How To Ascend

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how to ascend
Interestingly enough, no one so far asked this direct question: So how do we ascend toward Light?

As Akashic Record Reading specialist, I can observe how a soul ascend. I cannot make you ascend, however. What I can do is to share my personal thoughts on what is going on and what you can do about it.  (Photo credit)

Ascension symptoms

First of all, you do not need to know the word “Ascension” nor anything about it to ascend. The Ascension soul shift (new soul coming in to replace the old) happens like the first period — when the timing comes, it happens. Having said this, it helps to learn a little about it in advance so you know what is happening to you. Proper knowledge reduces unnecessary fear and anxiety. (Okay, if you are a man, just replace that word “first period” with your equivalent.)

So here is a list of Ascension symptoms you may recognize:

  • Abrupt loss of interest in the people and things that held your interest before.
    You simply cannot do that job any longer, or tolerate that person any more. Done.
  • Strange wanderlust or urge to relocate.
    You may just * know * where you need to be.
  • Inner need to simplify life.
    “Why the heck am I carrying around this much of junk? I don’t even remember why I wanted them.” is a common sentiment. Declutter and donate your stuffs to Good Will. You may also get the urge to detox your own body.
  • Sudden change in food preference.
    In my case, I woke up and found myself vegetarian. My body decided not to take meat any more (without consulting me, really). And a few times I persuaded and had some meat, I had to go to the bathroom quickly. Within a few months, eggs and dairy dropped off my shopping list as well. I now eat very close to Earth — vegetables and fruits.
  • Sudden change in the taste to dress and decorate.
    With my Asian coloring, I know I look elegant in black dress — just add a bit of white and accent color, and voila! I look so good. I know this is still true, but I simply can’t bring myself to wear black any more. I love colors. These days, I dress like a crazy boho. Same with interior decoration. I used to love the serene Asian taste, with dark wood furniture. They started to look so dark, so when I moved, I dumped them, and bought the cheap white ready-to-assemble furniture at Target with color boxes. Aaaaah!
  • Some people report having a sudden “spiritual awakening,” accompanied with the feeling of clarity and empowerment.
  • Feeling spacy and detached from the rest of the world.
  • Getting harder and harder to follow conventional thinking.
    “What the heck do I care (to keep up with the Jones, to stay in the status, to be organized and considerate, etc.)”
  • Absolute need to rest and relax.
  • Feeling younger or childlike.
    In fact, your friends may notice you look younger.
  • Urge to do what you like to do.
    Again, like a small kid. Being in the joy becomes increasingly important to you, replacing other priorities.
  • Change in sexual drive.
    Overall, I think the drive decreases but there may be periods of bouts. When you are happy just the way you are, there is not much need to seek out sexual pleasures.
  • Change in sleep patterns.
    Sometimes you wake up at 3 or 4 am every night and okay with it. Sometimes you sleep 10 hours or take a long nap.
  • Physical symptoms such as ringing in the ear, change in vision (sometimes daily), or strange itching and twitching around the body.
  • And some report switching back and forth between the new way and the old way. Well, this can happen if you don’t allow yourself to be in the new way.

Each person’s sensitivity is different. An analytical soul, such as Alpha Centaurians or Blueprint Technicians, may notice little change while some souls may be wondering “What the world has happened to me?”

And these are not temporary symptoms. With Ascension soul shift, this is going to be your new way, so you are best to embrace the changes.

Ascension soul shift as rebirth

With Ascension soul shift, your existing soul crosses over without the physical death. And you receive a new version of soul. So it’s a way of being born again. What is great is we retain the body and the knowledge we have accumulated.

It’s like a software upgrade. With certain computer software, say Microsoft Money, you are offered a new version — Year 2009 version, for instance. It’s the same software — it’s not Microsoft Word. But it’s brand new and runs faster. All the learnings in the past have been incorporated into the new version.

You are the same person, yet you are new. So the best way to go around is to embrace the new you rather than resisting it.

Ascension soul shift is just the beginning

Because I can observe the soul shifts, I tend to think of Ascension from that perspective, but I know this is not all. Far from it. Ascension soul shift is just the beginning of Ascension process.

And where are we headed to? Becoming a lightbody and achieving immortality is one possibility. Remembering the various psychic / supernatural / extrasensory abilities we possess is another. And together, we are creating the New World, or the new version of heaven on Earth.

How to ascend

The way to ascend, then, is:

  • To be open to this change, the shift of ages, the Ascension.
  • To increase the vibration by aligning more with Divine Love, Light, Truth, Abundance and Power.
  • To embrace the changes including Ascension soul shift.
  • To live in the Now.

Being open is fundamental. We all have free will, and even if you are ready to ascend, if you refuse to do so, then you won’t. Lightworkers respect everyone’s free will.

Regarding how to increase the alignment with the five energy flows of Love, Light, Truth, Abundance, and Power, I’ve already written more than 10,000 words in the New World series, so I’m not going to repeat it here. The first post of the series, about Love, is here. Each of the five quality has a post and the post comes with action plans at the end, so please read them.

Ascension is about change. And you are not going to change when you cling onto your past. So the last two points, embracing the changes and living in the Now, are really the same thing.

Ascension is not about the future

Some of us get hang up with the anticipation of Ascension. I was that way only a while ago. This is, however, counterproductive. Ascension happens in the Now, not in the future. Or more accurately, Ascension is about breaking the illusion of time.

Ascension is a natural process, and you will be guided to do what you need to do. In a sense, you don’t have to try to ascend at all. Again, it comes like the period. You cannot help it. What you might want to do is to take good care of yourself, be in the joy, be in the Now, and be the Love and Light.

By the way, some readers pointed out that the Ascension symptoms resemble kundalini awakening. I’m not a yogi, so I don’t really know, but I’m sure spiritual practices like yoga and meditation are helpful.

Ascension is not about condemning physical body in favor of the spirituality

It’s true that many of us get the strong feeling that we are so “done”. Combined with the common myth in spiritual community that this physical world is something inferior to the spiritual world, it’s easy to start thinking that Ascension is about leaving this world, to be out of our physical body, to go somewhere better, be it called higher dimension or something else.

Wrong. We don’t ascend to the higher dimension. We are bringing in the higher dimension right here. There is no point in condemning our physical body and our life in this physical world because we are developing right in this body. Rather, Ascension is about mastering both the physical and spiritual lives and integrating them to one.

How to develop Lightbody

As you may have noticed, I’ve been learning about physical immortality recently. Which , I now understand, is the same thing as developing lightbody.

So how do you develop your lightbody? By the same way you ascend, by embracing your inner divinity.

I want to repeat one thing here. Don’t get so hang up about the future. If you keep thinking whether you can achieve immortality, whether you will die or not, then you will. Because your attention, your energy, is on death.

I personally don’t really care if I live forever or not. Some people say death is the dingy backdoor to heaven, and we should aim to enter there through the front door, by achieving immortality. I don’t really care which door I get to or when. I care how I’m doing Now — maybe the heaven can come to me rather than me driving up there. (Akemi driving is generally not a great idea. . .:) )

Some people say death is the ultimate source of fear. I doubt it. If the idea of “There will be no death” excites you, that’s great, because feeling good is critical. So for those of you, the idea of physical immortality works really well. For me, death looks like a revolving door. Just don’t leave any slippery stuff in front of it.

I’m not saying physical immortality is impossible or a bad idea. It’s a great idea that expands our consciousness, and I’m learning a lot from Janni, Robin and Kathy. I think everything they say relates to what I call Ascension. And I’m pretty sure they agree that immortality is not about the future, it’s about Now.

Do you have any questions about Ascension? I love questions, so shout at me in the comment!

Do you find this blog inspiring?

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36 Responses to “How To Ascend”

  1. Aeve on October 9th, 2009 12:30 am

    Hi Akemi, thank you so much for another wonderful post and for clarifying the link between ascension and physical immortality. I’ve been wondering about that too and this makes perfect sense.

    Love and blessings,

  2. Robin on October 9th, 2009 5:16 am

    Hi Akemi – you have said so many interesting things in this post! And you put them in such a great way! Loved the “descending” heaven saving you a drive, and the slippery floor – and thanks for the link.

    I’m so glad you made the point that physical immortality is about NOW – not the years stretching into the future – it has been frustrating for me that so many people who have read my blog keep saying they can’t comprehend “forever”, even though I keep talking about being in present time etc – of course it is not about the future! Just the opposite! Embracing physical immortality is a way for people to forget about the future, because you don’t worry about it – it brings you into present time very nicely.

    Love the way you talk of integrating the physical and spiritual bodies, in ascension – that is how I see it, too. I very much like your point that thinking about whether we will die or not is not a good idea – I personally never think about it, and it pains me that I keep having to use the “d” word on my blog, because normally the issue is just not part of my life.

    love from Robin

  3. akemi on October 9th, 2009 9:07 am

    Hi, and glad this post is helpful. It took me a while to understand the connection between ascension and immortality, too.

    Right, I guess that’s the challenge of discussing immortality — it’s about forgetting death because we live so much in the now, but in the discussion we cannot avoid using the d-word. I guess I just keep talking about ascension…
    And you know, it’s kinda funny I don’t think much of the future any more — whether my business is getting lots of orders or not, or anything else looking either good or bad. We are so conditioned to worry.

  4. rldavid on October 9th, 2009 10:06 am

    I guess I don’t understand this abhorance of the word “death”. There’s such a natural grace to the idea, IMHO. For me, it’s like taking on a big project, like writing a novel. You enjoy working on it, but at some point you want to see the fruits of your labor. I imagine that I’ll have a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I finish my misson here. At that point, I can be free to start something new. Hopefully in a different incarnation.

    I like what you said about remembering our other senses. I’m all about that! I was born remembering a modest amount, but I would like very much to further develop those senses. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

  5. akemi on October 9th, 2009 6:27 pm

    Well, I don’t abhor death. I see your point and I’m glad you have that peaceful view about death, rather than being caught up in the fear of death like many people.
    The thing is we take death for granted. Like we don’t have any other choice or say in the matter. This, we don’t like.
    So, if you choose to close this project and take a rest, that is perfectly fine. As I wrote in the post, I see death like a revolving door because I can see through reincarnations.
    Or you may want to consider continuing this life. If you completely love every aspect of this life, there is not much reason to end it.
    It’s a choice, and the discussion on immortality is about having this choice, rather than just believing death is inevitable.

  6. Janni Lloyd on October 10th, 2009 8:34 pm

    Hi Akemi,
    This is very good – I have certainly experienced much of what you describe.
    I like Robert Coon’s description of becoming ‘ascended descended masters’ right here on earth.
    I shared the following elsewhere recently and wish to share it here also -
    My feeling is that physical immortality is in the now moment and in the journey. Like life, it is infinite and yet beckons us to also enjoy the playground of ‘labels’ with their experiences – the ‘little’ things.
    We can BE the mountain AND/OR have the experience of climbing the mountain. Yet with the knowing that our infinite consciousness goes way beyond any definition. The earth is one of our playgrounds.
    I like this quote from Harry Palmer of Avatar who said -’When we perceive that the only difference between any of us is beliefs, and that beliefs can be created or discreated with ease, the right and wrong game will wind down, and world peace will ensue.’

    blessings Janni

  7. Kathy Dobson on October 11th, 2009 7:36 am

    Thought provoking as usual Akemi! I agree Janni that it is all about the journey. (and the journey only takes place in the NOW) Without the journey there is no experience and thus no need for evolution itself. The journey is what it’s all about. It is God experiencing Himself. It is where we experience JOY…(and who are we?…GOD! so therefor it is where God experiences JOY.)

    It is the ONE becoming the many….and the Many consciously awakening to the fact that they are ONE. And the circle closeth.

    Even if we are not yet consciously aware that we are Immortal, it doesn’t change the fact that we are Immortal. (Our true inner spark of light…that has since created around itself physical manifestation…this spark is who we are and it is the light that dwells in the center of every atom that creates the physical body…it is God source…it is Light and it cannot be anything but Immortal)

    I see Ascension just as you do…a continual growth into wisdom and knowledge. Ascension to me is a raising of vibrations…and thus your conscious awareness is lifted to higher dimensions of thought and you have greater understanding. It’s is as though wisdom and knowledge are the Light itself (well, I do believe they are) and the more we expand our consciousness to allow Truth to reach us, the more Light is absorbed, the faster we vibrate and the brighter we become until one day, we are the fullness of Light within and without and there is no more division. (there is no shadow between the Light without and the Light within.)

    That’s a beautiful story about how you woke one morning and certain habits were no longer a part of who you were Akemi. I believe that is how it happens…that we do not have to force anything and that everything falls off naturally as we ascend our thoughts.

    I don’t think physical immortality is about trying to become something…or chasing anything….physically immortal is what we are. Ascension is the process of becoming aware of that fact.

    Thank you for your beautiful enlightening post….(and for the link…always appreciated!)
    Love to all…Kathy

  8. akemi on October 11th, 2009 8:52 am

    Hi Janni,
    Our discussion is becoming very much like the ones in taoism. “That way that can be told is not the eternal way, yet all things spring out from words (definitions)” something like that.
    Thank you for your feedback — I will think about it.

  9. Suzen on October 17th, 2009 10:05 pm

    Hi Akemi,
    i really enjoyed your use of metaphors, creates clarity and understanding. The Ascension process is a natural development like any human process we experience. Our pineal gland is the seat of spiritual change. The body is prepared and then voila, a transformation, a nuance that carries us into another stage. These changes create new pleasures and we drop others that no longer work for us. it seems we experience the same yet individually. Developing consciousness creates ever expanding perceptions that we experieince; that is why I feel it is so nice to commune.

    Thanks Akemi, an enlightening post on a powerful subject that dwells in the NOW.

  10. akemi on October 19th, 2009 7:43 am

    Hi Suzen,
    Thank you. I enjoyed your post on physical immortality, too.

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    [...] just as long as you want. Gregg Braden is smart and doesn’t use the emotionally-charged word “immortality”, but he does talk about super longevity, saying, “The first 100 years are the [...]

  12. Maria on November 22nd, 2009 5:03 pm

    I have been reading your posts for a while Akemi; And I really do enjoy them. Thank you.

    I have to admit, at first, your soul ascencion theme really confused me. I didn’t feel it. It didn’t make sense. But then, I noticed some changes. Like you, I have been a vegetarian… since May of this year, to be exact. I just can’t go back to eating meat. I don’t criticize or judge others who do. I just can’t. Killing an animal for sustenaunce when there are so many other resources just doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

    Also, I had been struggling with smoking for years, about 16 years. One night, as I lay down to sleep I got myself in a trance-like state and the “I” in me told my body that nicotine is done. Over. and it was so.

    I haven’t had a relapse lol

    Just to give you an idea of how bad this additcion was…I had tried everything: The patch, the gum, even that new pill and that anti-depressant wellbutrin and nothing had worked.

    So, the last or I guess the newest thing that happened and MADE me tell you is this:

    Every night I put Pandora on the BlackBerry before going to sleep. I live on a busier road and it helps with traffic noise. Well, sometimes the Pandora application gets stuck, so the next day if I dont close it, it randomly starts playing.

    Today, once again, the application got stuck and it was starting with the same song every time I had an alert. So if I got a text message, this song would play. A missed call, this song would play. Needless to say, I was annoyed and went into the Pandora application to shut it down.

    Guess what the Title of the song was?? :D
    “New Soul”

    so, I was like Ok…Ok…. I get it, I get it…

    I guess im on version 11.11 or something like that LOL

    Just thought I would share.

    I have wanted a reading with you for quite some time and I plan to schedule one in the near future.



  13. akemi on November 22nd, 2009 8:08 pm


    Lol. You really made me smile.
    And I’m so glad you are done with smoking.


  14. Bryan on November 24th, 2009 4:36 pm

    Hmm… I admit, the style of this website isn’t really my kind of thing, and I always remain jaded when I deal with this sort of stuff, but I have been experiencing everything on this list for months now, except for the change in sex drive (well, actually, my sex drive has been increasing, but then again, I am a 19 year old male) and the ‘strange physical symptoms’. I guess I am making this comment to see what you, Akemi, have to say.

  15. akemi on November 24th, 2009 7:02 pm

    Hi Bryan,

    And I honestly don’t know what is happening with you. We cannot diagnose by symptoms. Symptoms are only indications, and this post is for general education. Regarding your personal case, I only get to know your soul status when I read your Akashic Records.

  16. Xoel on November 24th, 2009 9:24 pm

    I am sorry for this, but it’s no joke. Let me tell you a story, just to see if one of you can help me.
    Al my life a have seen, felt and known things that many people don’t. And I have always felt something inside me. Something extremely powerful, at first I thought it was evil because of its force but after a few year I could finally understand it. It’s something really good something that can bend the laws of the physical realm, just as I have seen others do. But what I have in me is so much more. It’s limitless. My problem is simple I don’t know how to control it. I only know how to provoke it, just a little. It comes when someone I love is in danger or when I am in danger.
    The reason why I want to awaken my inner self, is because I feel that something big is about to happen and that I take part in it. And because I have to save her even do I don’t know her.
    I feel that there is so much that I must do, and I need to start now.
    I asked of you to please train me or awake me.
    I live in Puerto Rico. Please contact me whenever possible.

  17. Xoel on November 24th, 2009 9:29 pm

    It feels like energy is trying to go in and out of my body. its like i am Constantly evolving, changing me into something else.

  18. akemi on November 25th, 2009 10:47 am

    Yes, please consider ordering my Akashic Record Reading. I have no idea what is happening to you until I read your Akashic Records.

  19. Xoel on November 25th, 2009 8:21 pm

    Sorry it’s just that something intense was happening to me. I am truly sorry. I don’t know if you can understand this but, my soul is awakening its changing me in to how I really am. Sorry for bothering you. And thank you.

  20. Mary on December 6th, 2009 11:44 pm

    Thank you for your wonderful words, Akemi. It’s a joy to read your blog.

    Last week I was wondering how many people on this earth are conciously aware of an ascension process going on. Would it be the majority of people? Or a small minority? What would be your guess.

    But actually, Xoel’s posts are the main reason I’m commenting here. From the moment I read them I felt a sense of authenticity and sincerity, like “this guy is for real. ” (I’m guessing Xoel is a guy)

    He says he is feeling a movement of energy that is his soul awakening. Whatever is going on, this is the first time I have ever seen an event like this expressed in print — while it is happening. Wow is all I can say. I wish he would post again.

    Much love,


  21. Libra/scorpio cusp on March 20th, 2010 11:45 pm

    Seeing as none of you (including the author of this post) have ascended or know anyone who has ascended, that implies a secret doubt that you all refuse to aknowledge and deny exists. With any ammount of doubt in your minds none of this is possible which makes ascension for humans impossible. Instead, do not worry about ascension; this is just a distraction from your real life and the important things that truly DO exist. Simply by reading this you are neglecting reality and loved ones stuck in a fantasy worse than world of warcraft. If any of you seriously believe in this non-sense, none of you can tell me you have unquestionable faith that this is true, because just the fact that you are still here proves that you doubt this is true. If anything, just take the lessons of living in a positive way and incorperate it into your REAL life so you may improve it and stop searching for something that doesnt exist. Our own evolution happens naturally and does not need to be forced. Every generation is better than the last, so as an old and obsolete version of your children, just sit back, and let them suck the life out of you that they may survive you and become naturally better than you with ease.

  22. Marius on August 23rd, 2010 1:03 pm

    Hi. Akemi!

    My name is Marius. I’m a man 28 years old living in Norway.

    I just needed to share my story.

    I was born in the northern parts of this country, but my mom moved out when I was born and at 4 years she moved about 1000 miles to the south. I lived with her unti the age of 20. But she was quite emotionally unstable and we could never really communicate. I mostly stayed in my room reading about dinosurs, astronomy, chemistry, physics, geology, biology and all sorts of things. Or watching TV or playing computer games. I’ve always been an atheist and a scientist at heart. did well in school, but were small of growth, and needed glasses and had braces. I was not the guy to be friends with.

    At the age of 14 I visited my stepdad in Israel as we stayed with the UN forces. I got to see the several of the most holy places to many religions and military forces, helicopters heavily guarded checkpoints minefields and so on.

    When I moved out I had grown fully I exercised I had friends and girlfriends we partied and my life “normalised”. I got an education and worked as a pulp and paper mill as a process operator. I made good money but the social work environment was detrimental to me. There was more competition than coopreation really.

    But I fell in love. I met a girl I liked from my teens whom also liked me but never had the opportunity to be together. Life got better we got engaged and she moved in with me. But she had issues from her own past and needed constant confirmation of my love. She told me I didn’t love her and make her happy anymore and she left. I had been hurt before and thought that I still love her and if she doesn’t want to be with me there’s really not much I can do. That way it only took me 2 weeks to process the event.

    When I was 25 I was depressed and tried pot for the first time and it was a great experience for me. But since I could rarely get hold of this I decided to buy some eqipment and grow my own herbs at home. I found a hobby in learning about and caring for these plants that kept me by. Like they were my pets. The experience of growing something harvesting it and use it was as rewarding as the high itself. I felt gratitude for what the earth had given me when I respected it.

    I lived with lies rumors agression conflict and even sabotage for 8 years at the factory. Then the most recent incident triggerd my boss to give me an option. keep the job or quit and we’ll help you out since he saw how damaging it was. I followed my intuition and quit the job.

    This was a tough desicion but I don’t regret it for a second. I felt free and could no longer hold any grudges to people who were no longer in my life. But I went without a job for a year and spent my days at home when I fell back into a depression.

    Then when I one evening woke up something odd happened. I sat in my chair firing up an online war game on my playstation 3. When the menu soundtrack came on I listened to it for a bit and started thinking of my past.
    You can hear the recording of that music here
    I started thinking on never having a relationship to anyone in my family. Why was I always so alone. I cried and tried to understand why. my eyes were open but shut off. I became unaware of the soundtrack looping on the stereo. The time to confront my past had forced itself upon me. In a desperate move to ease the pain I somehow managed to apply forgiveness to the situation. My parents were just kids themselves not really meaning to put me through all that lonelyness. I realized that hating them only hurt myself. I could no longer understand how living the rest of my life like this would benefit anyone or anything. And in an instant I had erased all the weight I had been carrying for 26 years. This mental release was the most intense moment I had ever experienced. And when my senses came back and I started moving the time had passed with 12 hours.

    After this I knew… I knew that poeple have a spiritual side and that the power of the mind has an unknown side. With great potential.

    I visited my mother and told her about this and how I was no longer mad at her for anything. I wanted her to know that. We talked and have a great relationship to date.

    I had lost all my nikotine and tobacco addictions. I felt powerful as I could control my feelings. Bad thoughts bounced off and I endulged myself in self esteem and loving thoughts. And I felt like every word I spoke was pure wisdom.

    After about three months though I sorta came back to earth. I fell back on the cigarettes and money shortage and unemployment chaught up with me.

    I took a trip to my father in the north and when I found a job I asked him if I could move into the ground level apartment of his house. I thought a change of environment might do me good so I made it happen. This was one year ago.

    The job as a carpenter would give me exercise and the harsh cold weather of Lofoten, Norway would toughen me up. Living in a small fishing village around fjords and mountains would bring me closer to nature. And I would also get the change to get to know my father.

    And at first it did. But it turned out that my father was not the man I thought he was. He is mostly kind but generally very strict invasive and controlling. He curses, lies, he is prejudice and has some nasty double standards. And this made me sad. I wanted to communicate with him. I have two younger brothers here but they show obvious scars from exposure to their very dominant parents. (Same father) .And my new boss is pushy, placing blame and issues threats. My collegues only want to discuss other peoples stupidity mistakes and inabilities and every laugh is at someones’ cost.

    I find it hard to deal with these behaviours.

    This summer I had three weeks off. The first week I was sick. The second my sleeping pattern was off from being sick and the last week my grandfather died. I went south for his funeral. With little money I asked my mother for help and so she did. At the funeral I didn’t feel the need to cry. I knew I loved him even we rarely spoke. And I knew I would have made him proud. But since we had some early history together the feelings overmanned me and I cried. But I thought that I would not be ashamed because the feeling that induced the tears after all was love. And I don’t see that as wrong. I had an evening with my mother and we shared a bottle of wine. This funeral trip had given me more energy than I lost.

    Back north I worked for about three weeks before my psyche lost its boost.

    And two weeks ago I called in sick.

    And it is here your article comes into play.
    I called in sick because I just couldn’t co to work. I felt like a prisoner. I was not meant to work 8 hours a weekday all year around for someone else to sustain my life. I am no longer in touch with the world that gives me the things I need. I never have the time to think about anything but the future. Even though I know how it will be if I keep working.

    So for days on end I have had a strong intuition of something being wrong. Very wrong. And one week ago I came over a clip on youtube explaining how money is produced. Then I saw a lot of clips on wealt distribution and the new world order. And then clips on the connection between money and power and that propably is the reason for 9/11 and the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I see corruption everywhere. And then I came over to clips about the financial collapse and bankers knowingly do this. And the coming depression and a possible nuclear war.

    Last night I wrote an eight page email to the union leader of the Norwegian police force explaining my premenition of hard times and links to the material
    that I’d seen. I told him about Norwegian top politicians spotted on secret meetings with ultra rich international bankers, and how it could be that we gave Barrak Obama the Nobel peace prize for doing all these things to his own people while increasing his war machine just two weeks after he took office.
    He had over 240 competitors that could have gotten it.

    Then I track over to the 2012 phenomena since I never saw the movie.
    I came over a lecture on the maya calender and how it measures time in evolution of consiuosness. And that it predicted a turning point in our understanding of ethics. I hear about the earth crossing the plane of the center of the galaxy and the pole shift and disasters and all that. And it quite honestly scared me. It still does because it’s still so new to me. I then read about the tristar project and on the workshops on there by Ivan “Evon” Stein. I mapped out my mind, and went on to find out about bineural beats and frequencies and things started to fall in place. And this is just a fraction of the material I’ve gone through.

    Then I somehow searched for how to ascend to find out more and I found this article. I was creeped out by how all these symptoms fit me.

    I’ve lost interest in others although I’m still periodically together with the closest ones. I can’t work anymore and lose energy around my colleges.

    I’m feeling restless and want to go somwhere but I don’t know where.

    I have no attachement to anything I’ve ever bought.

    I feel the urge to quit the cigarettes, and eat better although this will take some time.

    I hardly care what I wear.

    Some sort of spiritual awakening is definately going on. And I’m gonna explore this.

    Spacy and detatched also fits.

    I’m relaxing ot my fullest ability. Infact I’ve been listening to 528Hz bineural beats the entire time while writing this.

    I am indeed feeling child like, but then again I have always felt child like just not always in the happier ways. And although I am 28 people continously mastake me for being 20.

    I’m doing all the things I want to. Including summing up my line of thought so far. I’m mostly doing this for me you know.

    I haven’t had sex in 18 month or so. I have had little interest. Balancing my head and tranquility and peace of mind is more rewarding and have been a priority during this time. But sex on a higher level of consiousness sure sounds interresting.

    The sleep patterns are totally off. Have been for some time.

    The only point that doesn’t completely fit is physical symptoms. But I do feel bursts of adrenaline and an increase in heartbeat.

    And I’ve obviously alternated between the “old way” and some sort of new way all my life.

    Now all this coming from an analytic and scientific person like myself impresses even me, and that convinces me that I am onto something. Because I have never been open to any belief system or anything defined as supersticious or supernatural. This however is completely logic for me. A good understanding of science and philosophy combined with my earlier spiritual experiences indicates that the next step on the evolution of consiousness has to be inwards. We have always moved outwards and we see where it brought us.

    But I still have some fears and anxieties to work on, and my brain still concideres all of this a bit controversial. But I’m going to persue this for the rest of my time.

    Now I’m gonna keep this short, so I just wanna thank you for this article.
    I dedicate you this melody from youtube. I’t have been one of my favorites for some time.

    Best wishes

  23. alone on October 23rd, 2010 3:08 pm

    For years my husband of 25 years had annoyed me immensely. He was however, better than my life as a child and young woman around my violent and abusive birth family. He did not work, spent my earnings frivously mostly, recreated to his hearts content, often disregarded or deflected his parental responsibilities to me. He ate a lot of meat, drank alcohol secretly, was over interested in pornography and other women at times; trivial mainstream media and sport were of the utmost importance to him. I cannot think of a time where he actually helped me achieve anything that was important to me. I am a talented song writer, singer, guitairst but he could noto have cared less. The last few years, he lived his life through our son whom he forced into competetive sports beyond our son’s want to do. Beyond this, by the time I kept him on the straight and narrow – fixed up his self imposed dramas and went around in the same circles each day cleaning up after him, there seemed no time for my life, at all.

    The last two years got bad. I even hit him. Hard. I wanted him to change or I would now leave. I had to. I felt like i was just a resource and beyond him fooling around and laughing, he gave little to nothing. He would not even hear me out without insulting me all which ways. I could literally cry my heart out and he would say, ‘don’t like to see you cry’ and walk away. My attempts to rationally broach the issues were met with horrifying, acted out threats of suicide, even in front of his children. Finally, I did not want to know this man. His family would not help and especially not apply any responsibility to him. To them, he was ‘an easy going man who loved his little family’ and he was a victim of horrible people who killed him (they said that to our children). Everytime he saw the, they fired up his anger and sense of victim no end.

    it is over now. He took an overdose smack ban in between our two children’s birthdays, just days apart. I recoiled into guilt. Every hour now, I wonder what happened. I can’t imagine how this all came about. All I remember is trauma …a dark vortex …a struggle …so long it went on. Trouble is too …I never had a life, never knew who I was. Now I am alone and I don’t know what to do with the old life and worse now, the new. How can I just ascend and leave this world now. I am so tired, damaged and sad. The pain I am in knows no bounds. It is unrelenting. Although I know I really tried, my life has never had it’s roots in love …just what I could provide/do to make others lives easy. I do not accept it anymore. Without love there is nothing and I wish to leave. My children will be ok. They are moving on with their lives and of course they would be well provided for well beyond, the chewed over carcass remains that is now, their mother, abandoned by love, abandoned by all.

  24. Ellane Morgan on November 19th, 2010 7:02 pm


    I am wondering why we need a new soul, what it wrong with the one we have. Why can’t all of the changes that we are going to experience, happen with our old soul.

    Thank you,

  25. Akemi on November 22nd, 2010 3:51 pm

    I don’t think we NEED new souls. I never said that. I only wrote I observe new souls coming.

  26. Annemarie on November 30th, 2010 1:37 am

    I have experienced a lot of the symptoms, but now just have the fatigue and want to be on my own which i am happy peaceful and balanced . I do not seem to want to be around people. I am married and have two grandchildren living next door, some lovely friends who are like minded. I am living in the NOW as much as i can and feel like retreating from the world and have felt like this for over a year.
    I teach a monthly workshop and cover 2012 as i am an Angel Teacher and teach about how to get through all this too. We have all experienced a lot of the above and helped each-other through it . Sometimes we have felt that we are going ‘Mad ‘lol.
    Something i heard the other day rings true to me from Eckhart Tolle. He said that spiritual teachers make the mistake about seeking enlightenment, whereas we already have it now and the way to live is right here right now. All we have to do is enjoy where we are at this moment.
    I feel that i do not want to have any more self development anymore. I just deal with things as they come up and release them.
    Blessings A xx

  27. Michael on December 11th, 2010 1:35 am

    Ascension will take place for those who are spiritually awake. Raise your vibration by being in service2others. We are living in interesting times. Global economy crash, wiki-leaks, 911, all events which are designed to give your consciousness a kick start. Once you are on the path of seeking truth and knowledge, you have the beginnings of an awakening. Once you are awake, and can see the DEVINE PLAN, you have the consciousness of and awakened being. It is then that you have learned the lessons. We are all here to learn. Visualize yourself as a piece of iron, being forged by a blacksmith. Trials by fire and force will bend and fashion you into a beautiful aspect of the creator. Love, Compassion, and wisdom are your goals. Peace to you. sercice2others.

  28. Edith on December 11th, 2010 9:56 pm

    Hi Akemi. I only recently found your website like just the other day and I like the way you are able to toss out the old. I have been doing that myself the last few years… all those words and labels. Anyhow I Have a thought to share about the new souls/shifting souls in ascension. In the old occult literature presented by the spiritual hierarchy…. Christed Ascended Ones….. detail the ascension process that makes sense to me so far. I have not thrown this concept out yet, but if it isn’t correct I don’t really care! I can’t do it justice but it goes something like this: the personality/ego gives way to the higher self/soul/Christed level of divine love/light/divine will/power. Down the road there is a higher self above the soul called the Monad. The monad has typically never incarnated before and the Monad is like the tip of the iceberg…. meaning one Monad creates many souls. The Monadic level now wants to incarnate and do whatever monads do. And yet it is all still YOU. And then this creates the idea that many people share one monad! I hope to get a reading next year.

  29. Manus on February 13th, 2011 4:15 am

    Hi Akemi. That is a very enlightening post and definitely rings true with me. I can tick all those boxes, though where I live, the job I do and the family I have means retaining my old ways while I slowly try and integrate the new ways. (For example, there’s no way the family is going to go vegetarian so I’ll just have buy my own food and eat by myself!)

    If it means I’ve upgraded to another aspect of my soul, well and good. I was due for an upgrade. I’ve been talking about the need to rewrite my dna for decades (before the term deoxyribonucleic acid came into common usage) so a soul upgrade is definitely a lot better.

    Do you think that the negativity caused by the people and situations around you, while you connect closely with your new self, will be detrimental to your ascension or it doesn’t really matter as it has already happened so just do your best to be joyous?

    Actually you probably already addressed that in a newer post. I’ll keep reading. :)
    Many thanks!

  30. Rene Bertin on March 8th, 2011 9:08 am

    I just would like to get some help. I have been in this natural process of ascension for some long time, but i think i need someone more experience to coach me or just talk. Do you know anyplace or anybody in New York who could help me? I would love to meet this person…..Thanks

  31. Jo on March 20th, 2011 10:26 pm

    Wow! Thanks Akemi. Your list of ascension symptoms mirrored exactly the symptoms I’ve experienced since my ascension soul shift happened in 2008.

    Just as you wrote, I asked myself “What in the world is happening to me?” many times over at the beginning of my shift.

    Like many who have written here, I experienced dramatic transformations I never thought would happen to me. I left a Very lucrative job, (at least at the time I thought it was), asked for a divorce from my husband, moved to the East Coast from CA leaving my two young kids with their father and started a company based on alternative healing – all is a span of one year. What surprised me the most was my willingness to leave my kids in order to relocate to a place I barely knew. The need for change was so overwhelming that I felt it had to be done – period.

    Just a little bit about me (the old me), I was your typical A type, conservative, don’t-rock-the-boat type of person. I was the perfectionist who saw pretty much everything as black and white (shades of gray? What’s that?). So, when this transformation shift happened to me, I was very much thrown off kilter. Everything I thought I enjoyed at the time became meaningless and overwhelming. I wanted a Simple Life.

    Along the way, I’ve experienced numerous financial windfall that were for the most part, “unexplainable”. I also traveled around the world participating in various spiritual healing workshops and retreats taught by world-renowned spiritual teachers.

    To this day, I continue to be in awe with all I have experienced in a short amount of time (I know, time is irrelevant). I meditate, pray and give my gratitude to God/Universe on a daily basis and make conscious effort to hold high vibrations wherever I go.

    Although the shift happened “spontaneously” and unexpectedly, I know now that it wasn’t an accident that it had to happen when it did.

    There are no accidents and when the New World comes, I am prepared and ready.

    Namaste and Light and Love to all of you!

  32. Lori on March 22nd, 2011 11:53 pm

    I am reading your information for the very first time. Thank you sooooo much! The first piece I read is “We The Arcturians”, wow, thank you so much! Now I know what to call myself that’s more specific than Volunteer. Arcturian description fits me perfectly. I am sending your information on to many other like/similar minded folks. I truly look forward to your next writing.

    Love and Blessings

  33. Rene Bertin on April 2nd, 2011 8:28 am

    Hi Akemi !!!!! I just would like to get some help. I have been in this natural process of ascension for some long time, but i think i need someone more experience to coach me or just talk. Do you know anyplace or anybody in New York who could help me? I would love to meet this person…..Thanks

  34. Ascension ‘Symptoms’ » on May 1st, 2011 3:29 pm

    [...] Gaines, spiritual coach, writes at length about ascension on her website. I enjoy Akemi’s pragmatic approach, her generosity in sharing her insights so freely, and her [...]

  35. Ryan on June 20th, 2011 9:35 am

    Thank you so much for this article. I have been going through changes in my life over the last year or so. I was talking to my friend and she suggest I search your website for some interesting reads. When i read the section on how to ascend it blew me away, every single thing you suggest and more is what im feeling and going through.

  36. Steven on June 20th, 2011 10:06 pm

    When I ascendant all the mysteries of the circle in men and women were revealed to me. I am now able to see what people have done, how they have done it, yet I would not say out loud this thing and violate the sacredness of even the most deadly man’s right to privacy. I have ascendant. We are all drops of flesh soon to evaporate away….we are bough the klenix on our nostril of our real body, yet this klenix is as tender and great as all the gold in the world….the paradox…I have ascended I tell you, the youngest man in the world to ascend too, sadly.