this way — when you heal the part of you that is calling for attention, you turn your “negative” to positive.

So let me ask you — how many times did you use the word “negative” today? Did you know what you meant each time you said it? Do you see the bigger picture of the situation, where nothing is positive nor negative?

And are you ready to heal the part within you that is asking for attention? Or do you still hate it? (Photo credit)

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