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I know this article sounds crazy.  I’m writing this with the same mindset I wrote about Ascension for the very first time in  Soul Shifting And The Light Ascension Of Maybe 2012.  Or maybe it’s even worse than when I wrote that article – I haven’t seen my lightbody yet.

And please don’t panic.  We all have free will, and I’m confident that you can refuse this if it’s not something you want.  (Photo by Michael Dawes)

What are lightbodies?

Currently we reside in the physical three dimensional bodies.  Lightbodies are a new way of existence that some of us will be starting to develop soon – if not already.

There are higher dimensions than the time-space we know.  As our souls’ vibration rate increases, or ascends, residing in the dense physical bodies become more and more uncomfortable.  I’m not saying the physical bodies are no good – they are delightful and pleasurable houses for the souls.  However, they do have limitations.  Severer limitations.  Like being tied up in this 3D world.

My understanding of the lightbodies is that they are still individual existences and each lightbody holds one soul.  But we can do a lot more fun things as lightbodies, such as transcending time and space.  Unfortunately, we in the physical bodies cannot see lightbodies.

Lightbodies are like astral bodies, but I get they are different.  You already have your astral body.  You just don’t know how to separate it from your physical body.  Lightbody, on the other hand, is something we are developing.

Exploring eternity

Souls can live forever.  So far, however, we have had to switch the vehicles of our souls because the vehicles, our physical bodies, decay.  So after the physical death, the soul crosses over, take a rest, and eventually comes back for another lifetime.  This is the cycle of reincarnation.

With the lightbodies, we don’t have to do this.  Lightbodies take energy directly from lights, not from foods.  And this is why I think lightbodies may live forever.

How to develop your lightbody

At this time, I don’t know exactly how we are developing our lightbodies.  It is a process that happens naturally, like the Ascension soul shift.  Ascension soul shifts happen at the perfect time for each individual.  You can most likely promote it by doing spiritual development, but I don’t think you can cause it.  Maybe developing lightbodies is like that.

In other words, our Higher Selves / souls know what is going on, but not our conscious minds.  And the physical symptoms of the Ascension soul shift are related to this process of developing lightbodies.

Still, I’m getting it’s important to care for our current physical bodies.  We are developing our lightbodies within the current physical bodies, so it’s no good to ignore the needs of our physical bodies.  Take plenty of rest, lots of water (raw vegetables and fruits are another way to take natural water), and do some exercise to release old energies.

Transition to lightbody

How will we transition from our current physical bodies to the lightbodies?  My spirit guides say there are three paths:

  1. Your soul will move on to the lightbody, leaving the physical body once and for all.  To other people, this may look like your physical body died.
  2. Your soul will move on to the lightbody, or more like morph into the lightbody, and your physical body disappears.
  3. You will have some gradual transition time, during which you can go back and forth between the physical body and the lightbody.  Eventually, you abandon your physical body and reside in the lightbody full time.

Because this Ascension process is like a huge marathon game, I’m sure there are people who have already changed to lightbodies.  And 2012 may be when the change happens to many people.

I don’t think December 21, 2012, is a dooms day.  However, because of this fundamental change of our existence, the New World will look so different – with far less “population” probably – which may alarm those who can take a glimpse into the future.  And again, I don’t think this is happening to everyone at the same time.  Most people are simply not ready yet.

Sense of urgency and doneness

Personally, I just have this incredible sense of urgency that I must get certain things done NOW because I simply don’t have much time left.  No, I’m not aware of any serious health issues nor am I suicidal.  On the contrary, I love and enjoy each day.

Nevertheless certain articles need to be written now.  Like the article on the Law of Attraction.  I think this article is helpful to many people, and if I were to help them, it had to be now.  Because pretty soon I may not be able to relate very well with the practical side of life and people’s concern about it.

Also articles on Ascension.  I know I’m creating controversy, but I must help my fellow beings going through this process.  There are too few reliable information.

I also feel so much is done in my life here.  Again, I don’t hate my life.  But it feels like looking at a yearbook from the past school year.

Overall, I feel like migrant birds when it’s time to move on.  Honestly, I feel just a bit nervous – like a stage flight.  Oh, well, this is just another attachment I still have.  The fact is , it’s no big deal if I fail – I’m sure my friends like to have me around a bit longer.

Light Ascension

Light Ascension is not just about soul shift.  It’s not just about activating the twelve strands of DNA.  (This is not my specialty, although somehow mine seem to be all activated.)  Not even just about developing the lightbodies.  These are all aspects of the big picture.

Light Ascension is about ushering in the new dimension, which will manifest as the New World.  But before we bring in the new, we need to clean up the old.  Some of the natural disasters we are seeing these days may be the Earth’s way of destruction before creation.

Okay, this is all for now.  I welcome your comments because good comments stimulate my thinking ^_^

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26 Responses to “Developing Lightbody In Light Ascension”

  1. Tisha Morris on March 19th, 2009 4:22 pm

    I do believe lightbodies is an inevitable evolutionary process. I think the Mayans refer to it as Homo Luminous. The question is when and how. As any evolutionary leap, it seems as though there would be a need for this seemingly sudden ascension. Perhaps in our physical world. Or maybe it is just a natural evolution on a more spiritual path, as opposed to survival as it has been in the past.

    Do you have any insight as to how this would ‘appear’ to friends or family that are still in physical form. Would it seem as though you ‘died’ or ‘disappeared.’ That just doesn’t seem good. Unless this is really just another way to look at death. In fact, it doesn’t sound much different than death as we know it, except for the physical cause of death.

  2. Lisa (mommymystic) on March 19th, 2009 8:51 pm

    Hi Akemi, once again I can’t help but relate this to other spiritual teachings I have read. I’m sorry to keep doing this, but it is my way of working to an understanding of what you are saying, which I feel driven to attempt right now, since my intuition drew me to do a reading with you. One teaching I think of is Carlos Casteneda – he teachings about luminous bodies and this sounds similar to me. And his circle of sorcerers ‘leave’ at one point, and it sounds very similar to this. Also, i think of Autobiography of a Yogi by Swami Yogananda. At one point after his guru dies, he appears to him in a vision and teaches him all about these other planes of existence, including ones where we exist in lightbodies and subsist on light. And finally, in Vajrayana Buddhism it is said that those who reach the highest level of enligtenment obtain a ‘rainbow body’.

    So what you are saying doesn’t sound crazy to me, although I may be morphing it into other teachings. Interesting, nevertheless.

    Lisa (mommymystic)s last blog post..Four Paths to Freedom – Which Is Your Root Path?

  3. akemi on March 20th, 2009 8:46 am

    I understand your concern. I’m a bit concerned how my friends and family may find me. As I wrote, I think there are three paths to become lightbodies. The first two will look like death or disappearance.

    The third path gives us the benefits of both world for awhile and the opportunity for us to reassure our loved ones we are okay, but it can be the hardest option. Think about it — with the third option, we have to go through the transition multiple times. Still, I’m hoping I can do this.

    I’m very interested what you have to say because you are a lot better read than me. I’m sure a lot of things I’m finding out, such as this ascension and lightbodies, were known to some enlightened individuals before — the forerunners in this huge marathon humanity is in. The difference now is that the knowledge and the actual experience are becoming available to many of us. Not just me. I work with quite a few clients who are in this process, and I’m sure even the clients who haven’t had the Ascension soul shift are heading that way soon.

  4. Mokihana on March 20th, 2009 4:19 pm

    The journey forward or out is broad and varied. I don’t think your article creates controversy as much as it does distance you from the pack. Perhaps as the many mystic traditions have described your calling involves being willing to know what you know. It’s good to read that your Spirit Guides offer you information, and here on the blog you remain responsible for those ideas, share your experiences.

    I know what you mean when you write about the sense of urgency to get things DONE … and think the elders of Earth’s First People have said, “If it is a good day to live … it is also a good day to die.” Some of us, including me, have a destiny that includes physical limitation … some might call it ‘illness’…what comes from this destiny is no less a good life than one without ‘illness’. The way through or forward is broad. The kupuna of Old Hawaii often traveled between the physical and the light body…I don’t know for sure, but suspect that some continue to do so today. I agree that more and more people are becoming ready to criss-cross the space/time continuum.

    I’m not sure about the process of Ascending, I know there is plenty going on with my being … and what I recognize most recently, is how gentle it feels to accept that the ‘shy’ quiet nature that was mine at birth is again, the nature that rests most comfortably after DO, DO, DOING and THINK, THINK THINKING out there.

  5. akemi on March 20th, 2009 6:40 pm

    Hi Mokihana,
    I just got back from driving around — it’s a beautiful spring day here, so many flowers are popping out, and as I was pulling in my car, the colors of the sunset were gorgeous. It almost made me cry — or I feel like rolling in the grass like a puppy. The physical world is beautiful, and I see it so special.
    “If it is a good day to live … it is also a good day to die.” I like that!

  6. Cath Lawson on March 24th, 2009 5:23 am

    Hi Akemi – I like the idea of this more than re-incarnation. And if we will just appear dead to our own families, then this may have happened to many people already and we don’t really know about it.

    When the change takes place, I wonder if our new lightbodies will exist on this earth as we know it now – but different, or some place else?

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  8. Conrado Salas Cano on March 27th, 2009 4:19 am

    Hi, Akemi, I have very much enjoyed your article. I think you are hitting the nail on the head. The treacle of physical matter is way too dense for a spirit like me to have any fun with life, or so it seems sometimes. Hence I am quite impatient to “move” to a more light-based, less dense body, in which I will be able to routinely perform paranormal acts (telekinesis, etc), and even walk through walls, like the ETs. Most importantly, freeing oneself from the physical would allow one to defeat fears once and for all: for example, there would be no more worrying about whether I have lost the keys to my house and someone who finds them might burglarize it, as I would no longer need a house to live, or food, or personal belongings. No more working to earn one’s living! The density of this plane is so frustrating to me I sometimes wonder why I have incarnated here. The only sensible answer is that I am here to learn to defeat some of the associated fears of this dense physical experience, while helping usher in the new era when we will move to a less-dense, more light-based existence. 2012 seems to be the timeframe for that kind of Ascension.

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  10. Yang on May 23rd, 2009 6:49 pm

    Hey Akemi

    I don’t think this is wierd at all. I think you’re on the right track.

    I think this will resonate with you :)

    Check out Orin and Daben’s website. They have courses and products on developing your light body:

    Orin and DaBen are channelled entities like Abraham. I really like Orin and Abraham. They are my favourite channelled entities. I have all of Orin’s channelled books. I highly recommend checking them out.


  11. akemi on May 24th, 2009 7:37 am

    Hi Yang,
    Thank you for your kind words.

  12. Starseeds: Procyan | Yes to Me on August 24th, 2009 7:17 am

    [...] on white lights, or the wider spectrum of Light beyond sunlight, as I discussed in relation to developing lightbody. So if we humans are indeed evolving to become lightbodies, we have much to learn from [...]

  13. mokihana on September 7th, 2009 9:55 pm

    I’ve just reread this article and the comments, after reading your article on Death, Immortality, Afterlife. You are so right to write this down … it’s the time to get the word down for the physical side of living is necessary as record. When you have attracted the lights, others will still need words.

    Reflecting on the progress and process of Ascension and evolving senses … since September of last year, the rate of change is escalating. One of my very dear ancestors, has passed to the other side and though I am not positive, I believe this dear soul is now part of the lightbodies … modeling for me perhaps, the possibilities :)

    Looking to old ways of feeling secure and safe aren’t working. When I spend too much time thinking about HOW my energy drains. When I sense the condition of satisfaction with my life exactly the way I’m expressing it … there is difference and contentment. There is a model for living light.

    Thank you for putting it down, Akemi. Your timing is perfect.

  14. Lisa on October 22nd, 2009 12:36 am


    I went through 14 years of ascension process and experienced my own higher self light pulsing out of my heart area almost 1 year ago. After light pulsing out of my heart area (unconsciously) in order to protect myself from a bothersome energy, all I could say was “I am a being of Light” for couple of months. My higherself set me straight because I kept saying I was human. I know I am a being of Light and that this is my last reincarnation.

    I went through an extended period of deep depression and experienced a strong desire to escape from my physical body. But I am supposed to stay on Earth until I choose to shed my physical body in old age…perhaps 90. :-) My higherself simply won’t allow me to exit or take a short cut from my physical existance because I am on Earth to experience much joyful human experiences…That’s my purpose as I am Love.

    Whether you will shed your physical body will depend on your higherself. I could care less about my physical existence but my higherself still managed to get me to get help in clearing emotional pains and karmas from my energy.

    I’ve been slipping in and out of high frequency and somewhat adjusted frquency to interact with other humans overall and different dimensional realities. It was often very tiring because my frequency made it uncomfortable in current mass density and I also had to deal with deep emotional pains involving karmas and perhaps mass ignorance.

    So, if you want to know what is coming up, you cannot just escape to lightbody. You need to deal with all your personal issues and karmas. Yup, it was very hard and exhausting.

    Also, some of you will choose to leave. I also wanted to leave but my higherself is not allowing it. I just sense much joy coming up in my human experience…that’s what I planned since I feel like I didn’t have joyous human experiences past 14 years.

    Keep in mind that you are on earth to have human experiences. Don’t get worked up on all the ascension stuffs and leaving a physical body. If you are meant to leave a physical body as determined by your higherself, you will. If not, you will be guided to heal yourself of emotional pains and clean up/balance all your karmas with conscious awareness.

    The ascension process is simply an accelerated process for you to remember who you really are, manifest more quickly, and yes, not re-incarnating again.

    Yes, I know I tried to and wanted to escape my physical body for a while, but my higherself drummed it into my head and being that I am here to stay and create a life I really like with my free will. Yeah…! You know I never really had any free will the past 14 years as I was always very closely guided to fulfill my spiritual destiny of remembering who I am…Being of Light.

    Some of us got there early, and others will get there even if it takes eons for them to get there.

    I am correcting myself as I posed a comment about wanting to leave my physical body and how liberating it was going to be early this year. Hew…it’s been a lot of work.

    I guess I can say that I see the Light at the end of this long tunnel of integration period of 1 year. I mean my physical body is much less dense than most of you and therefore is able to hold much more Light, but still integrating higher Light in all levels of my being was hard in many ways because it required clearing out dense energies of emotional pains I accumulated.

    Good luck to you all who will be going through what I went through. Even integration itself is very hard! Don’t be afraid to seek professional energy healers for soul clearing, soul retrieval, soul repatterning, karmic matrix clearing, etc. If you are mean to stay, you will be guided by your higherself as such.

    After all those hard work, now I’ve got to have fun and fill my human experiences with love, joys and success…anything that makes my heart sing and soar as my higherself’s light resides within and is directly connected to my heart.

    Remember to have joyful human experiences!

  15. Lisa on October 22nd, 2009 12:44 pm

    Little more clarification about ascension and light body:

    Free Will: You do not have conscious free will over whether to ascend or not as it is a destiny of humans. However, your soul has a free will of starting a proces now or later. In any case, it is never your conscious free will but rather your soul’s free will that determins when you start your ascension process.

    How do I know? When it was activated for the first time in 1995 for me, I had no inclination, knowledge or desire about anything spiritual, metaphysical or religious.

    Light body: You don’t creat a light body. Your physical body becomes a light body in that your core being holds Light as your vibration is raised, your energy is refined by higher Light Beings and be able to receive and hold higher Light download from higher plane. (I didn’t do it on myself. Spirit worked on me. I came with naturally higher frequency (vibration)).

    Telepathy: Keep in mind that telepathy is a natural ability of all beings, including humans, animals and plants. My telepathy has been fully developed as a by-product of my vibration raised and energy refined.

    I am able to hear/know/see/sense/know conscious, subconscious and soul thoughts and emotions which makes sense as none of us is an one dimensional being.

    Attachment/Detachment: Connection/Attachment is a source of joy for all beings. It’s when attachment is not good for you, preventing you from seeing what is truly good for you, or source of pain and misery, then you have to let go of that attachment.

    As long as we have an emotional body, we experience attachment and emotions which is a whole point of being in phycial body. The only difference for me is that through 14 years of practicing letting go (sometimes forced to) and through Spirit working on my all levels of being, I am able to let go easier and faster.

    I was reminded recently that it is my responsibility to discern a human on a soul level and determine if I want to let that person into my life or not. It is very important that I only let people with similarly high frequency into my life. It doesn’t matter if one is aware of energy or not as all of us are spiritual beings on a different level of evolution/development.

    The high frequency perhaps means innate capacity to generate and feel love and joy.

    Suppression of one’s thoughts and emotions: It’s a big NO. It’s detriment to one’s well being and evolution. I found that people who are secretive or supressed/repressed have a lot more problems on both personal and soul level. Unfortunately I had to deal with, as a part of my ascension, souls that are not of Light. I think it’s because a person was repressing thoughts and emotions, soul couldn’t find an outlet and became trapped in dark. It is same with those with mental/emotional illness.

    DO NOT repress your thoughts or emotionas. Expressing them is much healthier and better for your well being and soul. In order to ensure your soul is that of Light, practice honoring/respecting other’s free will no matter how much you think you love or want that person.

    What is spiritual? : When you do things from your heart with the purity of heart, it is spiritual.

    Walk in peace.

  16. Lisa on October 22nd, 2009 1:22 pm

    To those who are wondering about my natural high frequency:

    Yes, I came with Divine Love (=Self Love) frequency. I learned that Self Love is the highest octav of love, even higher than unconditional love.

    I practiced a lot of unconditional love and forgiveness for many years, and I felt like a slave. No wonder I felt like a slave because I was trying to do things of frequency that is lower than my natural frequency.

    I have been liberated from that slavery mentality. I do things that magnify love within me and bring me joy and in doing so, others around me are naturally uplifted.

    The point is I don’t go around thinking/feeling that I need to serve humanity. By simply being who I am and do what brings me love and joy, others happen to be uplifted and become more spiritually oriented.

    Serving humanity is not my purpose. My purpose on Earth is do love and joy for myself and Whitel Light honors, supports and respects all that I am and all that I value.

    Love and respect yourself first before trying to serve humanity.

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  18. Mary Miller on November 23rd, 2009 7:16 am

    I have been finding the perspectives on this blog to be interesting. Another person who talks about light bodies, or rather has light body meditation CDs is I haven’t tried out that set of meditations yet; however, I have tried out some of there other ones.

    The message that you both seem to be propogating seems to be similar and from different perspectives.

  19. akemi on November 23rd, 2009 7:52 pm

    Hi Mary,
    That’s interesting because I don’t know that site. So each of us are talking about the same thing without knowing each other?

  20. Mary Miller on December 1st, 2009 1:05 pm

    lol Something like that.

  21. Meat Eaters vs Vegetarians / Vegans | Yes to Me on February 5th, 2010 6:02 am

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  22. Allen Loomis on September 5th, 2010 11:31 pm

    I think you have a great blog here and was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging links. Please comment back on my blog and let me know!

    Success Demands Action

  23. Rae mac on December 2nd, 2010 3:22 am

    Hi I stumbled across all of this when I was looking up what is a Christal child because a lady came in to my work & told me I was & my children would change the world I never heard of it before I desided to look it all up,because I have all a sudden changed, I have all this information going though my head about life,I sound crazy, but I lay down & feel like iam floating,I’ve looked it up & it said I was asleep only thinking I was awake,but I know iam awake & the other thing is I keep hearing iam the gate keeper & I have the key, to what, I don’t know, dose any one know anything about what it could mean, or made be, I just need medication.(help)

  24. Tina on March 4th, 2011 7:06 am

    Dolfina teaches about the lightbody in the seven Modes of Lucidity. I did attend a Dolfina workshop where we explored the 7 modes of lucidity. Jodell taught about psychic experiences being multi-sensorial. And, I noticed that not everybody experienced the teachings in the same way. She does teach people to shift through the dimensions and go the light to clear out karma. Not sure if this information is out there on the web anymore, but it might be nice to research if you are looking for ways to consciously shift while realizing that the “mind” doesn’t know everything.

  25. Dean on March 21st, 2011 2:08 am

    I have been researching various 2012 sites and especially those related to ascension. I think your article is great and need more people like you to extinguish the “Doom and Gloom” feel that is so common with 2012 at the moment. I would also like to share with anyone else reading this the science behind ascension. The following article is by David Wilcock of (i’m sure a few of you would allready be familiar with his work). below is a link to his article “A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension”

    I hope you find it as interesting as I did.

  26. Dean on March 21st, 2011 2:16 am