Online Gratitude Journal December 2009 Edition #36

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2009 has been a great year for me. My Akashic Record Reading business has been growing well and I feel so honored to have many beautiful souls as my clients. I’m also happy with the positive feedback I am receiving about my eBook “Lightworker’s Guide to Self-Employment”.

In my personal life, I found a new home in a small town called Eugene. It’s good I can now relax a bit and enjoy myself. :) (Photo credit)

December in review

You may have noticed I’ve been experimenting with new writing styles. I’ve been striving to write inspiring and informative articles in a solid, good-sense way, which tend to be rather lengthy. Well, I still aspire to inspire you, and will keep writing articles like you see in the Starseed series, but I also tried short read like “The Ultimate Productivity Tip”. It seems to work well — that post of 245 words received just as many comments as other longer posts. I also hope you enjoyed “Cinderella, The Power Of Dreaming Big”.


I will be on the blog radio at Small Business Trends next Tuesday, January 5th, at 1:30 pm EST, talking about how spirituality helps entrepreneurs and promoting my eBook. This is a pretty big deal for me. Small Business Trends has 114K subscribers — I wonder how many would be listening. (And if you cannot tune in at that real time, no worry. You can listen to the recording later.)

I’ve thought about this a lot. I’d like to see this as a fun project rather than get nervous. Nonetheless, I appreciate if you could pray for me. Thank you.


I have a word for challenge. I really think many people are doing disservice to themselves by avoiding challenges.

Like think about starting a business. Sure, it takes a lot of work, especially in the beginning. So many people get scared and stay in the job they hate. How productive is that?

I started my Akashic Record Reading in June last year. From the time I resigned from the corporate job in October 2007 and until I started taking paying clients in June 2008, I struggled learning about business, practicing what I do and polishing my skill, and dealing with my own negative thoughts.

But that effort is paying off. Back then, I was charging $90 for a reading. Now I charge $280 for the same thing. Don’t you wish your investment grew like this?

You can do this, too, or even better. This is why I wrote my eBook. Everything I know about starting a business is in this eBook. Don’t send me a one-liner email saying, “Hey, I want to be rich. Help me.” This does no good. Taking up your challenge and working on it does.

By the way, if you are interested in my Akashic Record Reading, my best advice is to make your purchasing decision as soon as you are comfortable. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rate goes up to $500 by this time next year. (I’d rather raise the rate than having extraordinarily long wait list and keeping you wait so long.)

Link Love

Jonathan Morrow tells the story of himself and his mother. He has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is considered to be a terminal condition, but he has outlived far beyond the doctor’s expectation, and living well at that:
On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas

Another story, also posted at Copyblogger, in which James Chartrand grudgingly came out as a woman:
Why James Chartrand Wears Women’s Underpants
It made me think about the challenge of sexism. And the issue of integrity and honesty.

Both are very worth your time reading.

Word of month

“The worst part about being disabled isn’t the pain or the struggle but how the world tries to shove you into a corner and pretend that you don’t exist. After all, what could you possibly have to contribute? You’re going to die soon, poor thing. Here’s a nice, quiet room and some morphine to ease the pain.”
– Jonathan Morrow, from the aforementioned article

What’s your challenge? Dare to face your challenge. The reward is astounding.

Happy New Year to you all. For your increasing joy and prosperity, and hope you keep coming back here for more inspiration. With gratitude,

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