Soul Energy And Body Energy

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I was waking up from a dream. In the dream, I was with a man and he had to get somewhere (a station or something) quickly. So I held his hand and lifted both of us a few inches above the ground and floated fast. I could fly, too, but thought that would get too much attention from the people around us. (As if floating off the ground and sliding fast was not something notable.)

I could sense he was really scared about this, so I assured him there is nothing to be afraid. . .

Our energy signatures

As I was waking up, I wondered who this man was. He was next to me and I didn’t look at his face. But he felt familiar. Could it be my ex? Or the guy I was seeing awhile ago?

Then I noticed they had similar “feel”. And isn’t that how we recognize people in the dream — by the feel? Or, even in our waking hours, don’t we sense each person’s unique feel?

I thought about this more. I thought about the various people I worked closely. Now it’s hard to put these “feels” into words, but I do think each person has a unique feel and we recognize it. Let’s call this feel our “(body) energy signature”.

Sometimes the same person’s energy signature changes a little, depending on their health conditions or their mood. Like our written signature changes slightly every time. But there is also a consistent patten for each person.

Is your energy flowing?

Because going into details of the energy signatures’ characteristic is difficult to process in my little brain, I stated to look for common themes.

Basically, there are two types: the one where the energy flows smoothly and the one the energy is clogged. Depending on where the energy is clogged and how badly, the latter can be categorized further.

The man I was with in the dream had a clog. This made sense to me — so this is why I always felt sorry for them even though I didn’t know why.

The energy of our body

My spirit guides: And that energy is about the body, not the soul. The soul is an energy body and so is the physical body. You have been mixing these two a bit.

Okay, let’s see. So the body has its own energy pattern. I guess this is what energy healing deals with.

When the soul is ready to incarnate in this world, it chooses the birth setting, starts following the parents, nurtures the fetus, finally bonding with the body when the baby is born. The physical body is like a vehicle or a house for the soul. As a soul, we are already whole and complete, and we live in the physical body that we inherited from our parents.

For a long time, I thought the physical body is really like a container, with no memory, no feelings, no intentions of its own.  I thought the energy I feel in my body was the soul energy reflecting on the body.

But it may be the body itself has its energy flow. The soul energy and the body energy interact.

This reminded me the mythology, such as that of the ancient Greek, that describes the heaven (or sky) and the earth as father and mother. So heaven is to the soul and the earth is to the body. The heaven impregnates the earth and various life forms, including humans, are born. In us, the soul comes down to live in the body, producing our lives.

The role of the body in our spirituality

Some people think the body has nothing to do with spirituality — we could be sick, overweight, tired, and all this has nothing to do with our spirituality. I respectfully disagree.

Sure, a sick person can be spiritual. We are all spiritual being in the physical body. The idea that the body and the soul having independent energy bodies may even promote this separatism.

But the condition of the body, whether the body energy is flowing smoothly or not, has a lot to do with our spiritual awareness. The two energies interact.

If I abuse my body with a chemical cocktail like a blueberry muffin (that is what it is — lots of artificial flavorings, additives, refined sugar, etc. and several blueberries in it wouldn’t make it better), I feel sick — right away and, even worse the next morning. How can I, as the soul, be comfortable in such a body?

The body and the soul interact. It’s essential to take good care of the body if you care about the soul. This is why yoga is developed as part of spiritual practice.

SP: So, this explains what you feel when you meditate these days.

What’s your experience in meditation?

If you could do me a favor, please share in the comment what happens when you meditate. I am really interested.

For me, these days, it’s like: I sit down, and almost immediately, I sense the energy flowing in from the top of my head down through my body. As I wrote in this post on the basics of meditation, I used to visualize the grounding cord stretching from my first chakra down to the center of the earth, but recently, I don’t even have the time to do this.

It’s like, there is already a circuit of the energy from the heaven down to the earth, and I just plug into it. Because the circuit is already there, there is no effort required for me to make the energy flow. Just don’t interfere.

I guess the energy is always flowing this way, but meditation helps me notice it.

What to do if you have a clog

SP: Mother Earth is generous. She takes all the energetic impurities and turn them around. (Kind of like making a compost, I guess.) So when you feel the clog is forming, you can just send it down through your feet to Mother Earth.

Me: Is it that simple?

SP: Yes, but you cannot think it up. Remember the physical sensation when the energy exits through your feet.

Me: . . . (I know I tend to be in the head.)

SP: Some physical activities like walking might help.

Me: So this is what some people call “grounding”

SP: Right. The visible body is only a part of the whole “body”. The whole body is like a tree, with the roots in the ground.

I guess various energy healing modalities also work to dissolve and release the clogs.

Okay, this idea of our body having its own energy signature and interacting with our soul is quite intriguing to me. I need some more time to contemplate on this. I also have some more to write about meditation, but I’d like to hear your feedback first. . .

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5 Responses to “Soul Energy And Body Energy”

  1. Lisa (mommymystic) on August 9th, 2010 10:04 am

    HI Akemi – I think my comment on your last post didn’t come across correctly – I didn’t say we could be sick, overweight etc. and not have it impact us spiritually. I meant it doesn’t HAVE to, and that those things don’t preclude awakening. I absolutely think the body and spirit are linked, this is the root of everything I do and teach. This is why chakras and kundalini are at the root of my own approach.

    But what I was trying to convey in my last comment is that perfect health is not awakening and awakening doesn’t require perfect health. I know that is not what you were saying anyway, but I think it has subtly become linked in a lot of spiritual literature. People have become so focused on health and ‘feeling good’ that they think that is awakening itself – that the ‘highs’ that physical or energetic work can induce (yes, induce) are a connection with Source. I do think sometimes these highs are a byproduct of experiencing Source, like all sorts of other psychic and metaphysical experiences that people have when on a spiritual journey, but that’s not the same thing.

    Think of if this way – can someone suffering from cancer not experience themselves as source? Of course they can, and in fact, often people faced directly with a life-threatening disease go through incredible spiritual transformations, because it pushes them out of numbness.

    I think of Ramana Maharshi, a great Indian sage whom many current American non-dual teachers can directly trace their own lineages back to – after his initial awakening experience at 16, he spent years meditating and barely eating, as he integrated his experience. At certain points, people around him actually had to shoo rats off him and open his mouth to physically place food in his mouth in order to keep him alive. He came out of that phase, and went on to become one of the most influential teachers ever, but he later said that phase was a necessary step in his process. Ditto for contemporary teacher Adyanshanti, who went through a very difficult illness after his initial awakening. These people weren’t doing anything ‘wrong’, they were simply in a particular phase of their process.

    I personally think in the modern age, some people have gotten too focused on feeling ‘good’, and they miss the forest for the trees. They want to feel good all the time, and that becomes an end in itself. But there’s so much more than feeling ‘good’, at least as the body defines it. But of course that may just be part of what I am here to share, while you are meant to be focused on health to some extent, because of whatever your own purpose here is.

    So I think there are all sorts of different models for the spiritual journey. And all sorts of different ‘body’ mappings, including those that have many different levels – soul, causal body, astral body, energy body, physical body etc. I love this stuff, as you know. I just don’t think any one view is truth. Perhaps we each get led – by our guides, teachers, or other relevant sources in our life – to the ones that are the most relevant to us at a particular phase of our path. That is really how I view it.

    For example, for me, I read your meditation experience, and your guides response, and I go ‘oh, that is very qi gong’, because qi gong and healing traditions that are based on it work extensively with the earth, and with drawing up and releasing down clogs and energy barriers from that area. I am very focused on shakti/feminine energy right now – which I wasn’t for many years – so my own meditations are very focused on this center as a doorway to the universe. I don’t think of either experience as better or worse, they just reflect what each of us needs right now.

    Forgive me if I went on a bit, this post just seemed like a direct response to my last comment, so I wanted to make sure I made myself clear this time:-)

  2. Akemi on August 9th, 2010 1:39 pm

    Hi Lisa,

    Don’t worry — I actually had the idea of this article even before I wrote the last one. Just didn’t know how to wrap it up. And I know there are some people who want to compartmentize spirituality. So the phrase “sick, overweight, etc.” was perfect.

    If anything, you gave me a direction how to wrap up this post. Knowing you came from martial arts, I didn’t think you would ignore physicality. (Btw what kind of martial arts do you do? I keep forgetting to ask…)

    Interesting you see my meditation experience as “qi gong”. I studies it quite extensively in my early 20s but haven’t been practicing it so much except for really basic stuffs.

    I’d love to read your experience of meditation here or at your own blog.

  3. Mary Miller on August 10th, 2010 8:19 am


    This is an interesting question. When I saw the post, it resonated with me. A couple of years ago, I broke my ankle in 3 places and it was really hard given that I am so active. Afterwards, I once told someone that people just think that healing from such an injury is just physical, and it’s not. There is not only healing physically, but also dealing with your life. In my case, it felt like putting it back together and gradually or not so gradually putting myself back into activities that I couldn’t do when I was laid up. Often when I was out to get my life back to “normal” as fast as possible, I felt like a cracked desert floor and my physical energy was still depleted. While my energy came back pretty much 100% recently, I still felt like a cracked desert floor until I started meditating. And, then I went to a Reiki share a couple weeks ago and felt so much more balanced afterwards.

    I have also noticed that when I do something I really don’t want to do, there is a significant impact on my vitality and energy. I get tired more easily. That happened more recently. After I stopped doing something I really didn’t want to do and had no intention of transforming so that I would love what I did, my energy skyrocketed within a couple of hours and I the next time I went to a Reiki share, I didn’t feel anywhere near as depleted. It was like the well had some water in it.

    As for meditating – I have different experiences depending on what I am doing. If I am practicing Qigong and I have a block, I get really hot and I often have tingling sensations.

    Another time I was sitting an meditating while listening to Steven Halpern’s “Higher Ground” meditation CD. There was one instance that stood out in particular where there came a point where all my thoughts stopped and everything around me was light, and I was light. There was no separation between me and the light. I had this rising sensation, and a thought came into my head to “go higher, go higher.” I got scared, and that whole situation ceased. It’s like I came back down to earth. I have never had that experience since.

    I have done a Merkabah meditation, and I didn’t really notice anything other than having a hard time keeping focused.

    Most of my meditation that I do is via guided meditation that I purchase from Orin Daben. Again, those differ. The ones that are more about dealing with the personality don’t have the same deepness and richness as the ones that are more soul based.

    Most of the time I prefer to do these meditations when I am well-rested as I don’t like falling asleep listening to them. I often come out of them feeling balanced, and fulfilled. And, if I have been feeling depleted, the depleted feeling starts dissipating.

    I am currently starting out with “Awakening Your Lightbody” series. I have only had one experience so far which is my consciousness seemed to expand. I can’t really describe it all that well, but it was powerful. I am not sure what else I will experience afterwards, but we will see.

  4. Akemi on August 10th, 2010 8:42 am

    Hi Mary,

    Thank you for the sharing! That is so interesting.
    Like you point out, we really need to realize the body is not just some mechanism but related to the soul. I think this is the biggest problem with modern medicine.

    Regarding your meditation experience — isn’t it interesting that we achieve something great out of nowhere one day, then get scared about it. This is one more reason we want to practice living in the now, to accept whatever happens to us.

    I am not big on guided meditation, but the ones you mention sounds interesting. Thank you for the info.

  5. jojo woods on March 22nd, 2011 7:09 am

    the soul is indestructible even when the body is dead, it reincarnate itself into a body to serve a purpose on earth…